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Masto 6weeks Followed by BA 400cc - Brisbane, AU

I had saggy that made me a little self confident and decided I needed a change (missed my bigger boobs that stayed up in my early 20s) I'm happy I waited and spoke to more then one doctor until I found one that I felt comfortable with and was giving me realistic advice. It was totally worth... READ MORE


August 10 2016 I finally had my surgery. Im 33 years old and after my second child my breasts went from a perky DD to a deflated E cup. Very unattractive and body conscious i decided to under go surgery for correction. Researched many surgeons and found Dr Simon Lee who performed his operations... READ MORE

THANK YOU!!!!! 31 Years Old, Boobs Savaged by Breast Feeding! - Chelmsford, GB

Previously informed elsewhere that I required a Mastopexy. Mr. B was aware that I wished to avoid scarring. Advised that if we "go in with eyes open" knowing I would still have some nipple asymmetry and they would still be slightly ptotic, then he would proceed with standard BA. COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. READ MORE

20 Years with Implant (Saline, Silicone, Gummy Bear). Ready for Explantation! - Colorado, CO

Ladies, here is my journey. 21 y.o., 2 kids, breastfeed both. PreBA: 34B; PostBA: 34DD. In 1994, I had BA: Subglandular, 550cc, saline implants. Within 1 month, I has significant rippling, bilat. Went back to my BSPS and he overinflated implants by adding 50cc per side, unsuccessful. 2 mths.... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts fixed with lift and augmentation! Yeah!!

Hi ladies, I decided to post my story, because I have not seen a lot of women with tuberous breasts on here with photos, so I'd post my pics to help others who might be in the same boat as me. I am a 45 yr old mom of one small boy who has decided it is time to be happy with my body. Gained a... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Tuberous Correction, Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation 350cc - Boca Raton, FL

I was never truly bothered about the shape and size of my breast until my sister pointed it out. One breast was significantly larger than the other and I noticed that the size of my areolas was also uneven. I had my breast augmentation done with Dr. Rosenthal and I can honestly say that this... READ MORE

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Plus Breast Lift with Implants. London, OH

Hello. I am 33 years old and my breast size is 36C Recently I have visited 2 different doctors and they have recommended me differents methods and differents results. The first one thinks I need just a breast lift, keeping the same size I have. The second one, recomended me breast lift but using... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift and Fat Grafting to Butt Cheeks! - Miami, FL

My Breast Augmentation: During my initial consultation with Dr. Franco I had briefly explained to him I was very unhappy with the way my breasts looked. For being 25 years old, and having no children, I felt that my breasts had fallen down so much compared to how they were and they lost most of... READ MORE

Confused As to Whether I Need a Lift in Addition to Augmentation! Dallas, TX

Hi all, I was hoping for some advice S I have been to see two different surgeons, with two different opinions! I basically want to have my pre-baby body back. The first guy I saw I didn't particularly like, and I felt he really rushed the consultation and was just "ticking boxes" in terms of... READ MORE

New to RealSelf- Lexington, KY

Hello beautiful ladies! I am new to RealSelf but have been following all of the posts involving anything boob related for some time now! I love this site! It's more addicting than Facebook! So here is some stats about me: I'm 26 yrs old 5' 6.5" 142 lbs Wear a small B cup I have 1 child that is... READ MORE

Back to life with implants

I'm one week away from having plastic surgery- something I never thought I would be doing and I'm pretty nervous. Breast lift with augmentation 300cc and bilateral lip of hips- all kinds of questions running through my this the right size? will they be too small? will my incisions... READ MORE

Silicone Subglandular for Petite Mom of 4 - Round Rock, TX

I was pregnant and/or nursing for the first 9 years of my marriage, but when I weaned our 4th and last child, suddenly all of my bras were too big. My breasts looked flat and deflated. I work in fitness, so I wear a sports bra almost every day, and I was embarrassed by how flat my chest looked... READ MORE

Good Surgeon just does what he wants not what patient wants. Better yet, hit the gym. Older Women => Mastopexy/Implants

Plastic Surgeons are clearly stuffing oversized, in my case underfilled and lumpy, implants in a midaged woman whose breasts have begun to sag, not telling them about mastopexy or informing them of how much bigger of a saggy mess they will have on their hands fairly soon after the implants have... READ MORE

39 Years Old

I'm so happy.. With my new breasts.. ..I got 520cc.with mastopexy .I was scared and had second thoughts about my procedure.. But Dr. Lepore..made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions.I have more confidence than ever..Thank you to Dr Lepore & his team.. They are great! Super... READ MORE

25 Year Old with Breast Augmentation / Mastopexy - Tampa, FL

After months of research, reading hundreds of reviews and multiple consultations with different doctors, I never second guessed my choice of picking Dr. Rieger to perform my surgery, and couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Out of all the consultations I scheduled Dr. Rieger was the one I... READ MORE

Breast Lift with New Implants and Nipple Reduction - Atlanta, GA

Dr. Zaworski and his staff are the absolute best around! 2 weeks ago I had a Mastopexy (lift) with implant replacement and a nipple reduction. He is a perfectionist and for that I am so thankful. I couldn't be any happier with my results and would recommend him to anyone looking for a phenomenal... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Small Implants and Mini Tummy Tuck - Austin, TX

I initially went in for a lift and found out that I did not have enough breast tissue to make a lift work how I envisioned. I ended up getting both a lift and small implants to add more fullness. I also get a mini tummy tuck to fix a muscle issue from multiple c-sections. I am happy with the... READ MORE

A New Me at 30 - La Jolla, CA

I am extremely pleased with the recent results of my breast augmentation with Dr. C. I was a nervous wreck when making the appointment for my complimentary consultation, partly because I have never had cosmetic surgery and partly because I was certain that after breast feeding three children, I... READ MORE

I Feel Beautiful, Free and So Alive!!! - Paradise Valley, Az

From the moment I walked into the calming center,the smiling, helpful staff pampered me and answered every question, even if they were random.I knew after meeting my surgeon. The confidence level I had after the meeting to discuss implant removal mastopexy with implants under the muscle.Mine... READ MORE

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