lumpectomy + Breast Augmentation

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Over 50? Take Care of Yourself! New York, NY

After a double whammy – breast cancer with a lumpectomy and an abdominal surgery that left me with a 14” scar - I was not pleased with my mangled and aging body. As a single woman in my early 50s I was considering doing something about my state of affairs. I spoke to several friends and ass... READ MORE

41 and so happy I did it!

I have been thinking about this forever - but I never had the nerve to actually do it. But over the last 5 years I've had a lumpectomy from a breast cancer treatment as well as radiation and a year and a half ago I had a baby girl! So needless to say, my breasts are in need of help. The breast... READ MORE

Deserved self improvement.

I had a breast reduction following a lumpectomy on one side. I was left with two different sized breasts, which was very difficult to deal with. Dr. Khan was very understanding, compassionate, and, professional. She also had a very friendly staff, that were responsive in answering my... READ MORE

Dr Kaufman is a gifted surgeon.

Dr Kaufman made me immediately feel comfortable and safe. He is a brilliant surgeon that does not have the phrase "good enough" in his vocabulary....his work is his passion. His recommendation for my breast cancer was a lumpectomy. During the surgeries he had to remove a large portion of my... READ MORE

Breast Cancer Patient for Augmentation - New York

I had three surgeries for Breast Cancer and I felt lopsided after my surgeries, previously I had liposuction with Dr. Nadia and I had felt safe and comfortable with her. My first two surgeries were lumpectomies and the third was to remove some lymph nodes. I was depressed after my cancer... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation - Nashua, NH

Dr. Chatson is an amazing and highly skilled cosmetic surgeon. I first saw him when I had to have a very large non-cancerous mole removed from the top of my ear. He did a fantastic job with that and has an excellent calm and professional manner which definitely helped this nervous lady relax! ... READ MORE

52 Yrs Old | 5 Yr Breast Cancer Survivor | Breast Implants and Fat Transfer | Thrilled with my Results! Stuart, FL

After waiting 5 years from two lumpectomy surgeries and receiving another clear mamogram, I asked my surgeon about breast reconstruction / augmentation. He referred me to Dr. Avron Lipschitz to discuss my options as I had undergone radiation and my left breast had radiated breast tissue and Dr.... READ MORE

55 Y/o, BA 04/22/15, 170 Lbs. Newport Beach, CA

I've wanted this for 15 yrs or more. I've never had any boobs. I'm a breast cancer survivor of 12 years. I had very early stage and had a lumpectomy on my right breast. Can hardly wait to be previous member of the itty-bitty titty committee. Going with UHP of 700cc. Dr says i don't need... READ MORE

April of 2010 I had breast cancer, and had a lumpectomy - Bronx, NY

Well I'm 45 in April of 2010 I had breast cancer, and had a lumpectomy. Last summer July 18th 2011 I had my right kidney removed due to kidney cancer. I went down to 80lbs and went from a c cup to an a on left and almost b on my right. I was feeling like less of woman and very self conscious and... READ MORE

To Fill-in the Divot Caused by 2 Previous Lumpectomies As Well As Enhancing my Breasts - Beachwood, IL

I am 55 years old, years ago breastfed, and have experienced 2 lumpectomies; hence my breasts show the journey of my life. Dr. Medalie performed breast augmentation that not only enhanced my breast size and shape but also filled-in the divot caused by the lumpectomies, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY... READ MORE

extremly pleased - Dublin, CA

I had breast augmentation by another sugeron 3 years ago and 1 years after that found out I had breast cancer - I went thru the process of lumpectomy and radiation. After the radiation I noticed my left breast was feeling hard and push up. Although noone else can notice I did and it bothered me.... READ MORE

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