Memory Gel + Breast Augmentation

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24 year old 350CC silicone memory gel, no kids

Its going good, almost back to normal. I will post more pictures and more information soon when I have time. Overall, I deff recommend my doctor, I'm happy with my results and the recovery pain was minimal. I see a lot of pictures that look painful and posts where ppl complain about pain.... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Grade 1/2 Ptosis, 400/425cc uhp smooth round silicone, Dual Plane Technique - Nacogdoches, TX

After yearsssss of wanting a BA, I'm FINALLY getting one! I've always been petite, and small chested. Looking forward to building my self confidence and feeling more "womanly"! At my consult, I was informed that I had mild ptosis- grade 1 on the right side, and borderline 2 on the left. I do... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Tuberous Correction

I found out during my consultation I have a tuberous breast, it was minimal the doctor said but I always noticed my breast weren't full on the sides and drooped a little. I'm 24 and 5'3 and 140lbs with all my weight in my butt and hips. I have two children(10 month old and 2 year old) both... READ MORE

500cc HP MemoryGel Unders! - Beaumont, TX

I'm 5'2 & 111 lbs.. I have 2 kids that I breastfed and from that I gained a set of asymmetrical/ deflated 34B cups (34 DD while breastfeeding). I missed them and I HAD to have them back! Lol. So I saw two PS and one told me I needed a lift and the other said I was borderline and would most... READ MORE

30 Year Old, 5'4/114lbs, Mama of 1. (Pre Plan: 400CC) Post Surgery: 425CC MemoryGel Smooth Round High Profile. Tampa, FL

When I went to my consultation about a month ago with Dr. Diaco, I was more in the "question/answer" phase than "let's do this". So, to my surprise, when I walked out of his office, I had my appointment schedule and my down payment done. I tend to be very conservative and indecisive when it... READ MORE

Beyond Ecstatic for my New Boobs!! - Decatur, GA

I am a 32B, I would really love to be a full C/small D. I've already decided on Memory Gel implants, and after trying on a few in office I think my decision will be in between a 350cc and a 400cc. Still not sure if I want above or below the muscle (leaning towards sub-muscular). Cannot wait for... READ MORE

Memory Gel - Gummies! Miami, FL

I absolutely LOVE my new breasts and Dr. Ortega did an amazing job. They are perfect, feel real and best of all are NOT heavy! They are light and squishy like a gummy bear candy without the stickiness. LOL I highly recommend Dr. Ortega for this procedure! I liked his work so much that I am... READ MORE

29 Yrs, 3 Kids, BA, Dr. Revis is Amazing! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had a BA only 6 weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. I did my research and chose Dr. Revis... Thank God! I travelled out of country for my procedure, and am so glad I did. Things couldn't have gone any smoother from pre to post-op! The staff were genuinely kind and helpful with questions... READ MORE

23 375/400cc Saline Implants - Tampa, FL

So I'm glad I stumbled across this web site one day before my surgery. I have contemplated over this surgery for a long time. Then I finally said "what the heck, I'm getting it! " Right now I am a 32A , tomorrow I will have memory moderate profile saline implants inserted. I have been... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Aug , Four Kids , Hematoma ! - Mobile, AL

I had for kids and age 39 . Wanted by breast to look attractive . I had complications . Hematoma developed before I was sent home day of surgery . Doctor took me back into surgery and I went home with a drain . So much more painful than I expected ! I had a hysterectomy not long before this and... READ MORE

What in the world was I so worried about?!?

I have wanted boobs from before I can remember. I have had three kids, breastfeed them all, and now they show some wear and tear ;) My husband and I decided we were done having children, I lost all but 10 pounds of the weight I wanted to (those are the vanity ones), so I thought this could not... READ MORE

No More Tiny Saggy Boobies! - Columbus, GA

I had an excellent doctor here in Columbus (Dr.Willson) my procedure went great (so I am told by wonderful staff). I am 6 days post op and ready for my healing to be over.....but I know I have to be patient. I had Natrelle memory silicone gel implants 400 cc in right and 425 cc in left to even... READ MORE

BA August 16th!!! - Birmingham, MI

This site has helped me a lot! This is why I've decided to post my journey as well, and hopefully be helpful to someone else :)  I'm 28 yrs old, 5'4" in height, 110 in weight, and a 32 A. I've always been thin and had small breasts. It's always been an area of self consciousness for me... READ MORE

Great Outcome... but wish they were bigger

Dr. Malhotra and Tammy were absolutely amazing to work with. I had wanted breast augmentation for years and did a ton of reasesrch before deciding on a doctor. Pre and Post operatively they were extremely thorough and answered all of my questions. I even called a few times and was able to get... READ MORE

23yr BA 350cc moderate plus profile Mentor Memory Gel

I'm close to 4 weeks post op to be exact. I did my surgery overseas and flew back 2 to 3 week after I had it. Previous stat : 5'6ft, 34 A or smaller , 57kg Post stat on BA : ?? Firstly, I could say I've done all my research prior but what I learnt is to be open minded. Recovery was somewhat... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Mother of Two Beautiful Kids, in Need of Breast Augmentation. Colorado, CO

I didn't consider breast augmentation until after the birth of my first child. Prior to children I was a perky but small 34 b cup, that never bothered me, until I was left with sad deflated breasts. I love my children it was worth it, but if you can fix that aspect of your body, well why not. I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Northern California

Hi yall, I came across this gem of a website a few months ago its helped out so much already. Ive been researching everyday it seems like. I want to be well prepared and informed going into this thing. I am an accountant so I work with numbers everyday and Im really good with financing my money.... READ MORE

Love my New Boobies - absolutely beautiful and natural result - Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Guerra gave me an absolutely beautiful and natural result by using new implants- MemoryShaped Teardrop. The only thing I dreaded when deciding to get breast implants was that I was afraid they were going to be hard and fake looking. One of my girlfriends got gummy bear implants and it is... READ MORE

I have cancelled surgery, I am too much on the fence about silicone and saline. - Miami, FL

I am 33 and have 3 amazing kids.. I had a full TT without muscle repair just 5 weeks ago. 13 years ago I had implants, but I did no research and just choose the first surgeon I saw. I was not happy with results. I am 5'5 and 118 pounds and the 34DD was way to big! He just told me he would "fill... READ MORE

MemoryGel Implants - Memphis, TN

Age 53; B-Cup breasts looked deflated. Got 400cc high profile implants; ABSOLUTELY best thing I've ever done; never looked better in my life. READ MORE

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