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19 Yrs Old, Hopeing to Get Implants Soon!

So I have weird boobs. Besides being really small they also get all swollen and pointy at certain times which is soooo embarassing. I got laughed off the beach in Mexico one time because of that and also because they're just so small! I am pretty small anyway so I don't want anything TOO crazy,... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation

I cannot say enough about Dr.O. I am a 20 year old who barely filled an A cup. I am also a fitness model and competitor and have always felt very self-conscience about my chest. I went to four other consultations before I found Dr. O. Not only did I appreciate his knowledge and work, but I... READ MORE

Very Happy! 26 no kids, Very Tall and Thin, 300cc Low Profile Smooth Silicone Unders, result 32C

Hey there! I'm looking for a little support as my BA is the day after tomorrow and I'm all by myself. I'm temporarily living far from home, and though I'm very independent it would be nice to hear some thoughts from other people who have done this. I'm 5'10" and 120 lbs, and wear a 34A but... READ MORE

20 Year Old Model Needing Breast Implants - New York, NY

Hi! Im so excited to be receiving breast implants within the next month! I am a 20 year old professional model, and I am certain the breast implants will give me a whole new level of confidence as well as help me book far more shoots. I have always wanted to do bikini modeling, however was... READ MORE

25 Years Old. Model. Colombia, CO

Very professional. Really care about me as a patient. Answered all my questions and took time with me to explain procedure to me. Followed up with me in a professional manner. Any time I called he took my call always to help in anything I needed. He really cared and took whatever time I needed... READ MORE

19 Years Old Needing a Confidence Boost - Birmingham, MI

I was a 32 A/AA all my life and always felt insecure about my boobs. I always used makeup and wore double push-up bras (sometimes even two) to make it seem like I had something going on. I modeled throughout high school also, so I always felt as though I needed more to feel more confident and... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, Finally Boob Time!! - Tokyo, JP

Well I have been wanting implants ever since I came to terms with the fact that my boobs were not going to grow more on their own. The issue was always money. Two years ago I had actually booked a surgery in Thailand and backed out a few weeks before because I hadn't saved enough. Now living... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Rhinoplasty April 2013-Toronto

Im very nervous after years of contemplating rhinoplasty after breaking it in competitive cheerleading and many consultations I have booked my surgery for April 18th, with Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad in Toronto. I am also having my breasts done at the same time as I am pursuing a career in... READ MORE

Balanced - Honolulu, HI

I have always been self conscious about my breasts. I felt less than, insecure, and helpless about my lack of. When I found out breast augmentations even existed I knew immediately this is what I wanted. Although born and raised in Hawaii I currently live in NYC and am working as a professional... READ MORE

The Best in my Opinion - Toronto, ON

Personal reasons. There's so many benefits to having surgery if that's what your heart wants . Why did I do it? feel physically complete. Now I do. Thank you It took me 7years to finally decide on my plastic surgery so I have to say I'm very picky and careful when it... READ MORE

I Am SO Happy! - Los Angeles, CA

As a model and actress I was very aware of how big to go because I don't want my boobs to distract from my work; the message I'm trying to relay or the product I am selling. On this same note, I have major trust issues with who I am going to let slice and dice me. Everyone has heard the... READ MORE

Boobs and Lipo (All a Girl Really Needs LOL) - Newport Beach, CA

I wanted to look and feel better about myself. Now I do :) I'm a model and I do mostly swimwear, so I wanted bigger boobs (mine were a big A cup before). BUT I didn't want them too big and fake looking. I was so nervous but my friend's boobs looked SO real. Dr. E recommended... READ MORE

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