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pectus excavatum + Breast Augmentation

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24YO, Asian, 5'6, 118lbs, Mentor 450 HP Round Silicone - Rockville, MD

From the moment I first spoke to Dr. Tattelbaum I knew he was going to be the right surgeon for me. He took his time at the first initial consultation, went over every complication, answered all of my questions (that I had at the moment) and really listened to my breast goals. I've been wanting... READ MORE

20 yr old. 5'8".135lbs. 350cc silicone

My choice to do a review was directly influenced by the invaluable help this community has provided me. Even though they may not even know because I mostly just lurked unnoticed. I am a 20 year old college student who is less than blessed in the breast department. I reached my full height in... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Lift at 34 - Pectus Excavatum - Wish I Had Done It Sooner

I had a breast augmentation in 2015 with Dr. Adam Kolker in NYC. He was the only surgeon I consulted with, but I spent months beforehand researching online. I loved the consistently natural aesthetic of all of his results, and after meeting him in person I knew I didn't want to bother... READ MORE

47 Year Old with Symmastia Due to Pectus Excavatum Surgery 20 Years Ago - La Mesa, CA

I lived with my condition for so long because I had completely lost trust. Everywhere I turned no one could or was even interested in trying to help me. I came across Dr. Pousti on the internet and was very impressed with his work with symmastia repair. Through the encouragement of my... READ MORE

29 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic, 134 Lbs, 5'8", PE and Asymmetry - Dreaming of Perfect Boobs! - California

Ever since I was young I've dreamt of having bigger boobs. Hoping to do the procedure this year, before I turn 3-0. The main issues that have held me back were risks related to pectus excavatum, lack of savings and my own fears. But I believe now is the time and I'm ready to get the breasts I... READ MORE

Life Changing Experience - Laguna Beach, CA

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with Pectus Excavatum which required numerous surgeries. I had a concaved sternum which made my breasts appear two different sizes. I had very low self-confidence and despite the fact that I lived five minutes from the beach, I refused to go and would never wear a... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Pectus Excavatum, 410 Cc, Textured and Shaped Implants

I have a concave chest, which results in low breast tissue. I went for a consultation and my doctor chose to do textured and teardrop shaped implants because of the way my ribcage was shaped. I can say that I couldn't be happier with my results and my chest does not even look concave anymore. I... READ MORE

30 Yrs Young, 4"11, 2 Kids, 400ccs - Nashville, TN

I had my consultation today with Dr. Marvel. The center was so nice and clean. Inside and out. When I came in I was immediately greeted by a lady at the front desk. She was as nice as she could be. The patient coordinator and a nurse was in the room with me and my husband just going over the... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mother of Four with Pectus Excavatum and Constricted Breast Deformity - Salt Lake City, UT

After nursing two babies and pumping for 6 months for preemie twins my constricted breast deformity was even more apparent and I have wanted to do breast augmentation for a few years. I met with two doctors before Dr. Fryer and I can't even describe the difference. The first doctor said I needed... READ MORE

Thought I Was a Bit Too Old, a Bit Too Malformed...WRONG. I NOW Look PERFECT! Spokane, WA

I was born with Pectus excavatum- an abnormal development of the rib cage in which the breastbone (sternum) grows inward, which causes a sunken chest wall and curved outward lower ribs. It was medically improved with surgery at age 3 to allow organs room to function ( leaving a 5" scar down my... READ MORE

25 Year Old with Pectus Excavatum - Paris, TN

I have been considering breast augmentation for a while now. I have always noticed that my breasts were uneven (which is normal to some degree), but it seemed really disproportionate. After I had my son at age 21 I noticed that my breasts were then a cup size in difference. I went to a local PS... READ MORE

Very Pleased with My Breast Augmentation

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to have a breast augmentation. I researched it extensively as a teenager. I toyed with the idea of BA during my college years, and I even asked my parents for a BA as a college graduation present. My mom promptly put a stop to that dream! Finally, I... READ MORE

So Glad I Finally Did It -Denver, CO

I'm in my late forties and was born with an indented breast bone, pectus excavatum. My breast were uneven, small and sagging after nursing. No bra ever stayed in place. Ever since puberty I was very self-conscious and uncomfortable with my body. When I finally decided to do something about it, I... READ MORE

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