lay down + Breast Augmentation

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Topplasticsurgeonsmexico Breast Implants Review / Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon

Hi my name is Sandra, I am 32 from San Francisco, I had a BA in Mexico City 3 months ago! Well, finally got some time to write out my story. Well when I was young i had great boobs, 32 full B almost C but after breastfeeding for almost 1 year my boobs deflated to a barely there A. I was so... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Chicago, IL

After breastfeeding two kids I was left with no breast. So I chose Doctor Wiener. I won't go to details, jut wanna tell that surgery supposed to make me feel beautiful, made me to embarrassed to take my shirt off at my 35 years old. Even when my breast implants ended up in my armpit when I lay... READ MORE

Breat Augmentation - Burnsville, MN

I am so happy I was referred to Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz! It is such an overwhelming process to research and choose someone, hoping you made the right decision. You never really "know" if you made the right choice, until of course, after you get the results. That made me very uneasy. I was scouring... READ MORE

Horrible Outcome from Breast Augmentation - Midlothian, VA

I saw dr lewis after losing a lot of weight and expressed my intress in a breast augmentation. While meeting with him he told me a lift wouldnt be necessary. fast forward to now: my breast are uneven, hurt very often (when i lay down the implants move over into my armpits), and a generally... READ MORE

So Disappointed After my Breast Augmentation my Breast Go Under my Arm Pit - Stony Brook, NY

OMG I was so excited that I finally was able to afford to finally have nice breast again after my three kids...I have worked hard to finally make my body look better for myself. A few months after the surgery i laid down without my bra and my breasts went under my "armpits " I was shocked........ READ MORE

College student, Best Augmentation, so happy! - Burnsville, MN

Joe is amazing! He has done breast augmentations on myself as well as both of my sisters and we are all very happy with our results! Also, I was nervous for recovery but it was honestly like nothing! Right when I got home from the surgery I was walking around, cleaning my house, and acting... READ MORE

42 Years Old 3 Adult Children. It's Mommy Time - Chicago, IL

I home and doin well so far. Initially coming out of surgery I was felt like throwing up but they game me medicine for it and felt fine. I'm sore of course but moving around quite easily. The only pain is the pressure and laying down. I go back tomorrow for a follow up . Hopefully I sletp the... READ MORE

Challenging Breast Augmentation and Revision Using SERI Silk Scaffolding - Honolulu, HI

Dr. Schlesinger performed my first breast augmentation in May 2012. My left breast bone sticks out farther than my right and my ribs drop off at a steep angle. After a year I went back in because my implant had fallen to the side, and both had dropped because my scar tissue didn't heal how it... READ MORE

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