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23 Years Old, 120lbs, Flat Chested All my Life, Looking for 400cc

So far I have used this website quite a bit to see other people's stories and see what I might be able to achieve with my body shape. I'm really looking to go large as I am very pear shaped, (large on bottom very small on top) so I'm hoping implants will achieve a more hourglass look for me.... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, 5'2.5" 115lbs 32A Pre-op 350cc Hp Silicone Unders

I know I'm kind of delayed in writing this review but wanted to go ahead and write it because these reviews have helped me out so much. So I'm hoping my review helps others as well. I've been wanting a BA since I was a teenager. My boobs were never a decent size for any type of clothing I felt... READ MORE

Wanting BA 32, 5'4", 155lbs

Learning about sizes for my frame (5'4", 155lbs pear shaped) I am currently almost a 36b but realistically I don't really fill them. I want big, beautiful boobs! We are planning another child before I get them done. I'm obsessed, though! READ MORE

36 Years Old, Nursed 4 Babies, Round Silicone over the Muscle

I am 36 years old, breastfed 4 babies, 157 lbs. My goal is to fill in lose, saggy skin and have nice boobs. I've never really had a great set, unless I was nursing babies! My surgery is 5 days and counting. I had 2 consults and have decided to go with the PS who will do "overs". He suggested... READ MORE

31, 5'2", 130lbs, no kids - 360cc saline, under the muscle implants

I have been small chested my entire life. Coming from a family of well endowed ladies, I patiently waited for my breasts to appear throughout my teens and early twenties. After all that waiting, I managed to top out at barely fitting a 32B. And as my stepmother used to say, I could wear a... READ MORE

Been Living my Whole Life Feeling Insecure About my Flat Chest - South Korea, KR

Did my Breast Augmentation at BK Hospital Korea in Gangnam in Nov 2015. Zoey was my consultant and translator and she was amazing! She was so warm and helpful and did more than what she should. I am so thankful and appreciative for having Zoey around to help me out during my stay there. Its... READ MORE

43 Yo Runner Mom Going from a Pear to an Hourglass. Houston, TX

I have been president of the itty bitty titty committee for too long. I'm resigning. On March 3, I will have some assets on top to balance my assets in the bottom. I'm a runner and gym junkie, so I want to go big enough to look good in a tank top but not so big that I can't run or do burpees.... READ MORE


I wanted to fix my asymmetry problem, as well as balance out my body. I have the big hips and small waist, as well as the chest width to consider myself hourglass shape, but I never felt that my boobs really matched that, making me more of a pear shape. I also wanted to stop wearing super... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old, 34AA, Mother of One(7yr Old), Mentor high profile silicone 350cc, sub muscular-LOVE THEM

My surgery date is scheduled with Dr. Michael Ciaravino for March 2nd and I'm still extremely anxious about size...I know at the one week pre op(feb 22nd) I'll finalize and be more informed but I'm freaking out. I know there's a lot of dependent factors that go into what size you'll be post op... READ MORE

42 Years Old and Wanting to Turn my Pear Shape to an Hourglass. Rochester, NY

I am so happy that I did this! I am only 1 day post-op, but I know I will be feeling much more confident once my breasts settle into place. I have always been extremely pear shaped. I am 5'4 1/2 and 130 lbs and my prior measurements were 33-27-39. My doctor told me I have a 12.5- 12 bwd and that... READ MORE

5.6" 25 Years Old No Kids, 134 Lbs. Birmingham, AL

Had my surgery yesterday and it went great!!! I was more exited than nurvous, the staff was super sweet! My favorite was the anesthesiologist was my favorite, he was so kind and made me feel calm. Hedden was quick and to the point, he was that way from the beginning which I like. I want my dr to... READ MORE

31, 3 Kids, Lost Boobs After Breastfeeding. Plymouth, GB

I recently stopped feeding my youngest at 13mths. My breasts have changed in size several times over the last 5 yrs due to having children and breastfeeding. At my fullest I went up to a 32F and had gone down to a 32DD just before I stopped breastfeeding. Within 2 weeks my boobs practically... READ MORE

Finally Did it! 130lbs 5'5" 405HP Sientra Silicone Implants! - Hickory, North Carolina

I have been doing so much research on breast augmentation. Thanks to RealSelf and all the lovely ladies on here for being honest and upfront. I am 25 years old, weigh 135 lbs and am 5'5" tall. I have a pear shaped body and by thighs and butt are disproportionate to my upper body (I am very... READ MORE

Ready for a change: 400cc HP saline Texas, TX

Hi ladies! Well.. Since I was a junior in college I have thought about getting BA. In high school, I ran cross country, track and played volleyball AND basketball. So even though I knew I had small boobs, it wasn't a huge deal to me then! Fast forward to my late 20s. I'm happily married, and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation -San Diego, CA

I am a 38 year old mother of 4. I have the typical pear shaped body and have always been self conscious of my small chest. I put on a lot of weight in my late 20s/early 30s and spent May 2011-June 2013 changing my life by losing 74 lbs. Even though I am in good shape (and still getting better),... READ MORE

Great Doctor, Pleasant Experience & Wonderful Results: Well Worth my Money - Costa Mesa, CA

I am a 22 year old, petite frame, 5'1inch tall, 105lbs with a small 32B size pre op. Since I can remember, one of my greatest insecurites had been my small breast size and I knew that getting a BA was something I wanted to do as soon as I had the money to pay for it myself. I am somewhat... READ MORE

Most Natural Breast Augmentation, Asian Ethnicity 43 Yr, Mother of Four

I'm of a pear shaped athletic built. I was happy with the way I look but always thought more volume in the breasts would give me a more balanced look. I wasn't sure plastic surgery was the answer as I disliked the fake look more than my small breasts. I was a A cup and because my breasts were... READ MORE

36 Year Old Qualified Accountant and Mother of Two - Nuffield, GB

I was always terribly flat chested and having a pear shaped figure only exasperated the situation. In my younger years, I regularly contemplated surgery, but always concluded that vanity was too a selfish reason to go under the knife. Following the birth of my two amazing children, like many... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 5'6", 130 Pounds, 32A, Amazing Breast Augmentation. Bellevue, WA

For the last five years, I have thought about undergoing a breast augmentation. I had always been told to love the body I was given. I had tried to do this for years but I could not love what I saw in the mirror everyday. I wanted to look more proportionate. I have wider hips and a small chest,... READ MORE

Flat As a Tack After Having Two Children - Feeling Like a Boy in a T-shirt! - Sydney, AU

I strive to keep fit and slim, but my flat chest made me feel unfeminine. Wanted to be proud of this part of my body, as well as the others, and even up my "pear shape". After being recommended by two people to Dr Kevin Ho in Sydney, I decided to make email and phone contact to get more... READ MORE

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