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18 Year Old, No Kids, wanting even breasts - Erie, PA

Hi there ???? I am super happy to say that I will be going forward with a BA sometime in the next month. I have went to my first consultation, where I was told about my assymetries and told I needed to get an MRI done to have solid proof of the Poland syndrome, even though it is visibly obvious... READ MORE

Long Needed Severe Tuberous Breast Correction with Tissue Expanders, Natrelle Inspira Style SRM 295cc - Bronx, NY

Hi everyone, I'm currently 23 years old and have been wanting to have breast surgery for as long as I can remember. I knew early on that something was wrong and after waiting and researching, I realized this wasn’t something that was going to change. I asked my PCP about but said nothing c... READ MORE

Miguel Mota and Oasis Recovery House! - Santo Domingo, DO

First I want to see my doctor, Miguel mota , was literally the best . As soon I started communication with him about my needs and wants of this surgery I knew he was the one ! He was very quick with response and very informative! Every question I had he answers, and quickly at that. I was a bit... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'9 & Ready to Get Some Boobies That Make Me Feel Like ME - Miami, FL

Well, I am going with Dr. Ortega who is based in Miami. I am traveling from Tampa and I know I have a slew of great doctors around me locally but I know this doctor's work is what I am looking to achieve. A family member has also used this doctor as well and had wonderful experiences with him.... READ MORE

Severe Case of Tuberous Breasts. New York, NY

Well it took me some time to get to writing this. Life just kind of took over after my procedure. I didn't realize I had severe tuberous breasts until I was past my teens and well into my early 20s. I was actually aware that my breasts looked different was a little insecure about them but spent... READ MORE

Find a Different Doctor! Albany, NY

Horrible experience! I had breast implants and one popped. My insurance was to pay due to medical necessity. I had to pay $6000 upfront and when she received my insurance payment she was to refund me! She didn't! She received $12000 for this hell! She put in double D's instead of the Cshe... READ MORE

26 Year Old , No Kids, Slim Build , 275 Cc Moderate Round Allergen Implants The Cosmetic Institute Southport QLD. Gold Coast, AU

Today 12 November 2015 I received 275 cc moderate height round allergen textured implants at The Cosmetic Institute in Southport Qld by Dr. Jim Kenny. From the beginning- For the last 2 years i've wanted implants but the timing and my finances never lined up correctly. After a few... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Deformity - 19 Years Old - Vancouver, WA

I am 19 years old, and recently recognized that I have tuberous breasts. Heading into my OB/GYN, I had previously been suggested to get plastic surgery in the future for my asymmetrical breasts (because they really bugged me). However 3 years later (after puberty was finished and weight was... READ MORE

Biceps> Boobs -Houston, TX

I met with Dr. Basu in 2011/2012 and his staff really set the bar high. I went to 4-5 other doctors and none of them could compare! Almost 2 years later I still remembered Elizabeth Armstrong's amazing personable service and Dr. Basu's optimism! I knew I deserved the best and couldn't trust my... READ MORE

I Am 18 and Have Tubular Breasts

I am 18 and have noticed, for some time, that I have tubular breasts. I was really relieved to find out there was a name for what was wrong with my breast because there are other women who feel how I do. I absolutely love my body. I'm pretty confident also. I just can't stand seeing myself... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants - Denver, CO

My b.a. is scheduled for May 28,2013 I am very excited and nervous. This web site has been very helpful and I want to document my journey for fellow b.a. and potential b.a. peeps. I have done a ton of research on the procedure, the implants used after care etc. Has anyone done the 10 'insurance... READ MORE

Self Confidence - Oregon, IL

I am 29 and have two boys, ages 2 and 4. Before my pregnancies I had perfect boobs! After...they were terrible. I breastfed both my boys and between that and the pregnancies it was so hard on my body. I didn't know "nothing" could sag so much. So in March, I had a breast augmentation, silicone... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation...36 Years Old...150 Lbs... From A to C - Coral Springs, FL

After my first consultation and talking it thru with my hubby I made the decision to go thru with it. This is something I've been wanting for over 10 years. This is the furthest I've gone. Sometimes I feel nervous sometimes excited. I had to place a $500 deposit to hold the surgery date. In... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Insurance - Thailand, TH

Im travelling to Thailand in April 2016 for a breast augmentation. Can I please have advice from anyone who has done this as to what they did about medical tourism insurance? I have found one company but it will cost over $1000! Seems a bit steep.. I know the hospital provides a client guarantee... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Female, Silicone Gel Breast Augmentation - Boulder, CO

I have had small breasts my entire life and have always been self conscious about them. They were a small A from the time I hit puberty until I was 27 years old. I never felt comfortable in clothes or bathing suits or bras. I always bought padded EVERYTHING. I finally decided that instead of... READ MORE

I Had Surgery Paid For, Long Island, NY

I don't know how my cosmetic surgeon did it but he got my health insurance co. To pay for everything except my implants. They even played for an overnight hospital stay. He was the one who suggested it, I didn't even knew what I had. I just wonder how fast a company would pay if the deformity... READ MORE

Love my New Boobs. Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Mandell is so warm and inviting . He made me feel comfortable and legit gave me what I asked for . The size of my breast are perfect. Recovery wasn't too bad take your meds on time. Had my wisdom teeth removed a month later and that was more painful than my breast recovery . I went from... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 2 Children, Small Boobs - Manchester, GB

I thought long and hard about the operation. I was something I had thought about doing for a while. I received some insurance money and decided to spend it on this. I had always had small boobs and thought they looked out of proportion to the rest of me. A friend had had the same procedure and... READ MORE

A 29 Year Old in Need of a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation and Areola Correction. Australia

My motivation came from being 29 and sick of living with what I believed, breasts, looked liked wet socks with tennis balls in the end of these lifeless saggy 'snoopy ears' looking boobs. So I began my research (which was quite extensive) as I needed to find a surgeon who was great at Breast... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation/Nose Job/Botox - Newport Beach, CA

I am truly impressed with Dr. Elam’s work. I was initially recommended to him by a friend when my previous implants ruptured in 2008, and I was hesitant to go back to the other Doctor. Dr. Elam made an immediate positive, professional impression on me, that I trusted him with the removal of my o... READ MORE

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