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19 Yrs Old, Hopeing to Get Implants Soon!

So I have weird boobs. Besides being really small they also get all swollen and pointy at certain times which is soooo embarassing. I got laughed off the beach in Mexico one time because of that and also because they're just so small! I am pretty small anyway so I don't want anything TOO crazy,... READ MORE

21 Years Old. No Kids. Pretty Small and Pointy. - Austin, TX

Hey girls! Im new on this site, have been snooping around for a few weeks now. I never really thought of considering getting a breast aug. until just a few months ago, and I have to admit I don't know why I never considered it earlier since I have always been just SO insecure about my breasts ..... READ MORE

Dual Plane, Silicone 375HP, Rapid Recovery. Edina, MN

Greetings to all women considering breast augmentation, If you are searching for a plastic surgeon who is beyond qualified, experienced, accredited, artistically talented, compassionate and attentive to Your individual needs and desires..,Look no further! Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz is the absolute... READ MORE

47.......yes I Was Small. ABOUT 36 full, Nice C ...I Was Even Told I Had Nice Boobs of an 18 Year old - California

Ive been in tears since day 1...I had always dreamed of big big boobs....I even had a photos of what I thought was geting....I ended up withe 36dd I think...I say I think because I was rushed out through a side door were my driver waited..all I was told was I wasent able to get my triple ds..... READ MORE

22 Year Old Who Always Wanted a Normal Shaped Breast - Reno, NV

I am 22 years old and had "pointy" breasts for all of my life. At first I though I was just a late developer, but when I was 16 my pediatrician told me I had "tubular breast tissue" and that my breast would never grow to be round like other people's. I was devastated. ... READ MORE

Considering Options - 26 Y/O Slim Build, 135 Lbs, 5 Ft 7, 34B. Vancouver, BC

Hi! still considering options for BA. I am currently on a waitlist for Dr Warren but i've had such a bad vibe any time I communicate with this office, the staff there are so short with me and just seem to not care. From what I've read that seems to be the general consensus? Does anyone have... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mother of 2 - Great Britain, GB

Wanted my BA as a treat for my 40! Better late than never - contemplated surgery for over 6 years and now finally doing it, now my children are a big older. I've spoken to a few people who have had Mr Foo do their BA and is highly recommended. I'm fortunate that my breasts are still pointing... READ MORE

- Chicago, IL

I always had small, slightly tubular breasts with fuller butt and thighs - essentially my fat goes anywhere aside from my breasts :( (4'11.5 and 104lbs) and decided it was time for a change. After consulting 2 docs, I decided on the second. I had a small bwd of about 10.5, and 34a breasts, & we... READ MORE

not what i expected

I was an a-cup, got 400cc silicone under the muscle. I had constricted breasts, slightly tubular. I hated the pointy look and let my ps know. He did absolutely NOTHING to fix it, so now I'm stuck with two cones on my chest, that I wouldn't dare show anyone! WTF how could he think this would be... READ MORE

No Confidence No Shape to All That and More - Glasgow, GB

Ok so I thought I'd write this and some how post it or pass it on to anyone who was researching breast augmentation and attach some pictures because I have re searched this since I was 16 and honestly felt like I want to know a story from start to end yet couldn't find one anywhere for the... READ MORE

A Well-executed Rhinoplasty by Dr Tavakoli - Australia

My nose was my biggest cause of concern since my adolescence days. Pointed and slightly crooked, I hated it. It was often an object of ridicule. I frantically searched for a solution to fix this problem and my search ended at Dr Tavakoli's clinic in Double Bay, Sydney. His experience in... READ MORE

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