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25 Year Old, Tuberous Breast, Currently 34B, No Kids

I am scheduled to get my procedure done in 8 days and I am absolutely on edge. I am 25 with tuberous breast that I have hated my entire life and I can't wait to get rid of. I naturally dress on the more comfortable side but when I think deeply about it I realize it is the main reason I have... READ MORE

Love my New Boobs!!! - San Ramon, CA

I have always wanted larger boobs but never allowed myself the luxury of having them done. But I finally decided to do it. I went to 3 different PS consultations. All 3 recommended a lift along with the implants, but I REALLY didn't want that lollipop scar!!! I decided on Dr. Parhiscar because... READ MORE

Can I Be Fixed?

As you can see I have uneven breasts. One is small and perky while the other is slightly bigger and droppy. I went for my consultation and was advised to do 310cc (I'm a b now, I would like to be a d), silicon, moderate profile round implants. They also suggested I do a lollipop breast lift on... READ MORE

Age 49 From Perth Western Australia. Thailand, TH

After having 2 children and losing and gaining wait my breasts suffered from severe ptosis (sagging) I needed Breast lift and implants - With lollipop and anchor incision and 450cc Dual Plane implants. I did much research into hospitals country's and most importantly surgeons. I decided to... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Without a Lift! Newport, CA

All my life I was very insecure about my small saggy boobs. It bothered me that my boobs didn't develop like most of my friends. The nipple was pointing a little bit down and I felt so insecure taking my bra off around my boyfriend. I would cry sometimes because I always wished that my boobs... READ MORE

40 years old... Textured Cohesive Gel Overs!!!

So excited to finally do this after wanting this for so long. I have booked my procedure with Dr. Frank Lista on March 16... I've bedn obsessing over whether I need a lift as well as implants.. I have a bit of ptosis and one ps suggested a lift (lollipop) but current ps stated I didn't need... READ MORE

New Boobs in Bangkok After Babies and Weight Loss - Thailand, TH

Hello everyone During 2013 I lost just shy of 40kg, this weight loss coupled with breast feeding my two children left me with deflated saggy boobs :( so hubby and I decided to look into getting a breast augmentation. Here in Western Australia I was looking at paying around $20,000 for a lift and... READ MORE

Getting my Breasts Fixed After Breast Feeding - Spain, ES

I am a French woman with one child, 32 years old. When I did breastfeed to my baby my breast were like two cup sizes bigger than before and now back to normal they are saggy, look not nice anymore, have lost their shape completely…I am very sad about this, because I always found my breast very n... READ MORE

After 10 Years.... Mommy is Getting a Breast Lift/Augmentation -

Well, I did it. After nursing 3 kids and always thinking about it, I finally went on 3 consults and on the 3rd consult I felt that he was going to be the one. I can't wait. It will be 12/27 (my brother's 40th birthday). So 2 more months. I was going to get it done next July because this is... READ MORE

Lollipop Lift with 200cc Mods implants

I am now 4 days post op !! Wish I had started this review process early but ill try an recap. 23years old/56kg/162cm. This surgery was my third and hopefully last for assymetry. First surgery was a reduction on my left breast when I was 17, 2 years later my right breast caught up - then had... READ MORE

PLEASE HELP ! Botched Boob Job !

******************* Before i start this is a long thread ! please don't stop reading !!!! in order to get the best outcome i had tell the full story!!!!! my life is ruined !!!!!!!!!! please read the below !!!! PLEASE GIVe ANY MEDICAL OR LEGAL ADVISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx... READ MORE

The Before and After are short of incredible - Thanks Dr. Ghersi

Firstly, I would like to thank all the ladies for their insight and feelings throughout their journey. Without your experiences posted here, I would be very uninformed. SouthernGal30, Bigeasy, Deserveit and Befree thank you. I started looking at having a BA, hoping I would not need a BL. Hmmm,... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op, Not Happy So Far -Utah, UT

I am 5 weeks post op from BA & lolli pop lift ,700 cc right & 750 cc left. I know and expected it to take longer for my larger implants to drop and for my muscles to relax - however between 1 - 5 weeks the only difference i have noticed is the tightness easing from my swelling going down... READ MORE

No More Sunny Side Downs :) - Altoona, PA

I have never had perky breasts! I am a 32 year old mother of 2 boys (5 and 3), i am 5'4 and 137 lbs. I have always had problems with my weight so when I graduated high school i lost 90 lbs and then gained it with my first pregnancy and then lost the weight again. When i got pregnant with my... READ MORE


That's for a breast Aug and a lollipop lift. I have four kids and we're done having kids..I have always wanted big full boobs! Now its about to happen. I will post before and after...after my surgery. Super geeked!!!! I forgot..I'm 33, 5'8 about 200lbs =( I'm a 40 small... READ MORE

Lollipop Lift with Breast Implants - Georgia, GA

I had a 32/34 A cup saggy breast pre op. I am 5'6 and 130lbs. Had a lollipop lift with 400cc saline in left breast and 375 saline in right breast, April 2012. They definitely look better but are way more lateral than i imagined they would be. Starting to wonder if I have some lateral... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift and Implants - Melbourne, AU

Hi everyone , this is my first post ever as ive just joined, i feel very sad about my breasts i am 24 years old i had a child when i was 19 and breastfed him for a little over a year, i had my implants and lift done nearly 2 years ago i never thought about the implants i just wanted to get my... READ MORE

Mastopexy at Age 23! Best Decision Because of SURGEON! New York, NY

I had been thinking about getting reconstructive surgery on my breasts since I was 17 years old. Not only was I extremely uncomfortable with their size, shape, and overall appearance, but I had struggled with this for years contemplating what to do. Finally, at 23, I went to see Dr.Devgan, an... READ MORE

Really Bad Breast Aug - Atlanta, GA

I went to Tolson 6.5 years ago for only a breast lift. I was 19, just lost 30lbs went from a 34DDD to 32B/C. He told me I need implants (above muscle) along with the lift in order to fill out the breast. I didn't really want implants, but I said okay to saline because he was the doctor and... READ MORE

Feeling Great -- Thank You, Dr. Bond -Montclair, NJ

Full breast lift (lollipop lift) with 550cc Sientra 'gummy bear' silicone implants. I am happy with the outcome to date. I am 10 days post op and feeling almost 100%. Bra size before surgery 38B -- after surgery projected to be 38D or DD. The size is perfect and it balances out my figure... READ MORE

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