keloid scar + Breast Augmentation

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Is This Normal - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi there, I feel like my implants aren't not as big as other people's, lol, like maybe ps put in wrong size, ha ha. I know body shapes and sizes can make all the difference but just wondering if mine are going to be getting any bigger, as I wanted a full Day. Also I'm having either the... READ MORE

53 y/o Women Breast Augmentation and Removal of Keloids - Dominican Republic

Dr Robles performed my breast augmentation also removed keloids from previous breast lift by another doctor in USA. The breast lift performed by USA Doctor mt breast worst than before I had the lift. Researching the procedure in the USA would have cost me twice the price I paid for d in the D.R.... READ MORE


So I went to my Consultation last week and like anyone else who wants there breast done you have many questions. Being that I'm a women with ethic background and I have keloid prone skin I have a lot to consider before going through this procedure. This is something that I've been wanting since... READ MORE

Should've Fixed the "Girls" Sooner! Bakersfield, CA

I was always "blessed" with a shapely figure and an hourglass which included a 36D bust. However, after three children suckling, I lost most of the tissue in them. Unfortunately, I waited until I was over 50 to do something to remedy the situation. I had had a successful tummy tuck in 2005... READ MORE

18 Years Old Planning Breast Augmentation in Thailand at the Moment Im a Small 10c. Thailand, TH

Hi im 18 years old i'm planning on having my breast augmentation done in Thailand as soon as I have done all my research. I thought you guys could help me out, i have no children, never breast fed, i just lost a little weight and have wanted my boobs done since i was about 15 :p Now im legal and... READ MORE

This Has Been Amazing! La Mesa, CA

I am a 39 yearr old African American woman and mother of four. I am 5ft 1 and I weigh 116lbs. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have breast augmentation. I knew I wanted to wait until after I had my children to do it and now the time has come. I began doing serious research in... READ MORE

52y Old, 172cm, 56kg, Runner, Surfer, Gym Goer- Mother of 2.

So my journey really started 16 years ago. I have always been a slim person (likely because i run and workout). I have 2 kids 10 years apart in age. I had amazing breasts whilst pregnant and feeding. But alas being athletic/ slim means not much fat = no breasts. Still have breast tissue from... READ MORE

Natrelle BA

I'm 27 years old, mom of 5 years old boy ,5'7" and about 34B (lasenza cup size). I had consultation on May 25 with Dr Beber and his staff. They were both very patient with all my questions and thoroughly explained the procedure. He recommended the areola incision since I have had Keloid issue... READ MORE

Uneven and horrible scarring

I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago that left me with horrible keloid scars which I understand could possibly be a result of my own genetics, but I was told that this scarring would be located within the crease under my breasts after they had healed. They are now completely healed and my... READ MORE

Love my New Breast! - Charlotte, NC

Thanks to Dr. Watterson I got exactly what i wanted. he was the first and only doctor i had a consultation with. Ever since the first day he listened and explained in great detail everything about the procedure. he answered every question I had. he gave me a sense of security of what he was... READ MORE

Highly Recommend - Atlanta, GA

This is my second procedure with Dr. Robert Colgrove. Both times, I couldn't have asked for a better Doctor and results. I wouldn't go to anyone else. I developed keloid scars from my surgery and he has been helping me with cortisone injections to minimize my scarring. The nurses at the... READ MORE

26 Year Old - Breast Augmentation Needed After Losing 15kg - Perth, WA

After losing 15kgs, I felt great about myself except for where the once used to be a set of DD's. After losing the weight I was left with a B. As a treat to myself for keeping the weight and to boost my self confidence I decided I would get a breast augmentation. I wanted them to be bigger but... READ MORE

28 Years Old . Mother of a 1 Year Old - Brooklyn, NY

From the consulate on he listened very carefully to my concerns outside the typical concerns..I have keloid skin and was afraid my scars would be worse than the typical scars. .he made sure that whatever procedure was done would be the least scaring. Granted I wouldn't get full results if I have... READ MORE

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