incision + Breast Augmentation

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40 yr, 140 lbs, 5'7", 320 cc submuscular IMF.

I am having the procedure in about one week. I am nervous and hope that I am happy with the results. I am a runner, hiker, HIIT person so not being able to workout for a month will be tough but I want them to heal well and look good. I am not as thin as some of the women that post here but I do... READ MORE

48 Years Old, 1 Child, 5'4, 123 Lbs, Size 10 UK

I wanted this for 10 years and finally had the courage to go through with it!! Early days but so pleased. PS explained about sizing and process really well, discussed 310 and 325 opted for latter on the day. My right breast slightly lower than left. Wasn't as painful as I thought. Had over... READ MORE

Boob Job- Worst Decision of my Life.

I was an AA before my breast augmentation. I wanted boobs so bad- so I got them. I never really thought twice about it. Well I started experiencing health problems shortly after that I ended up connecting to my implants. I got an explant 11 months later and long story short, my surgeon who put... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Breastfed Kids for over a Year Each, Deflated 32B - Ish Size

After my third and last baby, I knew I wanted to get implants for sure. It has always been in the back of my mind but after 3 breastfed children my boobs needed help!! I'm from Cleveland and had a few doctors in mind. Dr. Jason Leedy's face is plastered all over this website and I had high... READ MORE

BA 425cc silicone

Amazing so far. I am 1 week post op of BA. I was 130lbs 34B before. He did 425 HP silicone and now i am 32DDD. I love the results do far. They are exactly what i wanted. Believe it or not, they don't look oversized. He did a great job placing them and my incisions are sewn well. He really... READ MORE

32A No Kids 22years Old 5'3 in Height and Weigh 117

So I'm expected to go in for surgery July 27, 2017 !! I'm 22 years old no kids in college weigh 117 pounds and I'm excited . I will actually be the first in my group of friends to get this procedure and family wise as well .. I knew I wanted this procedure in high school but I figured to wait... READ MORE

24 Silicon Implants


ba got amazing results highly recommended

If you're looking for a sign to contact Dr. Cortes's office, this is it! I read pages and pages of reviews about a countless amount of plastic surgeons, and thought I would never find one I could commit to. Then I stumbled upon Dr. Cortes's instagram which led to me checking out this page and... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'3, 110 Lbs, Kids

34A (still gappy in the cup). Hoping to fill out deflated breasts. Not going super big. Ended up chosing 375cc silicone gel implants. Incision under the breast fold, under the muscle. Pros: no more double push-up, I feel more feminine, clothes fit better (still in same sizes), seeing the... READ MORE

24, 5'7, 128lbs, 34A saggy cup before, 520cc natrelle inspra SRF

24 years old. 1 child (he's 3). 5'7 & 125lbs. A little background- I was about 110lbs before I got pregnant with my son. Throughout that pregnancy I gained 100lbs and went from BARELY an A cup to beyond a DD after my milk came in. Post breastfeeding my breasts went back down to that A... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old, 2 Kids (Breastfed), 5'9", 145lb, 34A/B Hoping for 34DD

I've known that I'd need a breast augmentation since I was like 12. Before having kids, I filled a 34B fairly well. Boobs post-breastfeeding baby #1 were still decent, but baby #2 tore my S*%t up! I haven't bought any new bras because I knew I'd eventually get a boob job so now I'm still wearing... READ MORE

Highly recommend Dr Ellis Choy

My entire experience with Dr Ellis Choy has been great! When I first enquired about a consultation the team got back to me the same day. I have a busy life schedule and they always happily manage to accommodate appointments to my schedule. I had been thinking about getting a breast augmentation... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 1 Child, 163cm, 52 Kg 325cc - Mississauga, ON

Hi guys, here is my review for breast augmentation surgery that I had last night. Before surgery my breas cup size was 34B. I got gummy bear round, smooth implants, 325 cc high profile, over the muscle, under breast incisions. First of all, I was considering surgery for a long time and... READ MORE

Amazing experience, amazing doctor!

I am so happy I chose such a knowledgeable doctor! Dr. Krau is a very kind doctor and knows how to do what he does flawlessly. My Incision is exactly under the crease as he said it would be. Very minimal to absolutely no bruising at all. I am very ecstatic with my results. I am only one week... READ MORE

32 Year Old (Nursed 2 Kids) 450cc High Profile Under - Vancouver, WA

I received my breast augmentation on Jan 18/2018. I'm 5'4" 140lbs, 32 years old and breastfed 2 kids. When I initially went in for my consultation I thought I wanted a full C cup with saline in the armpit incision solely based on being misinformed on silicone and scar placement. After... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, 2 Kids, Considering BA in Bangkok

I am in the process of weaning my 22 month old son. There is only a tiny bit of milk left and he is almost done with breastfeeding.(I know I'll need to wait 3-6 months after BF before BA) I've always had small breasts but now they feel completely deflated and are flatter than I ever imagined... READ MORE

27years Old, No Kids, 34A Pre Op - Lutz, FL

I was definitely nervous, I went to my consultation Monday May 8th and scheduled my surgery the next day. My doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the surgery and we both understood the difference I wanted to have after my surgery, he stated he wouldn't underfill and he wouldn't... READ MORE

Dr Ary Krua - Miami, FL

Nothing I say in this review will ever do justice to how happy I am with my results provided by Dr. Ary Krua. I travelled from Alberta, Canada to see Dr Ary Krua because I wanted the best possible results. Before booking my surgery I read every single review I could find both good and bad. I... READ MORE

23 Years-old, 5'7', 130 Lbs, 300 cc mod+ unders - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been researching plastic surgeons for 2 years now. Finally decided to make that first consultation appointment with Dr. Kim and it was great. I expected to want to see more than one doctor before I make my decision, but after talking to him during the consultation combined with all the... READ MORE

40 Years 5'8" 150lbs 1 Child

Met with Dr Rechner in Grand Rapids, MI. So far so good and I am 2 days away from my procedure. Dr. Rechner spent over an hour answering questions and making me feel totally at ease. My only concern of any kind is the incision under the breast vs under the arm. He explained that he felt that it... READ MORE

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