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narrow chest + Breast Augmentation

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20 years old 350cc UHP

Harley medical centre Dr sleiter Liverpool, England Surgery booked for 28th april 2017 currently 32a. Reccomened ultra high profile by surgeon due to narrow chest not sure about this yet. Originally wanted 300cc but now changed mind to 350cc. So nervous but excited! If anyone has had... READ MORE

28 with Two Kids, Tatas Need Some Help - Toronto, ON

Hey everyone, I'll save the details and keep this point form . 28 years old momma of two . One year post baby number two . Was 34 B pre babies . During BF was 36DDD With first baby, 34 DD second baby .currently 32 B/C ( don't you hate he different sizing) . Anatomy- 5'4", 126pd, narrow chest,... READ MORE

23 Years Old/ 115lbs/ 250cc HP/ 5'4"/ AA Ready for BOOBS!

Hi Ladies! I've been browsing this sight for a couple of months now and I think it's time to start sharing my BA journey!! It's helped me so much and I hope sharing my experience can help one of you :) I am currently 23/ 5'4/ 115lbs with AA boobs. Yes, I am definitely a member of the itty... READ MORE

36, 1 Kid, 5'2, 135, Athletic Build with Very Narrow Chest - Memphis, TN

I've thought about a BA for years but out of respect for my husband wishes I opted not to move forward. Post baby, I knew they (breast) were not going to grow any bigger (I thought the fullness from breastfeeding would stay, not so much). After a couple of years I revisited the thought and he... READ MORE

265/295cc BA with Dr. Lee at The Cosmetic Institute

So I've been reading so many reviews on here about BAs and though I would share my experience and soon to be larger BOOBIES I am 22, about 158cm, 48kgs and a size 6/8. Never been formally fitted because I don't personally think there is anything to measure at the moment. LOL. BUT I wear a 10A... READ MORE

24 Y.O. Black Female 36C to 36DD (Silicone) - Mel Ortega - Miami, FL

HEY! So, I originally was going to Dr. Ortega for a BBL in Mid-December! I have what I like to call Plastic Surgery Syndrome.. after wanting a BBL I started studying my body every single day and picking out ever stupid little imperfection hate it. I find this odd because I love my body now, I... READ MORE

On the Bed Waiting to Go Down to Theatre - Edinburgh, GB

Currently sitting in my room waiting to go to theatre! Eek they must be running late as I was told I was being taken down 20 mins ago. Surgeon came in and explained in more detail he told me as my chest is so narrow I need extra high profiles so the implant isn't too wide. Have been fasting... READ MORE

37 Years Old W/4 Kids - Houston, TX

400cc uhp implants and LOVING them! I had a narrow chest so we decided to go with the uhp silicone implants. I was a little worried on the ultra high implant not knowing too much about it when researching online. Tomorrow makes 3 weeks and still limited on doing certain stuff. Recovery for... READ MORE

25 Years Old, VERY Minimal Breast Tissue, 300 Cc HP Submuscular Inframammary Silicone Implants.

In middle school, it became very apparent that I was not like the rest of the girls in my class. While everyone else was hitting puberty and buying bras, I was stuffing socks, gel inserts and anything else I could find into my padded bras. I always hoped that boobs would magically appear once I... READ MORE

21 Years Old and Finally Booked BA! - Anchorage, AK

I am currently 21 years old with no kids and a amazing soon to be husband. I've always wanted bigger boobs but never thought about breast augmentation until my older sister got hers and loved them! (My mother also has them) After that I started looking more into it and now I finally put my... READ MORE

280cc Silicone HP

I'm 32 years old. No children. I have always been very thin and under weight. I'm 5'5 and weigh between 95-100lbs. Before getting the the implants I wore a 32A. But probably should have worn a 32 AA. I have always wanted a boob job since right around rhe age of 16 and have always been pretty... READ MORE

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