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local anesthesia + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation for Droopy Breats,29 Yrs Old Mother, Dual Plane, 280cc - India, IN

Done my breast implants 4 days bofore. My breast size was 32b and i wanted 32d or dd. Had implants of 280 cc size with dual plane. Feeling good. Still in hospital under nursing care, recovering well. Had rhinoplasty as well and waiting for stiches to open tomorrow and then will go back home.... READ MORE

Moderate Profile Silicone Implants B to Small D

Body 127lbs 5'6 currently 32 B ( in bras with no padding) GOAL pretty and full C. Jan 21, 2016 I only scheduled one consultation I felt confident with my months of research as well as the testimonies of patients and amazing reviews online. As a health care professional I really appreciated Dr.... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation..

Less then 10 days away. I am so nervous! 24y/o, 5" 1/2, 1105-108lbs Currently 32A / 34A (story below, you can skip the first paragraph if you don't feel like reading about my story and want to go right to the surgery info :) ) I have had a rough past 2015! And decided to make 2016 about... READ MORE

Best Decision I Ever Made - Perth, AU

I have recently undergone breast Augmentation with Dr Sam Cunneen here in Perth. I was originally going over to Sydney for a "great price" but I am so glad I went against that decision as I have since found out a lot more about the clinic such as low quality implants and the fact they ply you... READ MORE

5'4 102lbs-25 y/o (32DD-450cc's) Hourglass Figure: 34-22-34

On a whim, and after coveting my best friends magnificent breast augmentation, I elected to have my breast enlarged as well. Prior to my BA, I was a full B cup. However, when my weight fluctuated (102-115 on occasion) my breast would lose volume. To add to this issue, I had stubborn fat in... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 5'5 107lbs, 34AA Looking to Be a Full B Cup! - Lone Tree, CO

Really good experience with Dr. Broadway and his staff so far, but of course, I haven't had the procedure yet. They were were professional and knowlegable and didn't push me in to making any decisions. Dr. Broadway listened to what I wanted and I didn't feel like I was being sold anything. Also,... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Under Local Anesthesia. India, IN

We decided to go with "awake" surgery. It sounds scary to some but I have already experienced 3 surgeries including a C-section while I was awake. I am glad we went the way we did as there was a complication with retracting the muscle. It was adhered too tightly to my ribcage and we made the... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 130lbs, 5'5", 34b, 3 Kids...ready to Have Boobs!!! - Crowley, LA

So I heard about dr Gonzales through my cousin, who know like 4 people who have had their breasts done by him and I decided to check him out. I had originally planned on going to a few consultations with different doctors, but I felt so comfortable with him. He was very patient and explained... READ MORE

Finally Getting What I Have Always Wanted, Bigger Boobies!

Tomorrow is the "Big Day"...I am 40 yrs. old, 134 lbs. & 34-A...I have struggled over the past few months about size choice and still did up until the day after my Pre-Op visit. Signed off on 375cc's Mentor Moderate Profile Plus silicone gel, slept on it & changed it to 400cc's the next morning.... READ MORE

24 2 Kids 32aa to 32c Silicone 375cc Overs - Penrith, AU

Ok so I called dr les blackstock on the 14th of September having dreamt about having implant for years and only two weeks later I was in on the 25th getting them! I was awake for the entire procedure but heavily sedated it was a great way to do it as my recovery was very easy as well as getting... READ MORE

My X-tra Large Breast Augmentation - Newport Beach, CA

I wish i had found Dr. Bandy during my first augmentation. Not only the money i would have saved, but that she is by far the best out there. After doing this procedure more than twice, i cansay I have some experience. This lady and her staff, will treat you so kind and they LISTEN. Unlike most... READ MORE

Deformed Breast. Recalled Sutures. Heartbreak - Melbourne, FL

Now 28 yrs old, married with 3 children. I come from a big family 9 siblings, was taught to work hard and the glass is always half full:) all the women in my family excluding my oldest sister and myself had large breast. I've always wanted Boobs, I'm 5'8" weigh 140 lbs, a AA bra size looked... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'6, 128lbs, 34aa. Awake Breast Augmentation

My surgery is scheduled May 17th, my pre-op appointment is April 26th. Has anyone else done the awake breast augmentation? They use local anesthesia and muscle relaxers instead of general anesthesia. I've been put under for numerous surgeries, but now it makes me nervous, so I chose the awake... READ MORE

Awake Breast Augmentation

Im a 32 yr old, mommy of 3, nursed all 3 babies and also workout on a daily basis, lost everything i had, breast augmentation is something I've been wanting for about 8yrs but was too afraid to be put under, i started doing research about 2 yrs ago and came across Dr Gartner, and saw that he... READ MORE

43 Year Old, 2 Kids, Highlands Ranch

Breast Augmentation was something I had been wanting since I was a teenager. I never felt like clothes hung the best on me and I was always uncomfortable in a bathing suit. However, there was always something that kept me from doing it. First, it was that I was young. I thought after kids would... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Nursing Student, Currently Working As a Medical Assistant - Paramus, NJ

I have wanted larger fuller breasts for a few years. I had a breast augmentation under local anesthesia which I was very happy with because I get nauseous from general anesthesia. I had no side effects and I was back to work within a week. I had my surgery six weeks ago and I am VERY pleased... READ MORE


Finally I did it! I have been talking about it for years and finally able to save up enough cash to get them done. My surgery went really well. I opted for 200 cc as I wanted mine to look larger but natural and the PS recommended it so it fits my petite frame. I went for local anesthesia. I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Local Anethesia. Paramus, NJ

Dr Gartner performed my BA with local anesthesia and this was one of the many reasons why I chose him to preform my surgery. I had 350cc under the muscle, starting from a barely A cup (bareeeely) and the most "pain" I felt during the procedure was getting the local injections under the skin.... READ MORE

33 Year Old Mother to 3 Kids Breastfed 1 - Glasgow, GB

I have never felt like i have fully developed amd after breast feeding well i am deflated lol but now am booked in for my op with dr vivek sivarajan 23rd nov 350cc but going back in 2moro to check bigger size make my mind up i am also having my surgery under local and sedation which i am nervous... READ MORE

34 Years Old. Correction for Tuberous Breast with Breast Augmentation - Glasgow, GB

I found the team at Elanic really professional and friendly. The environment is welcoming and relaxing and a lot of time was spent with me in my pre op consultation to help me make an informed decision on what was right for me. There was no pressure to book, but having had the 3d vectra scan and... READ MORE

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