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47 Year Old Spin and Bodypump Instructor-nursed Three Kids - Seattle, WA

I have always been small chested and after nursing three kids and being an active athlete, I was tired of not filling out my tops! Although I was very very worried about going too big and really just wanted more fullness rather than a bigger cup size. I went back and forth for about 13 years... READ MORE

My New Beverly Hills Boobies! - Beverly Hills, CA

Hey girlies! I am 20 years old, size 34A, and I have wanted a breast augmentation for a long time, so this summer I finally decided to do it! I found an amazing doctor in Beverly Hills and he was very nice, and his assistant was even nicer (message me if you want his name). My consultation was... READ MORE

Slim 28 yr old, saggy 36A to 36DD, 550cc, height 5'10

I saw 3 surgeons, Dr Kim Taylor, Dr Natalie Ngan and Dr Dean Trotter. Natalie made the best impression on me, she is down to earth, didn't try too hard and didn't rush me, she didn't suggest I needed a lift (i didn't), she uses the Keller Funnell on select, not all breast augmentations (not... READ MORE

28y/o, No Kids, 295cc in Left, 325cc in the Right - Covington, LA

One day post op is the photo. Surgery went well with no complications. I did have a rash where my skin was sterilized with slight redness, tiny white bumps, and slightly itching. The rash was almost gone by day 5 post op. I did use cortisone cream, benadryl, and Claritin. I had slight pain... READ MORE

Great Experience!!!!

My breast look great and I love it. No more heaviness, aching shoulders. I was even surprise that my recovery was as easy as it was. I was really nervous about the surgery and like any woman I asked around to see what other woman had experienced. I was told by many that they had severe pain,... READ MORE

21 Yeard Old Breast Augmentation Day 2 Post Op!!!

I've always known I wanted a breast augmentation ever since I realized I would never have more than an A cup. I finally took the plunge this summer and made consult with a plastic surgeon and I am SO HAPPY with the choice I have made. I was on the website 24/7 ever since I set my surgery date... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts After Breast Feeding... Needed Volume!! - Weatherford, TX

Dr. Steele and his entire Weatherford office was fantastic. I cannot believe how natural my breasts already look only 6 days post op. I haven't had any muscle pain or soreness, my only discomfort is itching around the incision site. I can't be any happier with my results! Thank you Dr. Steele... READ MORE

Finally Comfortable in my Own Skin - Newport Beach, CA

By the time I was 14, I had a feeling my breasts were not developing correctly. My mother used to always assure me that I'd "fill out" as I got older, and while I shouldn't have been comparing myself to the other girls, I most definitely had underdeveloped breasts. I had them until I was 22... READ MORE

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