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yay new Boobs 560cc implants

Hello to all My Pantoja Dolls!! Thanks to Realself for all the great stories that help with my decision. After a long time of researching a good Dr. with great work to show. I finally came down to two of them was going back and forth for a few week. I came to a decision that Dr. Pantoja would... READ MORE

28, 2 Kids, Previously 34 A and Currently Looks Like I Am a 34 D - Mexico

Dr. Manjarez was initially my second choice. I have family who have done work with Dr. Gaspar and although I really liked his work and lower prices, I didn't have time to wait for a July 8 consult. I only have one month of vacation and I didn't want to spend the lasts of it in recovery. I chose... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: 33 Years Old - Excellent! - Tijuana, Mexico

I independly researched for a Board Certified surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico and was fortunate to find Dr. Fuentes. I immediatly scheduled a consultation which was free of cost and had the pleasure to meet, be evaluated, and obtain a truth recommendation. He clearly explained the maximum size that... READ MORE

23 Yr Old, No Kids, currently 34B want a full C or small D

Okay, so I've been back and forth whether I should go through with a breast augmentation or not. My cousin and best friend just got theirs done which is what is motivating me to go through with it. The only thing now is that I'm just indecisive on where I want the incision- nipple or under the... READ MORE

Bad Breast Augmentation in Neuvo Progresso Mexico

I had breast augmentation surgery done here at this clinic and the two doctors that Dr Ivan had perform my surgery were terrible. My breast implants are whop sided, the incisions around my areole are disgusting, and I shoulda been informed that I needed a breast lift before the surgery because... READ MORE

Anyone Had a BA in Cancun with Dr Samano? Mexico, MX

I've been dealing with the patient coordinator at medical departures for Dr Samano. I am impressed but I cannot find any reviews on this Dr. If anyone has any experience please let me Know. I have tentatively booked my procedure for May 2016. If I can't find anyone who has had procedures done... READ MORE

21 Years Old"1kid" - Mexico

I just had a breast augmentation..I'm writing this because before I had mine I kept on reading all these stories and sh** I was scared..but all in reality the hell with it I'm exactly one week today and have NOT tooken noooo pain medicine. That same night I did everything like nothing. And I am... READ MORE

27yr Old Mommy of 3... 5'9 149lbs - Mexico

Happy with my procedure..Due to workouts my breast reduced from an A cup to idk what lol .. I needed to get a BA ASAP because I was starting to look too masculine.. Decided to get my procedure done thanks to an aunt who got a lipo, BA, and Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Manuel Gutierrez. She looks... READ MORE


Hi everyone, i've just perfomed my breast augmentation combined with a BLL in Mexico with TOPPLASTICSURGEONSMEXICO 5 days ago. I'm resting in the hotel, and wanted to share my experience, very positive. I am originally from Québec, French Canada. I always wanted to increase the volume of my ... READ MORE

Mother of Two Wonderful Kids... Tubular Breast (700cc) - Tijuana, MX

I've been wanting to get a breast augmentation since I was 19 but wouldn't dare to. I finally decided to get a breast augmentation with Dr Harris.. This doctor is in Tijuana, MX right across the border from San Diego.. I went to few docs in Cali but they wouldn't listen to what I wanted.. I did... READ MORE

51year Old Canadian After 2 Kids Got Her Youthful Look Back. 415cc Under Muscle Naturelle -Mexico, MX

After a lot of research and reviewing of Doctors and not having any success with responses back from the ones in my local area i started to look at Mexico and final choose Cosmed and Dr Quiroz. It was the best decision that i could have made and i am so happy with. My husband and i traveled... READ MORE

A Dream Came True with 25 Years!!! - Mexico, MX

I'm 25 years old from Germany but living in Mexico, playa del Carmen. I searched for years for the right doctor. A friend of my suggested me Dr. Marco Antonio Carmona in Cancun. After my first appointment I was sure to do it with him. He was professional from the first second, answered all my... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old Was Wanting Full Breasts

I got my breasts done in tijuana mexico at the hospital angeles. I'm from Canada. Unfortunately my surgery did not go over well from beginning to now. I've been told by my surgeon it's my inframatory fold that this is why my breasts look this way. Are there any suggestion to help my breasts... READ MORE

Busy 37 Year Old Working Mom of 2 Needing a Mommy Makeover - Cacun, Mexico

I had a breast augmentation, full body liposuction, Botox, restalyne and a fat transfer to the fine lines around my upper lip. I have read some reviews from some very unhappy patients of Perfection Cosmetic surgery in Cancun and felt I needed to let everyone know what my experience was like -... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Loving my New Body - Mexico, MX

I went with a teardrop shaped implant filled with 290cc silicone in order to keep it on the natural side. I'm currently 5 months post op and loving the results more and more. Dr Milla and staff were great and extremely helpful. Nurses took great care of me , staff was great and on top of... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation,TT,BBL,LIPO $7,200 Dr.Pantoja - Tijuana, Mexico

Hi everyone! I have been a non-stop reader on RS. I have read and taken notes on many of your journeys. I am a very spur of the moment spontaneous 39year old with 3 kids 13,20,23 and ready for my makeover. I used to weigh 220 max weight and after years of trying diet after diet in 2010 I decided... READ MORE

23 Year Old Mommy,got BA in Tijuana!! - Mexico

I am so nervous and cannot believe this is happening so soon! I have been thinking about it for years,finally had the courage to go with my instinct and contacted dr fuentes about a week ago. I have a friend that went with dr raul gongora,but after reading bad reviews something in me just... READ MORE

500ccs, 33, Textured silicone under muscle. So happy

I breast fed for many years with my two boys who are now 12 and 8. I looked online and through a friend I chose Dr Martinez in Tijuana. I found out I had zero tolerance to pain. And, after two weeks in starting to have problems. Stiches and left breast not healing properly. Right is much lower.... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Kids, Breastfeed All 3 , Tijuana Mexico

I wouldlike to share my experience with anyone who is considerig a breast augmentation. affter breastfeedimg my children had left me a smaller and deflated bobos,.... i decide to made an appoiment with Dr.Egaña on october he answered all my questions and doubts, he guided me to take the ... READ MORE

Looking at Breast Augment in Mexico - Dr. Juan Bernardo Balthazar - Hospital Angeles Pedregal

I'm looking at going to Mexico for Breast Augment. I'm looking for some opinions. The Surgeons name is Dr. Juan Bernardo Baltazar in Mexico City at the Hospital Angeles Pedregal. He is a member of AMCPER Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva, A.C. / Mexican Ass... READ MORE

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