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So Far I Am Loving my New Breasts!

Well, first offf I'm exactly 7 days post op. I went from a very small A cup with no shape at all.. with a Sumbmammory incision.. Smooth, Round, Moderate Profile, Saline 540cc implant. And I'd like to think that I've have an awesome healing process.. I've taken it really easy and had lots of... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, I Have Breasts Again!

I grew large breasts when young then lost weight and lost my breasts too. Having went through all of my 20's with just wispy ghosts of boobs, I decided before I was 35 to get breast implants. I've always loved augmented breasts and that's what I wanted! Dr. Hedden wants what YOU want. After... READ MORE

35 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic, AA Cup, 340 Cc

I finally decided to go through with the breast augmentation, I went with a doctor that has already done some work on me. He fixed my nose that I broke 4x and removed a small piece of cancer on my upper lip with minimal scarring. As time got closer I started to get more nervous about the whole... READ MORE

29 Year Old with Three Children

I booked a consultation with Dr. Barr back in August 2016. The implant size I decided to get is 375 cc gel sub muscular with the incision being under the breast. Hoping to love my new fuller/ larger breasts and to recovery quickly! Looking for any helpful information from anyone who has... READ MORE

25, 135 Lbs, 34B, Small Constricted Breasts NO MORE! - Baton Rouge, LA

Well ladies, after combing through 100's of your reviews I have gained the confidence necessary to book my surgery! On 3/16/16 I will be getting 475cc-500cc's high profile Natrelle Silicone implants. Needless to say, the anxiety and excitement has immediately kicked in... Eek! I wanted to... READ MORE

23 Yr Old, No Kids, currently 34B want a full C or small D

Okay, so I've been back and forth whether I should go through with a breast augmentation or not. My cousin and best friend just got theirs done which is what is motivating me to go through with it. The only thing now is that I'm just indecisive on where I want the incision- nipple or under the... READ MORE

Saline Augmentation - Miami, FL

Hi EVERYONE!!! I am a 31 try old African American woman seeking a breast augmentation with Dr.Orlando Llorente. I have chosen to go with Saline implants for my own personal reasons. I am a B-Cup wanting to increase my breast size to a natural looking full C-Cup. [340CC Implants] As far as... READ MORE

27 Y/O , Daughter 2 Y/O Breastfed to A Cup - Decided on 350cc Silicone Gummy - Moderate+ Profile - Submuscular

I was a B cup (VS) prior to getting pregnant and breastfeeding. During that period my breasts engorged to a C cup (maybe bigger) and I loved every second of its complete fullness. Only shortly after to have it all diminished into nothing more than looking like a young teenager ALMOST hitting... READ MORE

Mid 20's, 5'4, 118 Lbs, Married, No Children

I've got my first consultation at the end of this month, and I'm pretty excited! I've played with the idea of getting a breast augmentation before, but now I've decided to go for it! I got tired of wearing push up bras, having to hem some tops at the shoulders to fit me, and seeing my sad boobs... READ MORE

37 Year-old Runner Who Breastfed 3 Kids - Albuquerque, NM

After breastfeeding 3 kids I was a saggy, loose, very small 34A. I wore a bra just so I wouldn't look so flat. I was very self-conscious and was ready for a change. The procedure was minimally invasive. The first 4 days post-op were quite painful, but not unbearable. After the 4th day I no... READ MORE

Nervous for BA - Pasadena, CA

I'm 24 no kids current bra size is 32D but actual breast size is about a B size. I'm planning on getting a BA to go to a full C. I'm getting silicone implants under the muscle and the incision will be done under the breast fold. I'm having a hard time deciding how many ccs to go. I was thinking... READ MORE

Should've Fixed the "Girls" Sooner! Bakersfield, CA

I was always "blessed" with a shapely figure and an hourglass which included a 36D bust. However, after three children suckling, I lost most of the tissue in them. Unfortunately, I waited until I was over 50 to do something to remedy the situation. I had had a successful tummy tuck in 2005... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Dr. Prada! Chesterfield, MO

I was extremely nervous about my surgery but Dr. Prada did a great job at putting me at ease. He was extremely professional and wonderful to work with. I was comfortable knowing that I was in great hands. My surgery went well and the recovery time was minimal. I went from a size 36B to a 36D and... READ MORE

Now I Feel I'm a Real Woman... Beautiful Breast!! - Malaga, Spain

I could have usted the very first bra I brought when I was 11... Now I'm 26 and I got tired of thinking about the best way to make muy breast look bigger. I spent loads of time searching for a surgeon that I could trust, that could convince me that I would have a good result and that already had... READ MORE

32 Yo Breastfeeding Momma, Breast Augmentation- from Sad to Fab and Rhinoplasty

Standing 5'7" and just weighing 123 lbs, I have always been a small-framed individual, and my chest was no exception. Prior to having my child, my chest was still considered small (34A), but it had some life. You could tell I actually had something underneath my blouses, and they were perky!... READ MORE

5ft,0 500cc Silicone, Smooth Round HP Unders

Dr Ennis and team are amazing!!! Love my results, got exactly what I asked for. Definitely recommend to friends and family. Dr. Ennis listened to my concerns and then made his recommendation. I really wanted no scarring on my breasts and he achieved this by utilizing the transaxillary... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Breast Aug

I’ve been thinking about breast aug. for 10+ years, but I’ve always been nervous of the results. I am very petite and have always been afraid that I would end up looking unnatural and top heavy. I recently got to a point where I was extremely unhappy with my natural breast. I decided that it ... READ MORE


I started out with a C36, I have not gotten measured yet but I can assume I'll be around D or E. I got 600cc high profile silicone gell implant under the muscle incision in breast fold as well as a nipple reduction. I do wish I went bigger, at least 725cc or 750cc. I'm still happy with the... READ MORE

BREAST AUG. with Areola Reduction - New York

Ever since I was a little girl I have always felt insecure about my breasts. I had small tuberous A cups with large areolas and I always hated how I looked naked. I have been waiting my entire life to find the right doctor to give me the body I have always envisioned for myself. Choosing Dr.... READ MORE

32, 2 Kids - Toronto, ON

I decided on this surgery after having my second daughter. She left my breasts completely deflated and empty. I couldn't even stand to look in the mirror. I went to two doctors for consultations. After the first I honestly didn't think I was going to go through with it because of how she made me... READ MORE

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