laser + Breast Augmentation

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A very happy and well delighted client!

I initially went to see Dr. Troung to inquire more about laser services for acne scar removal, and instead I found myself scheduling a breast augmentation surgery just two weeks away! WOW! I could not help seeing the amazing work of art Dr. Troung displayed in his Client's procedures, and that... READ MORE

Tubular Breast Deformity Transformation

Currently I am about 3 weeks post-op and I am feeling great! I just got cleared to work out today and I feel like I have full range of movement finally. Dr. Gabriel did an absolutely amazing job. Not only did he make me feel comfortable throughout the entire process starting from our first... READ MORE

Consultation Day!!!

I'm so excited to go to my consultation today with Dr. Barry Weintraub in Ny,Ny. I'm hoping to go as full as possible (4-500cc), I'm greedy for boobs! I want to get lipo, skin tightening treatment and breast augmentation. I'm currently a 36b hoping that with diet, exercise, lipo and implants to... READ MORE


Dr. Jay Burns is phenomenal. He replaced my saline implants with silicone implants February 2016. I never took one pain pill, it all went beautifully . I also had the laser on my face, combined with a lower face lift. I have been totally thrilled with my results on both counts. Aside from his... READ MORE

53 Year Old Woman with Very Small Breast - Richmond, VA

I was referred to Dr. Nadia Blanchett from a General Surgeon who often did surgery alongside Dr. Blanchett (this was with regards to reconstructive breast surgery as a result of breast cancer). When I told him of my "thoughts" to get implants he said he wouldn't recommend any other surgeon in... READ MORE

Not What I Expected - New York

A year after receiving my breast augmentation, I have mixed feelings about my results and my experience with Dr. Senderoff. They are soft and appear natural which is exactly what I wanted. However, it seems as though my breast pocket incision was made too small and the implant isn't sitting all... READ MORE

26 Year Old Finally Getting the Breasts of my Dreams - Geelong, AU

I have spent a decade of my life wishing I looked different, but it wasn't until I was told I would have to have my wedding dress padded and stuff to fit my flat chest that I finally made the decision to go through with getting a breast augmentation. I initially considered having my surgery in... READ MORE

Breast Aug and C02 Laser After Kiddo - Tacoma, WA

Very pleased with my results and plan to get more done! Dr.P and his wife along with thier staff work together to run the clinic and are absolultley amazing! Would recommend to close friends and family. They answered every question and concern I had very quickly and was very patient and... READ MORE

Getting Ready to Meet the Twins :-) - Honolulu, HI

I have recently decided to go through with breast augmentation. My room mate/good friend had the surgery done a few years ago and until then I never put much thought into it. But I can't help but be insanely jealous when we go out by how much hotter and more womanly she looks in her tops than... READ MORE

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