mastitis + Breast Augmentation

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30 Year Old, 2 Breastfed Babies, Breast Asymmetry - Sugar Land, TX

Ladies!!!! If you are looking for surgeon for a breast augmentation, look no further!!!!! Dr. Feldman was the first surgeon I consulted with and I knew he was the one!! He was very nice, knowledgeable and straightforward. He didn't sugar coat anything. I didn't even have to ask him anything! He... READ MORE

30 Y/o Mother of 2. Breastfed Both of Them.

Hi! This is my 1st post here! I used to be a 34A. I've always wanted a breast augmentation but now I DESPERATELY need one. I can't even fill my A cup bras anymore. I breastfed my oldest for 1.5 years and I just weaned my youngest about 2 months ago. He was 10 months old. I got mastitis on my... READ MORE

51 Year Old Breast Augmantation - Thailand, TH

I was very flat chested and my breast were heading south at a fast rate. I decided to have my BA to boost my confidence in myself. It took a lot of research before i made my decision and yes im pleased that i did. The pain is bearable if you stick to what your Dr tells you to do, and relax when... READ MORE

31 with Two Kiddos and No Self Esteem - San Diego, CA

Gosh where do I even journey started shortly after having my daughter in 2006. I was 4'10 and 98 lbs when I got pregnant with her and at 37 wks I had t c-section and was weighing full term 157lbs. My boobs got so big and shrunk pretty quickly once I stopped breastfeeding. I started t... READ MORE

43 And Going for It - Reno, NV

Cruuently a 32 a, very skinny, 100 lb., 5'5", mother of 2 girls as stated, 43 years of age and want to have shapely figure. Currently flat chested...nursed both then...all that could go wrong with nursing did. Huge mastitis infection that the medication from that killed whatever I may have had... READ MORE

30, 3 Kids, Severe Mastitis Infection Case with 1st Child Causing 2 Surgeries on my Left Breast (And Uneven) Pleasanton, CA

I'm 5'3, 133 lbs, A cup on left breast and B on right. I want a natural look but want to obviously go bigger. I had my pre-op March 15th and originally wanted to go with 370 cc on right and 400 on left. While having the samples on I put on my shirt to see how it looks and it looked like how I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Kids, Former Mastitis and Breast Abscess. 450cc High Profile Mentor Silicone Smooth. 34 A/B to ???...

Breast fed my first child and ruined my boobs with backed to back mastitis to the point where a large abscess formed in my right breast. I had to get it drained weekly for months until it those specific ducts stopped producing. After nursing second child, I think my little A's deserved an... READ MORE


First and foremost before I ever came to see Mr Desai I read his resume and its extensive !! Not to mention he is as cute as a button lol ! So anyway lol mr Desai is so sweet and charming lol. His staff were so cool after the first initial visit I felt like all the beautiful ladies who work... READ MORE

So Happy with my Outcome!! Vancouver, WA

After breastfeeding two babies and undergoing a surgery to remove an abscess after mastitis went out of control, my breasts were looking pretty sad. I had always had a small A cup size, but they got so much smaller after all that. I did not like how I looked anymore and could hardly look at... READ MORE

I went from a B to a D, I'm now a DD - Don't Do It! - Florida

9 years ago I got my boobs done. I went from a B to a D, I'm now a DD. I was 23, and was talked into a slightly larger implant than I originally wanted. I had a hematoma, I've had capsular contr. and they are just plain too big. I have had recurring mastitis (no kids) in the one... READ MORE

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