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34 Year Old, 1 Kid, 5.3 Ft, 106 lb, 300cc moderate

Hi girls! I've always wanted to have bigger (normal size) boobs since I was teenager and always very petite. Now when my son is 4 years old and I saved some money I've decided to go under surgery and improved my look to feel better. I've never felt very comfortable with my small breast and after... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 34AA, 115 Lbs, 5'4", 340cc Extra High Profile

After thinking about it for 10 years... I have decided to have a breast augmentation (BA) finally. Ever since high school, I noticed that I didn't develop like other girls (I'm about a 34AA or 34A now). I thought I would grow in college, but never did. So I always wore bras that had extra... READ MORE

31 2 Children. 4' 11" 85lbs - Seattle, WA

I really want to improve my look. I am a typical Asian. Petite and small breast. It is very hard for to find nice feminine clothing. I really get jealous because I see women that have body I only dream of. I look at reviews and like the high profile look. So my fiancé agree that after the ... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Mother of Two

After having 2 kids and losing weight from those pregnancies my breast deflated a full cup size. Im looking for fullness and a little larger size then before. I do not need a lift and have a slight asymmetrical breast. I have decided on silicon, moderate plus under the muscle. I've been told I... READ MORE

Single No Kids

I'm just like any girl trying to improve my self esteem Thinking that I need to go under the knife to accomplish my vision of a perfect body.. I ended up worst! I would say it wasn't so bad to recover from the procedure if you follow all the proper steps. Cons would definitely be that you don't... READ MORE

25 went from 36DDD/36F to a 32D and I miss my boobs so much

Hi everyone. I am on the fence about getting my breasts done. Growing up I was always very large chested, but I was also fairly heavy. I have recently lost weight. The before picture I am posting here is actually 30 lbs lighter than when I graduated high school. The after picture is actually... READ MORE

5'3", 108 Lbs, 51 Yrs Old, 300 Cc Mod+ Under

Thank you so much to all of you beauties for posting your reviews, photos and experiences. It has helped me greatly with the education piece of having a breast augmentation. I have considered a BA for 5 yrs. Initially went to see the surgeon who did my BA and then decided against a BA entirely... READ MORE

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Is Possible!

While I have always been a confident woman, I had always contemplated breast augmentation because I wanted more fullness at the bottom of my breasts. I asked a friend who I knew had done the procedure for her doctor's name, and quickly went in for a consultation. I met my doctor, instantly... READ MORE

5'4", 120 Lbs, 34aa w/ 2 Children, Athletic.

Never thought I'd actually post about this and never, ever thought I could actually go through with it. I am a 34aa at best with asymmetry as well. I have always wanted something more because wearing tops and swimwear never look right. So tired of wearing padded bras which leave gaps of... READ MORE

From Asymmetrical Size A to Perfect and Natural Looking Size D - Dubai, AE

I went from an asymmetrical size A to a symmetrical D. The mild tubular shape I had in one breast has also improved immensely and it looks normal like my other side. I felt very comfortable from my first meeting with Dr Allen Rezai. He listened to what I wanted and delivered exactly that. I am... READ MORE

Home Improvement on a 38 Year Old Home - Colorado Springs, CO

It was time for me to take care of the body God blessed me with after having my two children. I started off by getting into fitness and changing my nutrition. After losing the excess weight, I lost a bit more than I bargained for. Breastfeeding had already affected my appearance and losing... READ MORE

44 Years Old - San Diego, CA

A much-needed breast augmentation. My consultation went great and I loved the experience. I wanted to get breast implants to improve my appearance because my breast were too small. Everyone is self-conscious about some aspect of their physical appearance. I think that if there's something about... READ MORE

43 of Age. Las Vegas, NV

Always wanted bigger, since I was younger. I had the opportunity to get the improvement I wanted. I am most happy I went though with it. Dr. Richards did a wonderful job. I will and have recommend him for any cosmetic surgery or enhancement. I'm so glad I pick Dr. Richards for my procedure. It... READ MORE

So Happy I Chose Dr. Horowitz!! (Breast Augmentation/revision) - Newport Beach, CA

My motivation behind this procedure was to revise/ improve the overall appearance of my breasts. (one was bigger than the other/different) so I didn't want to go much bigger in size, I was hoping for just a general improvement overall. I was ultimately looking for an better shape and positioning... READ MORE

22 Year Old Female Very Happy with Breast Augmentation!! - Belfast

Have always had small breasts (32A/B) since puberty.... continually waited for them to grow but that day never came!! My father is a plastic surgeon so the world of surgery has always just been a dinnertable conversation and so normal to me! The idea of getting any operations was therefore not... READ MORE

Happy with Natural Looking Results - Oak Brook, IL

More volume, particularly at top of breasts, to improve and balance my overall body shape. I wanted to look better in my clothes. I also thought the procedure would give my body a slightly more youthful apppearance which it did. All surgery has risks and I experienced pain the first couple days... READ MORE

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