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muscle relaxer + Breast Augmentation

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Petite 110lb, 20 Year Old, 32A to C/D, Ultra High Profile Silicon 350cc Right Breast and 320cc Left Breast - Little Rock, AR

Day of Surgery In my case I had a lot of asymmetry. I could barely fit out a 32A without gaping on my right breast! I forgot to take any pictures before my surgery but here are some pictures day 1 of my surgery. The band around my chest pushed my nipples down making them look lower than the... READ MORE

26, Breast Fed, Sientra 385cc HP Textured Silicone, Under Muscle

Here are some before and after photos. I will post more afters as time goes by. I hope this helps anytime with their decision. As for pain, mine as extremely painful. They put me on dilauded and Valium, and the Valium works better because it's a muscle relaxer so if you get them under th muscle,... READ MORE

Fit 34 Yr Old, No Kids, Starting W 32A/B, Mentor silicone 275cc, submuscular, 63" Height, 130lbs

I have never been happy with my breast size. In my Best fitness level I was a 32 A/B at 120lbs. On my average fitness level I was 34A/B maybe at 125-130. Depending on my fitness level my breast decrease to almost nothing... which always made me very self conscious, and forget about trying to... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation - Newport Beach, CA

First day of surgery: Coming out of surgery I was very sore. I immediately went home to take the pain killers and muscle relaxers. It's been super tough getting in and out of bed. My amazing boyfriend is here for me at every second helping me sit up and get out of bed. You would be surprised... READ MORE

29 yrs old 5'3 400cc Silicone HP

I am 29 yrs old 5'3 and originally an A cup. I have always been very small chested. Like many of you I was told my boobs will eventually come in. Yep that never happened. I have been pretty active growing up and in adult hood. I started researching Brest augmentation, the different options, and... READ MORE

35 yr old, saline implants

Like many of you ladies on this site, I too have been contemplating breast implants for quite sometime and have done an extensive amount of research in terms of the process from beginning to end. I had a plastic surgeon in mind already due to a recommendation made by my sister. I an not... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old 3 Kids .. 145 Lbs Before Breast Aug.. Now 138lbs After. The Woodlands, TX

Ok so I had saggy Breast but not saggy enough for a breast lift (thank god) lol and now I'm post op 3 months ish and this is what they look like ... I love them all tough I wish they was more close together and not so far apart .. I was happier at 1-2 month post op before they dropped soo much .... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mother Who Has Dreamed About This for As Long I can remember.

Yesterday 2/12/2016 I went in for my BA. I was a 34 A. I decided to go to 425cc saline implants. I feel great honestly, not have to take any pain meds only the muscle relaxors. Pain meds and I don't get a long. My surgeon was Dr. Schafer at Hedden Plastic Surgery in Bham. They were fantastic!... READ MORE

30 Yes Old, 5,4, 112 Ibs - Mother of 1 - 34a - 375cc. Czech Republic, CZ

Hi There This site has been really helpful so I thought I'd write a little review. I have always been a flat 34a cup, looked like I had a boys chest. I've gone for 375cc after reading alot of regretful reviews thought I'll take the biggest that could fit so I don't wish I had gotten more. I... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Very Fit and Petite - Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Repair. Houston, TX

I have always had inverted nipples. Pre-kids, one was flat, the other inverted. Despite common folklore, I was able to breastfeed both of my boys for almost 2 years apiece. Post nursing, my nipples were extremely inverted, and resembled chewed up pieces of leather :( My breasts however, were... READ MORE

26 Year Old, 5'6'' 128 Pounds, Athletic and Always Wanted Boobies :) Naples, FL

I have always wanted breast augmentation since I lost 20+ pounds after college and got into weight lifting. I loved my new toned body but missed my boobs :( it's been 3 days post op and I'm feeling surprisingly well. Only needed pain medication the first two days and am taking Tylenol and an... READ MORE

23 Years No Kids Saline 660cc Under Muscle. Folsom, CA

I've always hated having small boobs and wanted a boob job since I was 16, especially since I have 5 sisters both older and younger and they all have at least a full C cup. So I decided to have a breast agumentation 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier so far! I'm excited to see the end result. I... READ MORE

28 Y.o., 5'1", 300cc Silicone HP, 32A to 32DD - Novato, CA

I've wanted breast implants since the day I realized I've fully passed puberty and (I wasn't getting any taller and) my breasts weren't going to grow any more. I've thought about it for over a decade and decided I wasn't getting any younger and it would be a nice gift to myself. Quick summary:... READ MORE

34, 5'11, 155lbs, 36B, 350CC, No Kids

I've wanted larger boobs since I was about 19. After years of thinking about it I finally decided to go for it. I always thought I would wait until after I had children to take the plunge but now at 34 I have decided I'm not going to wait anymore. I went to a few different doctors. One in... READ MORE

22 Year Old No Kids Just Wanted Bigger Breast. Layton, UT

I've always had small breast before surgery I was size B I could fit in some size A bras. I live in Idaho but most ppl I spoke to about breast augmentation would mention that everyone from Idaho usually goes to Utah bc it was cheaper and the surgeons were great. Even though I knew the prices... READ MORE

25, No Children, Very Small A's with Athletic Build - Minneapolis, MN

Preparing for Breast Augmentation:: Mentally preparing for my BA was the most difficult task. I found myself stress cleaning my house every other day, shopping for just-in-case products I knew I would probably never use + worrying about how I was going to pay for such an expensive surgery in the... READ MORE

38 Yr Old Female, 2 Daughters 17 & 16 700ccs, 5'1 156lbs. Coral Gables, FL

AMAZING Dr.!!! I had my surgery at Coral Gables cosmetic center. I had a good experience overall. Everything was done on time and professional. My coordinator Catherine was ok. Not really helpful or bad, She just collected money. All of the other staff was really good. Pre- procedure went well..... READ MORE

3kids, Breast Just Kept Getting Smaller, Hard to Fill a 34b Bra Now a C Cup. Westchester, NY

Well I didn't really think I would ever so it but once the idea got I to my head here I am laying down with implants, I did my research and went with Dr Joshua Greenwald, his pricing was very reasonable especially in NY, went to a cosmetic surgery place in LIC and they were charging $5k but when... READ MORE

Finally! Boobs at 29 Years Old! - Fairhope, AL

I am a very active and athletic lady but, have never felt much like a "lady" until after my surgery. I loved my body before and was a very confident person even with next to nothing boobs! I just want to be able to fill out my clothes on top and surgery was the only way! I love them! My surgery... READ MORE

500cc sub-muscular Mod Plus, 23 Years Old, Finally Have Boobs! 34B to 34DD

Ever since high school i've been pretty small chested and it made me feel extremely insecure. I have pretty much been barley a 34B since i had boobs and I wouldn't leave the house without wearing my super padded VS bra and i felt as if i could never fill out any of my clothes! I have done... READ MORE

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