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pregnancy + Breast Augmentation

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22 Yrs Old 5'2 138 Lbs

I have yet to have the procedure done but I will be getting 450cc or greater silicone implant. I have tried 450cc's but I don't want boob greed so I might try bigger before my actual surgery. I am a small B cup. I do already have stretch marks from pregnancy so fingers cross they don't get worse... READ MORE

24, 5'7, 128lbs, 34A saggy cup before, 520cc natrelle inspra SRF

24 years old. 1 child (he's 3). 5'7 & 125lbs. A little background- I was about 110lbs before I got pregnant with my son. Throughout that pregnancy I gained 100lbs and went from BARELY an A cup to beyond a DD after my milk came in. Post breastfeeding my breasts went back down to that A... READ MORE

25, 1 Child, 5' 3", 128 Lbs, Current Size 32 D - Seattle, WA

I have one baby and experienced drooping after pregnancy + 1 year of breastfeeding. I have concerns of getting a breast augmentation now, having another baby, and experiencing drooping over the implant. But, my husband and I have no definite plans on when we will try for baby number 2 so I'd... READ MORE

2kids. 5ft6.9st5 (132lbs). 34a. Bwd:11.5. 375cc Overs

Blessings ladies. After a 10yr wait and research, i am overly ready to gain back what i lost... BREASTS lol. As a teen, i was a large B. Both my pregnancies shot me up to 34EE. My metabolism is manic. Soon as i give birth, my bodys back to a size 8/10 within a week. Im left looking like a stick... READ MORE

39 Yrs, 5'9 145 lbs 1 child, Mentor 460 Round HP Saline Under Muscle filled to 500, 525 CC

Looking forward to having surgery behind me and to having full breasts again. After several weight fluctuations including due to pregnancy and nursing my once small C breasts have lost their fullness and have become quite deflated. My surgery is scheduled for 3/9/17 and I'm looking forward to... READ MORE

5'2" 135lb 430cc UHP Mentor Silicone Smooth Round, Under, 32yo, 4 Kids

I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking to go from a full A/ small B to a full C/ small D cup. I haven't set anything up yet because I'm currently pregnant with my fourth baby, but am planning on getting a breast augmentation procedure done sometime in 2017 after I get back to my goal... READ MORE

30yr Old, Two Children 450CC Implants - Round Rock, TX

I have had small breasts my entire life, A-padded B cup. It wasn't until I was pregnant and breastfeeding that I realized how much more I loved having Larger breasts, DD's! When I was finished breastfeeding, I lost all the full/firmness of my breast tissue. After a year of research, Dr. Kerr was... READ MORE

43 Yrs, 425cc Allergen Silicone HP - Altamonte Springs, FL

I have always wanted bigger boobs. I have been a B cup except when I was pregnant or overweight. It's something that my boyfriend and I have talked about for years. So this year was the year. I used Realself and scoured the story's and pics. Thank you to all that share here! I was ready, picked... READ MORE

Very Happy! - Cheshire, GB

I always had small boobs but they were nice so never thought of having surgery until I had twins. I had very large breasts for the duration of my pregnancy and I also breast fed for about 4 months. After the twins turned 1 I was very self concious of my deflated breast, I couldn't find bra's... READ MORE

Always Wanted and Never Had!! New York, NY

Hey yah'll, I am relatively new here. I have been stalking the site daily but never posted or even created an account. But today is the day! I have looked at so many of yah'll boobs!!! But honestly this is giving me more courage as I read your stories. So Question: Of the ladies that got a BA... READ MORE

425cc MP+

I'm 27 yrs old and have a 1 year old boy. Before baby I was a 34A and weighed 123lbs. After having my beautiful baby, I shrank to a 34AA and weigh 114lbs. I'm 5'2 and a slim chick with no curves! I wanted those full C's my pregnancy gave me back! I decided it was time to go see a PS. I decided... READ MORE

Am I Really Doing This?? -Raleigh, NC

I'm not sure which is more unbelievable, that I'm posting this or having my BA this Friday!! Like many of you, I've never been satisfied with my boobs, as they are a flat B. I'm hoping after surgery to have a full C or small D. Over the last two years I have lost 80+ pounds after having my... READ MORE

Saline Implants - Columbus, GA

I had my saline implants on top of muscle ive had two children one before op and have had one after photo i upload is recent and taking only last week. dr p listened to me i was very scared as have never under gone anything before he was kind well manned and really listened to me i felt... READ MORE

Self Confidence - Oregon, IL

I am 29 and have two boys, ages 2 and 4. Before my pregnancies I had perfect boobs! After...they were terrible. I breastfed both my boys and between that and the pregnancies it was so hard on my body. I didn't know "nothing" could sag so much. So in March, I had a breast augmentation, silicone... READ MORE

34AA Wanting Natural-Looking Large B or Small C!

I am currently 32 years old with 1 toddler (15 months) and pregnant with baby #2 that's due in 1.5 month. I want to get my surgery once baby #2 is at least a year old. I have always had extremely small boobs; 34AA is being generous. My boobs actually got bigger (contrary to most mommies) after... READ MORE

26 yr old finally getting the boobs I want!

It was pretty easy to pick my PS, I have known him for a few years now and he has even performed surgery on my son when he was just a year old. He was so helpful during that time that when I started looking at PS's for myself, I went to him first. I am a 26 yr old, mother of two and I can't wait... READ MORE

36 Yo Mom of Two, with Breast Breast Asymmetry - Sugarland, TX

I am so happy I finally had breast augmentation. I have wanted it done for years. After having 2 kids, and starting at a barley A and going all the way to a small D during pregnancy, my breast were a train wreck. Not to mention the asymmetry. I never had a self esteem problem, so implants... READ MORE

33 Year Old, 1 Child, Breast Augmentation - London, GB

I wanted a breast augmentation as pregnancy and breastfeeding had left me with undesirable breasts. I was nervous and concerned that I woudnt get the fullness and lit I wanted from just an augmentation but Frank was thorough, clear and reassuring in my consultations and left me excited to book... READ MORE

Find Another Doctor - Laurel, MD

Had breast augmentation done in August 2008. On day of appointment (at Laurel Regional) Dr Person was 45 minutes late. When he finally arrived his WHOLE family was waiting in the waiting room with my husband. They were leaving on vacation directly after. When I came to I never saw Dr Person he... READ MORE


Hey ladies I just stumbled Across this site when I got interested in getting a bbl a few months ago if not I would have wrote this review a Long time ago.......But anyways I got my boobs done my back in 2011.. I am 21 years old now .Got pregnant right after I got my boobs done that's... READ MORE

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