pouch + Breast Augmentation

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30 Year Old Mother Who Breast Fed. I Work out Regularly but I Want Fullness in my Breast, I Have a Little Pouch

I just went to Dr Ricardo Rodriguez for a consultation for breast augmentation He was very honest and told me I had borderline ptosis and needed Mastopexy via periareolor I was told implants with no lift would result in a possible double bubble. The Dr was very nice and tell me what I wanted to... READ MORE

29yr, 5'7, 120lb, Mom of 2, Extended Breastfed both. 325cc round smooth high profile. Orland Park, IL

I just went in for my 2nd consultation this weekend. Me and my BFF are both want BA, she is booked for March. I however am still weaning my son (almost 2yrs) so I have to wait a bit longer. He is down to nursing one side once a day. I am looking to get my BA later this summer. Looking at... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Mother of One... Very Active but Cant Get Rid of my Stomach and wants perky and bigger breast. New York, NY

Im 36 years old , im a mother of a 10 years old boy... After giving birth to my son my breast dissapeared and i have a pouch since i had a c-section. Im looking to get a breast aumentation and a lipo around my stomach area... Im considering using Dr. Yager but have read lots of reviews some... READ MORE

22 Years Old, BA - Dominican Republic, DO

Ever since I was 15 I knew that one day I would want to get implants. I have never felt insecure about my boobs or felt like hiding the fact that they are small, but I know that with a BA I will feel so much better. I am not looking to go too big but I would love to finally fill out my bra!!! I... READ MORE

Family Calls Me a Narcissist and Stopped Talking to Me when They Found out I Was Having Surgery - Eastern Canada

I'm writing with mixed emotions: excited to be finally getting my breasts done after raising 3 children as a single mom and being the brunt of jokes for many years because of the non- existence of my breasts. I also have what I like to call a kangaroo pouch hanging from my c-sections. Therefore... READ MORE

Breast augmentation lipo and bbl

I'm 28 years old I have one child I'm pretty slim but I do have a lil pouch on my lower abdominal area I weight 126 5'4. What i want to do is a bbl with breast augmentation I do not want to go overly exaggerated i want natural, curvy natural. I want my butt with more volume after having my baby... READ MORE

BA and Liposuction by Dr Djemal inTunisia

I am slim built but with a kangaroo pouch. It's hard to deal with because people tends to think a slim person doesn't require these procedures, however you know your body well and what you see when your naked can affect your confidence. At the end of this procedure, I am expecting a flatter... READ MORE

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