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My stats. 26years old/ 3 kids in under 6/ used to be 36DD got deflated 34B. Implants are 520cc TSF. One happy girl.

After seeing my surgeon last month and his recommended size being 525cc because I have broad shoulders (he took measurements) I have been very scared that size is too big. I have spoken to my consultant a lot about it via email and she thinks I'll be really happy. She's said for me to come back... READ MORE

Dr. Schaffer is Awesome - Birmingham, AL

After many years of considering breast implants, I finally did it. I live in TN and even went for a consultation with a PS closer home, but was told that breastfeeding my son had really did a number on me and I would require a lift. I was only 32 years old at that time and figured I would wait... READ MORE

Surgery Day! 5'9- 130lbs- 325cc and LOVE THEM!!

Hello everyone! My Breast Augmentation journey has been such a fast moving but amazing experience thanks to Dr. Frank Agullo (El Paso, TX) and his wonderful staff! They made my entire experience comforting, exciting and memorable. Yesterday (6/22/17) I had my BA consultation with Dr. Agullo.... READ MORE

27, Mom of 2, 34A, 5'6 136 lbs breast augmentation

Going to Florida in February to have a breast augmentation with Dr. Lawrence Scott Ennis. I had a brief skype consultation and loved the way he explained everything and answered any questions or concerns I had. I will do another consultation in person to choose implant size and type. I am going... READ MORE

----- new chapter to life

I'm so glad all of you are here!! I read so many stories and it's helping me prepare so much more.....except kind of scared. I was under the impression you go in and boom perfect boobs when you come out . It seems like it's a few months before they "drop", "fluff", etc. So I am thinking what... READ MORE

36 Mother of 4 Looking for a New Body After Weight Loss. Clarksville, TN

I learned of and read about Dr Blalock here on real self and followed up asking questions around town. I have already had my consultation, picked my size, and made my appointment for my surgery. I'm flooded with emotion but mostly excited. Pre-op Monday and Wednesday is the big day. I'll be... READ MORE

33 yr old, Mom of two who breastfed....304cc

I've always had smaller breast. Most of the women in my family do. I was an A cup almost a smal B before children. After pregnancy and while breastfeeding both my children I was a C cup. That did not last long and I ended up with extremely saggy breast and a small A cup. My stats... READ MORE

Time to Upgrade my Boobs. Baltimore, MD

I have chosen Dr. Micheal Cohen for my surgery after having three consultations. He and Christina, the patient advisor was so helpful and pleasant from the beginning to the end of my consult. Dr. Cohen helped me decide what implant size and style that would fit my body and my needs. I am... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids, 34B 5'3 130lbs - Columbus, OH

I was always one of the girls who had a smaller chest compared to girls my age. I considered saline implants when I was 18 going into my first semester of college out of high school, but I needed a MacBook, new clothes, shoes, stuff for my dorm, etc.. So I was not able to get them due to... READ MORE

27 Yrs Mommy of Three. 5'8" 1/2 and 106 Lbs - Pleasant Grove, UT

I need advice on a size to go with that will be natural but also be worth my money! After breastfeeding 3 kids I am left with just nipples.:( my PS said the 350 I liked would make me a D cup but I wanna be a middle C cup! Also, would a low profile be too wide for my frame and possibly result in... READ MORE

31, 5'2", 130lbs, no kids - 360cc saline, under the muscle implants

I have been small chested my entire life. Coming from a family of well endowed ladies, I patiently waited for my breasts to appear throughout my teens and early twenties. After all that waiting, I managed to top out at barely fitting a 32B. And as my stepmother used to say, I could wear a... READ MORE

22, 600cc High Profile Silicone, No Kids, Areola Incision - Beverly Hills, CA

This is my first time altering my body. 2 years ago I weighed 168 through diet and exercise I lost 51 pounds leaving me at 117. Before my weight loss I was a C cup after the weight loss I was an A.. After I got healthy and fit I joined the police academy. When I graduated the academy it really... READ MORE

Finally Doing It, So Excited!!! - Chicago, IL

I'm a 40 yr old mom of three beautiful girls between ages of 10 and 15. I've been wanting and researching getting a BA for a few years. I went to three consultations and fell in love with the third Dr. I knew right away he was the one I wanted. The day after my consultation, I called to schedule... READ MORE

21 Y/o No Kids Silicone Breast Implants - Chicago, IL

Okay, I've been wanting breast implants for a while and I finally mustered up the courage to go through with the procedure. My goal was to do the consultation/ pre op all in one day and ask for soonest opening to have the surgery performed. Well, I had my consultation/Pre-op yesterday and it... READ MORE

36, 1 Kid, 5'2, 135, Athletic Build with Very Narrow Chest - Memphis, TN

I've thought about a BA for years but out of respect for my husband wishes I opted not to move forward. Post baby, I knew they (breast) were not going to grow any bigger (I thought the fullness from breastfeeding would stay, not so much). After a couple of years I revisited the thought and he... READ MORE

Nothing Short of Amazing! - Vacaville, CA

I am currently almost 4 weeks post op and am blown away by my experience with Dr. Klink and his entire staff. I had done a lot of research about breast augmentation so I had a ton of questions at my consultation! We discussed positioning, incisions sites, implant size, shape, texture, etc. Never... READ MORE

33 Years Old 2 Kids, Breastfed No Breast Volume. 350cc left 400cc right moderate plus gel unders - Scottsdale, AZ

I was very picky in selecting my surgeon as there are very many to chose from in az. I made a very good decision in choosing Dr. Lille! He listened to what i wanted and reassured me that i made a good choice for myself in regards to size and shape of implants. My surgery went quick and smooth.... READ MORE

Dr. Rockmore Knew What my Body Could Handle - Albany, NY

I visited the Plastic Surgery Group with my girlfriend to support her decision for breast augmentation. After Dr. Rockmore talked with her about her options and what surgery entailed, I quickly raised my hand to see if I could get a consult right then and there, he was happy to squeeze me in. I... READ MORE

Mommy of Two Teenage Girls, Looking to Get my Sparkle Back. Harrison, NY

Getting Close to the date!! So far the whole process has been smooth. My Ps seems to be amazing very confident, which makes me so happy. If hes confident, i should be also right?? However, as the date approaches i am becoming more and more anxious, mostly about CC size and the recovery. I have... READ MORE

42year Old , 4 Kiddies, Very Confused About Implant Sizes - United Kingdom, GB

Hi, I'm due to have my Ba in 2 weeks but confused about implant sizes. I did the rice test and was happy with 270. At my last appointment when my ps looked up in his book he said I either had to have 295 or go to 265 and have an implant .5 cm smaller width. I don't really understand it, will my... READ MORE

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