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Percocet + Breast Augmentation

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415CC HProf Silicone 26 yo, 145lbs

Slowly but surely, they are looking better! I had my ba 2/15/17 425ccs high prof under the muscle silicone gel. Incision site under the breast. Went from a very saggy 34A, and the goal is a full C/small D. Surgery day had me stressed bc I was preparing myself for horrid pain. I have been so... READ MORE

29 Year Old Mom of Three, Long Awaited Breast Augmentation - Bloomington, IL

I have always been disappointed with my breasts, and after nursing my children they became even more disappointing. Early in our marriage my husband promised me that we would have my breasts augmented to give me the confidence I had always wanted, and when we saved the money, we finally decided... READ MORE

26 year old African American girl finally getting my dream breast. No kids. First surgery.

I am about 12 hours out of surgery. Honestly guys I barely feel any pain. I took one Percocet about 8 hours ago because I was anticipating the pain however I really feel just fine. I am able to comfortably use the bathroom, get in and out of bed and even warm up my own food. Sure it is not as... READ MORE

I Did It!!!!!!! 350 Hp Saline Unders - Miami, FL

Oh my god I can't believe I'm actually writing this review.. A little background on me: I'm 19 years old and have modelled for 10+ years, done beauty pageants, and always felt a little self conscious about my lack of chest size. My family is full of large breasted women and I always thought... READ MORE

43 Year Old Ready for Dream Boobs! 445 cc smooth moderate profile under muscle Midlothian, VA

I am 43 years old and I have wanted a BA since I was in my 20s. I always figured I'd get one maybe after I had kids. Well, I finally got married, and my marriage lasted 7 years, when I divorced at age 39 (no kids). Money was tight after the divorce; however it is now a few years later and things... READ MORE

24 YO, 120 Lb, 5'2" 34AA Before, 300 CC HP Silicone Unders. Wichita, KS

Ok so I'll start at the beginning! Other people's stories have helped me so hopefully mine will help them! PHOTOS FROM BEFORE AND FROM TONIGHT - 13 days Post for as long I can remember, I would ask my mom when my boobs would grow. She would say things like, with time! Or "Tyra's didn't grow... READ MORE

5'3, 115lb, 26y/o, 371cc Mod+

Sooo I have always loved the look of my own boobs in a heavily padded push up bra. I wanted to achieve that look without the bra though! I think breast implants look amazing... Honestly who wouldn't want theirs to look that amazing at all times?! I've Considered getting a BA for years now... READ MORE

40 Yr Old, 5'2, 105lbs, 255cc Natrelle 410style

I have always been flat-chested, always wished for BA, but husband is completely against it, although he says I can do whatever I want. Finally got the courage to do something for myself. I blame it on midlife crisis! Haha! I am 40 yrs old, 5'2", 105 lbs. Pre-BA bra size 32AA, flat as a board.... READ MORE

23 Year Old, 5'1, Saline Implants! La Mesa, CA

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I knew there was such a thing! When I was 20 I made my first consultation appointment with Dr. Pousti. He was recommended to me by my aunt, who's results are amazing. I knew right away that I wanted him to do my surgery. A few years passed and I finally... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Kids... 9mo & 23 Mo, C Section - Destin, FL

I was barely a A cup ): I could never fill my clothes up the way I would have liked so after thinking for many years I finally decided to do it. I was so nervous. I wanted a full C! During my consultation I was able to see what I would look like on the computer after they took my pic.... That... READ MORE

33 Years Old with 5 Kids! - Coral Gables, FL

I'm only po one week but for you ladies debating on breast aug and looking into where to go I'll tell you this I'm back to work and living my normal life exactly one week later, so far loving my new body!! I flew from Long Island NY to coral gables cosmetic surgery center after booking my... READ MORE

C to DD Cup 500 Cc Saline Breast Augmentation. Paramus, NJ

I've always wanted to get bigger breasts to give my body better proportion since my waist/hip bone structure is wider than many girls. I'm 25 years old, 5'5" and weigh about 140 lbs. I was a 34 C cup before surgery and now at 34 DD after getting 500/510 CC in my breasts. I've done a few... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation & Abdominal Lipo Updates - Seattle, WA

I had 280cc implants and upper/lower abdominal liposuction on August 15. My surgeon and her team were fantastic and before I knew it, I was waking up, all bandaged up and ready to go home. Right from the start, I have been more uncomfortable than in pain, which has been surprising. I've been... READ MORE

1 month out and looking great!! - San Diego, CA

Yesterday I have my consultation/Pre op with Dr. Pousti! First off let me say it was awesome I got to meet with numerous girls that have had a BA with him. They all were pleased with there surgery. I was able to feel some and ask as many questions as I could think of. I have been thinking about... READ MORE

4 Days Post-op

I'm writing this review 4 days after my surgery and feel great. My surgery was on Tuesday May 9th and lasted 45 minutes. I spent about an hour in recovery and then was fine to go home. I was up walking around that day. I kept up with my Percocet & zofran Tuesday & Wednesday but... READ MORE

When you finally have big boobs..

So this is how my story begins. I've been looking into breast implants for a while now and I finally made my ultimate decision when my "breast friend" decided that she wanted hers done as well. My journey started out with many consultations, research on real self & youtube videos and even... READ MORE

23 years old, 575cc, high profile, silicone

It is going well, I just had surgery today so I'm feeling a lot of pressure. I have been prescribed Percocets which have helped with the discomfort. I am feeling quite nauseous right now. It's either from the anesthesia or the painkillers. Despite these inevitable hiccups, my experience at Dr.... READ MORE

31 Yr Old, No Kids, Asian, 5'-4", 120lbs, A to C - Pensacola, FL

I've been waiting for breasts since I was 14 years old but they never came. Now that I am engaged I decided to take the plunge and get breast augmentation in time for my wedding day! I am only a day post op but I can already tell it was worth it. I'd also like to mention I had a mole excised... READ MORE

26, No Kids, 286/265cc Moderate Plus Silicone, Sub-pectoral. Palo Alto, CA

I have benefited tremendously from hearing about so many of your experiences, so I wanted to contribute my own experience, in hopes that it might help other people thinking about undergoing a breast augmentation! I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Dr. Lim at Duet Plastic... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 2 Breastfed Kids, Deflated 32B Cup. Draper, UT

I have always been small chested, I was a 32A in high school and a 32B after I graduated. Pregnancy and breastfeeding made me loose what little fullness and perkiness I had. I was very impressed by Dr Fryers reviews and just felt like he was the right Dr for me. I live 2 hours away from his... READ MORE

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