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30 Year Old, 2 Breastfed Babies, Breast Asymmetry - Sugar Land, TX

Ladies!!!! If you are looking for surgeon for a breast augmentation, look no further!!!!! Dr. Feldman was the first surgeon I consulted with and I knew he was the one!! He was very nice, knowledgeable and straightforward. He didn't sugar coat anything. I didn't even have to ask him anything! He... READ MORE

You Got to Get in Where You Fit in #vegas - Henderson, NV

I was originally looking for a surgeon in California. I made some phone calls to maybe 5 different offices and narrowed my search. Long story short - I put everything on hold and separated from my ex. I moved from South Bay (Southern California) to the Valley for 3 months. Now 10 days in!!! I'm... READ MORE

I Believed I Was Finally Getting My Dream Boobs...So Wrong - Great Neck, NY

I have been fascinated with breast since I was pretty young and couldn't wait to have mine. Luckily, at 11 I was one of the first girls in my class to develop. I was literally the envy of most girls in the locker room with my cute little training bras and bralettes. Then it just stopped growing.... READ MORE

415CC HProf Silicone 26 yo, 145lbs

Slowly but surely, they are looking better! I had my ba 2/15/17 425ccs high prof under the muscle silicone gel. Incision site under the breast. Went from a very saggy 34A, and the goal is a full C/small D. Surgery day had me stressed bc I was preparing myself for horrid pain. I have been so... READ MORE

Same Day Post Op - Houston, TX

Post surgery, I was still a little bit groggy and couldn't really recall much. All I remember was that my chest felt heavy and I didn't feel that much pain or soreness which was surprising. I'm assuming because the anesthesia was still in my system. Not much bleeding or drainage either.... READ MORE

My 25Th Birthday Gift; 5'7" , 165lbs

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted bigger boobs. I've played sports and been an athlete all of my life, so I guess having smaller boobs was a plus but still it has always been an insecure characteristic that I've had. I went to a consultation over 2 years ago and was way too... READ MORE

23 Y/o, Breast Augmentation - Tijuana, MX

Dr. Saldaña is great. I went in for breast augmentation. 450cc. My incision was below my breast and the cut was very small. I will start using my scar gels next week to massage twice a day for 6 months to get the best results. The staff is very nice and they take very good care of you. I love ... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 5'3" and 95 Pounds, 30B/30C, 339cc style 15 Natrelle . Redbank, NJ

Since I was 12 I was wondering when my boobs would come in, and they still are the same little boobies I've had forever. I tried breast creams, pills, massages, you name it, to try to naturally grow my breasts with no success. After being on this website for a while and researching doctors, I... READ MORE

Breast Aug and Lipo

Dr Jason Altman is amazing!!!! I still can't get over the fact that I was brave enough to get through surgery but thank God he made me feel very confident and I put my trust in him....I signed up for real self and requested for a consultation from Jason thinking I won't hear from him until next... READ MORE

1 Week Post Op - San Diego, CA

I love  Dr.Vincent Marin. He's such a nice guy and a wonderful a doctor. He was my first and last stop shop. Man.. on top of that i think he's hot. I went to see him for 1wk post op. And he showed me how to massage today. Kinda liked it when he massaged for me lol. Still a little... READ MORE

23 Yr Old Mother of 2 Happy with Breast Augmentation ! - San Diego, CA

I have always wanted breast implants since the age of 18. I had children at a young age and never really had any fullness in my breast. After my sister did research for almost a year on doctors, Dr. Pousti stood out to her. She underwent breast enhancement surgery and loved her results. I loved... READ MORE

24 Years Old- Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Correction - Stony Brook, NY

I'm a 5'7, 135 pound active girl who always had small breasts and inverted nipples. After I started working out and lifting heavy my somewhat A-boobs shrank to almost nothing and I even hated it more despite the fact that I was getting stronger and the rest of my body looked great. I had a lot... READ MORE

Amazing - Houston, TX

In all honesty I was just tired of having an A cup. Womens clothes are made for boobs. My dr was awesome and these girls are worth every penny. The pain is a little more than I expected, but I rested more and that helped. My incisions are under the fold, and are healing perfectly. I HATE the... READ MORE

New Breasts, Hopefully New Me! - Kansas

I'm a 28 Year old mother of 2. I've always been kind of plus sized, ranging from a size 12-18 my adult life. I was finally at a place (holding down a size 14) to where I wanted a breast augumentation. I had mild tuberous shaped breasts and even after 2 kids never got bigger than a B cup. Finally... READ MORE

43 Y.O. Augmentation After Lift in 2012. Des Moines, IA

I had a great breast lift done in 2012 and had thought about doing implants as well at the time. I decided to wait and see. Here it is almost four years later and I decided with lots of long conversations with my husband about it and I've had the surgery. I'm two weeks out today and I must say,... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, Always Wanted Bigger Boobs - Layton, UT

I've wanted big boobs ever since I was little kid. I think they're feminine and beautiful. I quickly realized that I wasn't blessed with "ideal" genes, after I went through puberty and was still the smallest out of all my friends. I'm now 21 years old, 5'7", 130lbs, and wear a size 34A. I have... READ MORE

28yr Old Mama of 3! 425cc HP Silicone. ERMERGERHD SO HAPPY! Almost 3weeks Post. Mishawaka, IN

Well, me and my youngest sister got to the tiny genes while my middle sister had it all. When I was 16, 32A (barely) I knew that's all I'd get. I'd be this flat chested tomboy that was embarrassed to wear a bikini in the summer. After each of my tiny humans myboobs got so big! I could wear my... READ MORE

23 Years No Kids Saline 660cc Under Muscle. Folsom, CA

I've always hated having small boobs and wanted a boob job since I was 16, especially since I have 5 sisters both older and younger and they all have at least a full C cup. So I decided to have a breast agumentation 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier so far! I'm excited to see the end result. I... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, Saline Implants - Glen Allen, VA

I got boob implants because I had been talking about getting them forever and once I was able to I did. It has increased my self esteem and confidence and it has helped me with my modeling career. I got the saline implants which are not harmful to your body if one erupts since it is made out of... READ MORE

24y/o, First BA, Wanted Since 16 - Hattiesburg, MS

When I was about 16 I realized that my breasts had stopped growing at about 14, and I wasn't happy with what I had. I have never felt feminine when I see myself without a shirt on. I felt like a pudgy little boy. My breasts looked like those of an overweight male. I don't know if anyone has ever... READ MORE

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