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22 Years Old, 150lbs, 5'6, 445 mod +

Hi ladies! I am so excited to start my journey to my BA! I have always wanted to get my breasts done, but kind of put it aside until now. Here are my stats: I am 5'6, 145lbs, I am currently a 34A/32B if I am wearing a padded bra. I have a very curvy frame. Booty that won't quit, hourglass frame,... READ MORE

25 went from 36DDD/36F to a 32D and I miss my boobs so much

Hi everyone. I am on the fence about getting my breasts done. Growing up I was always very large chested, but I was also fairly heavy. I have recently lost weight. The before picture I am posting here is actually 30 lbs lighter than when I graduated high school. The after picture is actually... READ MORE

Eight months Post Op- 354ccL 378ccR Natrelle 115 Silicone Subglandular Minnesota, MN

I have waited over 20 years for this... saved the $$ twice now and have had 3 consults. I spent my previous boobies fund on down payment for a house, new carpeting & flooring, and finally because Im turning 40 ghis year, Im doing this. Like others I have read about, I have heard negativity,... READ MORE

Finally... I Have BOOBIES!! - Folsom, CA

I have literally waited my whole life to have REAL boobs! When I finally decided this year to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, I began reconsidering having BA surgery. I had researched it in the past- already knew the costs, risks, yet could never see myself actually going through with... READ MORE

41 Year Old, 5'9, 125lbs, Athletic, 4 Kids, Started at 32 A.

I wanted a small implant for my smaller frame, and to be able to not have it interfere with my lifestyle. Dr. Fryer was the best decision I've ever made..right after my husband. He recommended the perfect size, and the procedure was actually easy for me. I was up that night and lightly... READ MORE

30 Year Old With Active Lifestyle

Care Plastic Surgery has the best patient care, bar none!! From the minute I called Care to schedule my consultation to my 3 month post-operative appointment (and still moving forward), every single member of the Care team has treated me with respect, kindness, positivity, and warmth. Any... READ MORE

36yrs Old, Birthed and Breastfed Two Babies, Deflated 34B

I've been wanting a breast augmentation for over 20 years. Now that I am done popping out babies, the timing is right. I have been doing online research and attending Plastic Surgeon Open House events in my area for the last 2 years. I have an initial consult on December 16th. I'm going to have... READ MORE

Considering Breast Implants - Nervous About Impact on Lifestyle - Atlanta, GA

I have been considering breast implants for the last year. I am not sure I am the typical candidate because size is not my main motivator but instead I am hoping they may make my convex chest wall (sternum protrudes outward - bird chest) less noticeable. I have an abnormal chest wall in that my... READ MORE

New Beginnings after a 130 pound weight loss - New York, NY

This is the morning of my Breast Augmentation. I'm really excited and looking forward to starting this final leg of my journey after a 130 pound weight loss. Although I have completely transformed my life and body through healthier food choices and a more active lifestyle I am not able to undo... READ MORE

26 Years Old ,Registered Nurse - Sarasota, FL

I had started to change my lifestyle in college and began working out and lost weight which in turn reduced my breast size. I decided once I was finished with nursing school I would get a breast augmentation. I wanted to have my self confidence back like I did in high school especially since I... READ MORE

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