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Breast augmentation- biggest mistake

Hello ladies! I got breast augmentation done 25 days ago . It was the worst decision of my life ! For no reason i spent so much money n damaged my beautiful natural body . B.A is a very very bad plz dont get it done. So many side effects with it. Like rupture, capsular contracture, infection etc... READ MORE

170cc Moderate Unders Too Small?? - Los Angeles CA

I am 5 days post op. My biggest fear before surgery was that I would be too big. Now I fear that I may have chosen too small. I am 5'7", 115lbs, BWD is 10, very narrow rib cage. I went with 170cc smooth round moderate unders. I'm hoping they "drop and fluff" soon and that they give the illusion... READ MORE

awful, stay away!! - Miami, FL

STAY AWAY!! I am in the process of searching for a revision surgeon, and going in for the fourth surgery on my breast, to fix Dr. Hochstein's shoddy work. My long story in a few words: I got my first breast augmentation with Dr. Hochstein in 2012 (I had perfectly normal breasts just small, an A... READ MORE

I'm Paying More to Have His Mistake Fixed - Baltimore, MD

I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Rodriquez and I am extremely dissatisfied with the results. I left his surgery suite very uneven, and he told me to wear a strap over the higher breast to push it down. I did that for 3 months, but it did not help. I got opinions from other doctors (online... READ MORE

Chosing Dr. Bucko As My Surgeon Was the Worst Mistake of My Life!

Dr Bucko performed a breast augmentation that resulted in a deformity called a double bubble. When I showed Dr. Bucko and his nurse the results of the surgery and they had no concern what so ever with results of my surgery. I ended up getting consultations with several high profile plastic... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 180 Sm, 66 Kg, 2 Kids ( Breastfeeding 1 Year Each )

1 month past op. Silicon "polytech" 460 ml each (First implantation,periareolary,submuscular) I didn't have any tuberous breast! My breasts were beautiful even without an operation. The nipples were up and the form was nice. The were just a bit empty, because I lost weight after breastfeeding.... READ MORE

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