Motiva + Breast Augmentation

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355cc Motiva HP Silicone, 29 y/o, 64kg (140lbs), 173cm (5'8"), 2 (Breastfed) Children

I had my first consultation with Dr Mark Steinmann on 10 August 2017. I was so nervous about it but walked out feeling a lot more relaxed. Initially, after looking at pictures on Real Self, I thought about going for about 400cc implants. I tried rice sizers and felt that maybe 400cc might be a... READ MORE

26 Years Old|5ft4|120Ibs|32/34B|

Hi all! I've been wanting to get implants for several years, but never really considered it an actual option until about a year ago! I have always thought of it as something celebrities or very rich people do for some crazy reason! However, the last year I have been speaking to a friend about... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mother of 4 with Baby and Toddler has Breast Augmentation - Coventry, GB

I have four children, the eldest is 14 years and the youngest is 6 months. I had wanted breast augmentation since having my first child. Before pregnancy I was a 34c and afterwards I stayed at a 34a and I did not breast feed. During all pregnancies my breast size would increase to a 34d but... READ MORE

2kids. 5ft6.9st5 (132lbs). 34a. Bwd:11.5. 375cc Overs

Blessings ladies. After a 10yr wait and research, i am overly ready to gain back what i lost... BREASTS lol. As a teen, i was a large B. Both my pregnancies shot me up to 34EE. My metabolism is manic. Soon as i give birth, my bodys back to a size 8/10 within a week. Im left looking like a stick... READ MORE

Did it! 275cc/310cc Motiva Ergonomix Round Silksurface, 38 Years, 1 Kid. Stockholm, SE.

I have finally decided to do this. It has been a long process and I am happy to have arrived at this decision. I have my operation booked on 03/22/2017. I have decided to go with Motiva and the minimum cc my surgeon wants to use – 275/310 cc. I have a slightly smaller right boob and he will t... READ MORE

410cc MOTIVA Progressive Gel PLUS

I was saving for an operation about 2 years and finally everything is done. I was wondering about DD (about 450cc as my do tor said) but unfortunately my chest size was too small and the bottom part of my breast was very small so my doctor told me we can go just for 410cc. He told me that in... READ MORE

41 Motiva 285 overs Love Them!!!!

Hi there, I've been planning this surgery for a few months although wanted fuller breasts forever! I've had 2 children and it's taken it's toll on the fullness of my already tiny bust. Currently 34B, slight ptosis on one, but Mr Murphy did not feel a lift was necessary. I saw 3 different PS and... READ MORE

28, 5"8, Getting 500cc Motiva Overs.

Hey ladies, so as its only a few days until my procedure I thought now would be a good time to start my story... I visited a surgeon in 2007 and booked my procedure only to have a severe kidney infection that stopped it happening. So I've waited a decade and genuinely can't believe it's... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, Boobs Were EU 75A, Now 75C, 174cm and 67kg

Why I did this? I wanted my body to look proportionate (I got the booty, but no boobs) and so I finally decided to do it this year. Because I was finally so ashamed of my body that I didn't even went to the beach this year. Consultation: Consultant (that same mad snapping lady who is doctor's... READ MORE

35 Year Old Women, No Kids, A32 to Start, 5'4'', 130Ibs, Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Im going to keep this short and sweet. Ive been wanting boobies for a very long time.. since I was about 16 and have been humming and hauging on the idea of going aboard. I finally stummbled upon a website called "Whatclinic" and found a company called "flyhealth" with all the wonderful reviews... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'3, 135lbs - Estonia

After breastfeeding 3 kids my boobs looked so ugly and empty. So decided to give them back the look I used have 10 years ago- 36B. Didn't want big ones, just nice younglooking breast. Date of surgery was June 30, so I'm 3 days post surgery at the moment. Had 285cc under muscle (dual plane)-... READ MORE

26 Y Old, No Kids ,(5'7 / 55 Kgs) Went from a Non Existing A Cup to a Full D Cup ( Motiva Implants 425 Cc)

Hello everyone :) ! Decided to share my story with you here and maybe some girls can help me to calm down of my healing process ;). I wanted big boobs my whole life and 4 months ago, I made my dream come true. I got 425 cc motiva implants on each side. Went from A to D ( I think) ? I am happy... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 1kid (7 Years Old). Went for 335cc Silicone Implants Motiva, Ergonomix Silk. Auckland, NZ

Post op day 1 - pain is not as bad as I expected, though I'm on painkillers. My bandage is tight and in place. Going for my follow up appointment tomorrow morning. I went for 335cc (R) 315cc (L) motiva implants, Ergonomix. I have drain tubes attached and can't wait for it to be removed. My... READ MORE

29 Year Old Women, Motiva Ergonomix Full 450cc Over, 170cm and 67 Kg. Finland, FI

I decided to write this review because all these reviews have helped me a lot on my journey towards having new boobs! :) I have always hated my boobs because they were too wide apart and too small. Before my bra size was 34c, but looked more like small b-cup. I had dreamt about breast... READ MORE

21 Year Old 5'10, 34A to DD, 425cc sub- muscular crease incision. Birmingham, GB

So wanted this for a long time and finally booked it after being accepted for finance option. Being tall and slim I chose a size which would make a difference but not look huge on me. I want to achieve a natural look so I am going for 'Motiva Ergonomix' implants which, fall naturally as a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 32A BeforeAnd unsure now. 325 cc Motiva Moderate Profile

The first 2 days was horrific, I didn't stop vomiting. The next five days are very painful and I could not sleep or get comfy at all. Now 10 days they look great but small. I don't even seem to fit a B READ MORE

planning Motiva 295 vs 275 - which size should I go and how accurate are rice sizers?

Hello everyone! I'm currently European ca 75 cm (in US ca 29,5 inches) under breast and from the breast 83 cm (US 32,6 inches) - hope the calculation is right, since i'm from Europe. Wearing mostly padded B cup, but without padded I'm definately A. So long story short - I'm planning a breast... READ MORE

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