Polyurethane + Breast Augmentation

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48 Year Old Mum of 2 Wanting my Boobs Back! - London, GB

Well I have never done anything like this before so here goes nothing. I am having my boobs reinvigorated at the end of August. I have shortlisted 2 surgeons. They are advising different things so I am in a bit of a fizz. They both agree that they should be over the muscle but it the size and... READ MORE

34, Mother of 3, Getting 450cc Polyurethane, High Profile, Overs. - Perth. WA

Being a mummy for 10 years, it's now time to treat myself! Iv always had tiny little boobs, 12B which I couldnt even fill lol. And after breast feeling 3 babies they were in need of a make over!! I am 6 foot tall and a size10/12 and I was wanting to achieve a 12DD-E. I love my lady curves,... READ MORE

26 Years Old - 415/460cc Polyeurothane Coasted Breast Implants

Hi there, I am really excited (but also really nervous). I am quite a solid build as I have trained heavy weights for many years, and have competed in figure competitions. After dropping a lot of weight, and putting it back on with these competitions, my breasts were just never the same! They... READ MORE

315cc Round High Profile Polyurethane Implants - Birmingham, GB

I wanted to write a review of my experience as this website has helped me greatly - however I struggled to find anything on the particular implants which I chose. After visiting my surgeon for my consultation just three weeks before my surgery date, I decided that either 275cc silicone... READ MORE

MyStats and MyStory - 25yo, 5'9, 158lbs, aiming A to C cup with 335cc hp polyurethane implants - Sydney, AU

Hello all! This is my first review and includes my stats and my background story. Hopefully you can relate to and/or find it helpful in some way! :) I'm 25 years old, 5'9, 72kg (158lbs), 12A cup size (34A), no kids, from Sydney, Australia. Like many of you I suspect, I experienced all the... READ MORE

Mid-twenties, BA to Restore Fullness &Increase Cup Size After Pregnancy & Breastfeeding - Birmingham, UK

I wanted a breast augmentation following pregnancy & breastfeeding as I'd lost a lot of volume and felt self-conscious in underwear or a bikini. I did a ton of research before deciding to go ahead and that included speaking with a lot of surgeons/clinics. Staiano Plastic Surgery was my... READ MORE

Textured implants liked to rare form of cancer

Dr M is one of the best, I wold highly recommend him. He performed my surgery after having three babies I needed implants as I was left flat chested after breast feeding 3 babies over 4 years. It has now come to my attention that a rare form of breast cancer is linked to textured and... READ MORE

My Quality of Life Has Improved So Much! - Birmingham, GB

"It has been around 6 months since I underwent breast enlargement surgery with Mrs. Kat and haven't had a single regret. I had always been extremely self conscious but at 19, and after using all the "miracle" bust enlarging creams on the market, I finally realised my breasts weren't going to... READ MORE

Are Foam (Polyuthrene) Implants Safe? - Poland, IN

I had my Breast Augumentation operation on the 8th of July 2016. I was waiting for it nearly all my life as never developed nice breasts. I had operation in very well known clinic in Poland (I am Polish) . Doctor is very famous in Poland and very succsesfull. I have seen his results of work and... READ MORE

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