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Petite mom of 4, 5'3" 113 pounds, pectus carinatum, 295cc/385cc HP silicone Inspira SRF

10 years ago getting a BA would be the last thing I'd ever thought I'd do! My mom got one when I was in college and I could not fathom why she would want to change her God-given body. 10 years and 4 breastfed babies later, I understand now! My pre-pregnancy B's turned into flappy 32As. A... READ MORE

Petite 27 Year Old No Kids Going to Brussels

So I've been reading this site obsessively for the past 3 months it's so addictive! I've been wanting a boob job since i was 14 and I keep changing my mind over and over again so I have decided I'm finally going to do it! 7 days to go until the big day! Anyway I thought I would share my journey... READ MORE

Petite Mother of 2 needs/wants luscious lady lumps. 5'3", 107lbs, 350cc moderate plus, silicone gel - Oceanside, CA

I am 37 years old, breastfed 2 babies and I am a devoted runner, training for 3 half marathons this year. It's nearly impossible to retain any fatty tissue in my breasts so I am super insecure. So much that I am embarrassed in front of my own husband and cringe when he touches them. :( Ready 4... READ MORE

5'3, 108 lbs, 28yrs old, 385cc Natrelle Inspira

I have wanted boobs for as long as I can remember. I finally realized sometime in high school that they were not going to come naturally. I have always been pretty petite. I breastfed both of my children. I'm mainly just looking to add volume. I'm currently a 32a. I'm hoping to be as... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, 3 Kids, 32A Cup

I've scheduled my breast consultation for September 12. The lady over the phone was very polite and easy to understand. I've also created a Care Credit account to finance the procedure. I'd like his opinion on silicone under the muscle on someone my size. I'm very petite at 5'3" and 107lbs. I'd... READ MORE

26 yo, 5'3.5", 117lbs, Natrelle Inspira HP 325cc submuscular

Hi, everyone! I am so thankful to everyone here who has been willing to share their stories/photos. It has been so helpful as I am beginning by BA journey so I wanted to share my own:) I am 26 years old, 5'4", 117lbs, and no kids (yet). I wear an A cup and definitely on the small A side as I... READ MORE

295 Moderate Plus Small B/big A Looking for C

Always had bigger boobs in life. Small Cs. Through weight gain and loss they have lost size and perkiness. Wanted to get that look back. I used to be a 32C naturally and gained weight that made me become a 32D. I weighed about 148 around that time for about 6-12 months of my life. I don't have... READ MORE

35, Breastfed 3 Kids, 32aa.

*Sorry for the essay!* I have always been really flat chested - 34b after I gave birth and my milk came in. Within a couple weeks they always returned to an A cup even though I was still breastfeeding! Now I'm done having babies I've decided to go for it and get my boobs done. As you can... READ MORE

30 yrs, Petite, 4'11, 95 lbs, 32B to 300cc/280cc round Euro silicone gel implants, high profile

So I've been on realself for some time now and finally taking the plunge and getting breast augmentation next week overseas. I've been following everyone's experience on here for so long which has helped me a lot!! So I hope sharing my own personal experience on here will also do the same in... READ MORE

Petite Frame 375 UHP Silicone Subfacial Tijuana MX

Like many women on this site I have struggled my whole life with insecurity about my small breasts. My sisters took after my mom's curvy Latina bod and I took after my dad's scrawny frame. I have a slim waist and a cute butt, and with the perfect bra I can achieve a decent amount of cleavage. I... READ MORE

A True Godsend!

First off there are 2 things to mention about myself. I am more than picky, a super perfectionist and extremely meticulous would be fitting. I see every detail of everything. Next is I am a competitive bodybuilder, and very petite. Because I am so lean, and over the course of 17 years I built my... READ MORE

4'11, 95 Pounds, Petite Frame. Recommendations About a High-Profile Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants

I have been seen by 3 Plastic Surgeons and have been given 3 different recommendations. I'm going to do a Mommy Makeover, but for this question, I'm specifically looking to get recommendations for Breast Augmentation without a Lift to avoid less scarring. I had 3 kids and solely breastfed so my... READ MORE

42 Yrs 300cc Silicone Under Muscle and lipo on thighs. Columbus, OH

I'm 5 ft 1, 14 pounds. I struggled with the size 300cc to 350cc. Because of my petite size Dr. Heck made me confident on the 300cc. Today is day one, not much pain. I have only taken extra strength Tylenol. The doctor and his staff are wonderful. The surgery center staff was amazing. This... READ MORE

Petite 28 Yr Old Mom to 2 Kids - Barrington, IL

I went to my first consultation almost a year ago. After finally choosing my plastic surgeon (went to 5) I will be having my augmentation with Benelli lift on August 22! I have my final consultation with him this Friday to go over everything again. I am very petite at only 5'0 - 90lbs - 32a... READ MORE

Petite 110lb, 20 Year Old, 32A to C/D, Ultra High Profile Silicon 350cc Right Breast and 320cc Left Breast - Little Rock, AR

Day of Surgery In my case I had a lot of asymmetry. I could barely fit out a 32A without gaping on my right breast! I forgot to take any pictures before my surgery but here are some pictures day 1 of my surgery. The band around my chest pushed my nipples down making them look lower than the... READ MORE

Dreams Come True

I've been wanting this breast augmentation done for as long as I can remember, and I must say I am beyond satisfied with my results. Dr. Linville was extremely professional and made sure the size I chose to go with would fit my petite frame and look as natural as possible. I couldn't be more... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4" 125 Lbs

I've always been petite - including my breasts. I've wanted a breast augmentation since I was 16 but didn't have the money or opportunity to do so. I wore a 34 B before and could fit into a Victoria's Secret 32 C (barely filling the cups). My mom called my breasts "ski slopes" before. I never... READ MORE

24 Years Old. No Kids. 5'0 Ft, 115lbs.

So I've wanted a breast augmentation from as long as I can remember. Although I'm not completely flat, I always wished that I could have been naturally blessed with LARGER and fuller breasts lol. I've decided to compile a collection of what I'd eventually like the end result to be. I'm pretty... READ MORE

29 Y.o. 5'1 120 Pounds Small Flat 32B Petite

I'm booked! so exciting. I can't believe after 15 years I will finally be getting the breasts I feel i was meant to have. Overwhelming! I'm so unsure about size & profile. ahhhhh think i want a high profile but I also want to bring my cleavage closer and have a little sideboob. I find... READ MORE

5'1, 116lbs ,2 kids, deflated 34a 350cc mod plus

I've always wanted to get boobs and now I finally can! I'm an empty 34a I'm hoping to be a full C cup (375cc or 400cc, not sure which profile HELP). I've been researching doctors for years and I've been on Realself looking at nothing but boobs lol I never breast fed my children but after all my... READ MORE

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