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34 Years Old, 100lbs, 265cc Unders

Had my surgery 5 days ago. So far have not told anyone yet. Mainly doing this to keep as a diary of my progress. Sorry for not writing much right now, about to go to bed. Main thing I wanted to note was the tightness has increased since the first couple of days after surgery. Today I tried... READ MORE

Today I Finally Go my Boobs Done - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 27 years old and roughly 140-145lbs and I'm 5'10. Today I got my transaxiliary breast argumentation surgery. And so far I absolutely love them!!! I have no regrets so far maybe because I have very little swelling. I go back to the doctor tmrw for a check up and I can't wait to see my girls.... READ MORE

Feeling Like I Don't Have Anyone to Talk to. San Mateo, CA

I'm 25--had small boobs all my life and decided to go for it. Went into surgery 5' 3'', 110 lbs and added 335 CCs. Had done a lot of research and decided going under the breast was the best decision for me. Now 9 days into recovery, and I have been having a really difficult time. Seems like my... READ MORE

Finally with my New Boobs! - Mountain View, CA

This is my 3rd day after BA done! I wanted to share my experience and exchange info here. Hope mine will help someone to make decisions. I have met several SP and decided Dr. Shahin Fazilat as he was the only one who I felt "know what I want!" He did not even tell what CC to go and I fund we... READ MORE

I'm in Love - Miami, FL

I got my breast augmented with Dr. Mel Ortega at the CoralGables Cosmetic Center and it was amazing. That facility was very professional and efficient. I had the best coordinator named Yadira she helped with everything and kept in touch with me every step of the way. I started off with a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Houston, TX

Best decision I've ever made! I wouldn't change a thing about my results or process! My procedure was short, but it took me a long time to come out of anesthesia and everyone was amazing when I came too! I was itchy and of course couldn't move my arms! The nurse was the best, she sat and... READ MORE

Things No One Will Tell You After You Get Boobs - Las Vegas, NV

(1 week post op) 1. It took me a week to poop again. 2. You can't lay in the fetal position when you are required to lay on your back. 3. That nausea can sneak up on you very aware and don't eat anything you like in case you puke it and never want to eat it again for the rest of... READ MORE

Wanted a Little Bigger. Salt Lake City, UT

So far im one week from surjury. Still quite swollenish. I was an A and did 339cc silicone. So im told I'll be about a B or C. I hate having to sleep inclined and with this strap all night. But it does seem to be pushing them down to where they need to be. My incision area under my... READ MORE

Post-op 4 Days In! - Honolulu, HI

Hi all! I had my breast augmentation on Monday! Currently on my 4th day recovering :D!! I was a small A to start off with. Got 375cc high profile silicone implants. I initially wanted a moderate plus profile but my surgeon suggested that the high profile 375cc would fit my breast diameter... READ MORE

My breast went to an A cup - Breast Augmentation - London, GB

I have always been a nice b cup I had thought about having breast augmentation but thought I'll have it in the future once I have kids. Then 3 years ago I had my beautiful girl which I breast fed for 1 year 4 months after this my breast went to an A cup On the 22 Oct 2013 had the operation, it... READ MORE

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