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5' 5" 370cc looking for natural results!

After a few consultations based primarily on real self reviews, I ended up going with Dr. G. I liked his results, his general approach, and was looking for someone who was comfortable and experienced with shaped implants. I never really felt pressured by him to go with a certain type of implant... READ MORE

Got my Breast Done Years Ago and They Still Look Good! - Fountain Valley, CA

I was referred to his office by a friend, even though she got surgery by a different doctor. Dr. Khosravi was very informative and professional. Best investment I've ever made! I still have my feeling in my breast. He inserted the implant through my nipples. Great doctor! I am making this post 7... READ MORE

23Yr Old, Mother of 2 1/2yr old boy, 375CC Round Smooth HP

I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy and finally decided to Go For it since I never do anything nice for myself. I have always wanted boobs, my sister had a boob job a few years back, when I realized her growth she told me the reason her boobs were so much bigger was from her birth... READ MORE

Manhattan plastic surgeon

Amazing doctor my boobs look amazing coming back liposuction in the future. I had a scar on right breast from childhood and doctor desai was able to remove it wile putting in implats. Hes staff was very nice and made me feel so comfortable on the day of surgery, im so happy with my final results... READ MORE

Natural Appearing Breast Augmentation - Coral Gables, FL

Dr Roudner was everything I asked for and more. Being a nurse myself I was very specific on the quality of Dr I desired. I interviewed five other doctors before choosing Dr Roudner. I could not have asked for a more informative office sit down, bedside manner and office staff. I wanted a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Las Vegas, NV

I was very excited the day I found Dr. Richards on the popular website All of his reviews were excellent, as well as all of his reviews on Google. I read many of the questions Dr. Richards had answered and spent a lot of time researching him before I decided to go in for a... READ MORE

22 and Doing Some Research!

Hi everyone, I have been obsessing over this website. I cannot believe I didn't find this sooner. I am determined to make myself over and I'm having difficulties narrowing down what surgeon I should even go to for a consultation. I'll add some wish pics, I'd ideally love to get my boobs done,... READ MORE

1 Breast Bigger , Also an Open Wound - Coral Gables, FL

Tomorrow is going to be a month since i got a breast lift/ implants inserted and I want to know if it's normal that 1 breast looks bigger than the other and if the implants have actually settled down? Because I simply don't believe they have. My breast look completely uneven. I also have an... READ MORE

Consulting Whether to Get Bigger Breasts or Not -New Jersey, NJ

I decided to write my story on here because like many of you I have been considering getting breast implants for years. I have read so many stories and they have really helped me in my journey. I feel like the toughest part after making the decisioin to get the implants is which Plastic Surgeon... READ MORE

32 Long Overdue Breast Augmentation

Like every major decision I have made in the past, I over analysed, researched and agonised over the decision to have breast augmentation for years! Once I actually committed the first step was to find a surgeon, one that would listen to what I wanted. I stated with the internet and was... READ MORE

Dr Whidden for Small Implants - Calgary, AB

I had my BA about a year ago, with Dr. Whidden in Calgary, AB. It was a great experience all together and I would never go to anyone else. The implants are great, I am so happy. I am a small girl (5'3" and 114 lbs) and I am very athletic so I was very concerned about going too big. I just... READ MORE

I Waited 20 Years... - Round Rock, TX

When I finally decided to get a breast augmentation, I had researched and thought it through for a long time (20 years actually). I had wrestled with fears about how I would be perceived by family, whether/how I might contribute to the over-sexualization of females in widespread American... READ MORE

Never Had Much in the Chest Area - Trumbull, CT

I had always wanted implants because I was not blessed in that area. I was confused about the options but the doctor took me through all the choices. I think they are perfect. Perfect size, shape and feel. I couldn't be happier. All along the way I was treated very well, by the Doctors staff... READ MORE

Find Another Doctor - Laurel, MD

Had breast augmentation done in August 2008. On day of appointment (at Laurel Regional) Dr Person was 45 minutes late. When he finally arrived his WHOLE family was waiting in the waiting room with my husband. They were leaving on vacation directly after. When I came to I never saw Dr Person he... READ MORE

26 Years Old and in Love with my Breasts - Chicago, IL

I have only the best to say about Dr Ross! Woke up from surgery and didn't feel any pain! Been a week in and still no pain but still follow his guidelines on healing. I am in love with my breasts and can't stop touching or looking at them. DONT GO TO ANYONE ELSE!! HE IS THE BEST!!! YOU WONT... READ MORE

I healed very quickly - Breast Augmentation - Wayne, NJ

I would recommend Dr. Ganchi to the world! I received a breast augmentation in December of 2012 and could not be more pleased with the results. From the consultation, to the surgery, to each follow-up appointment I had the best experience. The staff is absolutely wonderful and makes you feel... READ MORE

Would Never Go Back! -Toronto, ON

I have wanted breast surgery for roughly 10 years and always had people telling me I was exaggerating about how bad my breasts were. Well, when I saw Dr.Kasrai turns out I needed a breast reduction on one side, a double lift, plus implants to make my breasts what I should have been born with! Dr... READ MORE

I ended up getting saline implants and a lift. - Breast Augmentation and Lift - Newport Beach, CA

I wanted a breast augmentation for many years now. I decided to go with Dr. S because I heard that he did "beautiful breasts". I ended up getting saline implants and a lift. I am very happy with my results. He is a great doctor and his staff is quite good as well. I will be seeing him... READ MORE

This Was the Best Surgery Experience I Have Ever Had Including the Surgery Center (Irvine Multi-Specialty Surgical Care).

I am a 46 year old woman who had two children and wanted my breasts to look more youthful (full and lifted) and also better symmetry (similar cup sizes). I went in for a consultation to talk about a breast lift and breat augmentation with implants. I had one breast that was larger than the other... READ MORE

He's the Best - Fairfax, VA

I had a breast lift and 225 cc saline implants. I'm so happy with my results. I couldn't decide if I should get the implants or lift with implants. I'm so glad I chose the lift with implants. Dr. Bitar and his entire staff are very friendly and professional. I couldn't be more... READ MORE

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