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26 / 5'5/ 115lbs /No Kids/ 295 Cc's Silicone/Full Profile Below the Muscle - New Orleans, LA

Hi Everyone, Today was the day of my surgery. I have been looking at photos on real self for a few months now and finally got the courage to set up a consultantion and book my appointment. I started off with a 32A and my goal is a 34 full C. My surgeon stated that with my small frame and low... READ MORE

35yrs Old, Breast Fed 1 Child, HP 600cc Silicone

I've always been very small chested. In high school I was barely a B cup. Now after breastfeeding I'm a super deflated 36 AA. I've wanted breast implants since I was 18, but I wanted to wait until I had children. Now that my child is 17 months I decided to take the plunge. We don't plan on... READ MORE

5'2 34yr old, 32 small C 120Lbs Two kids

Had my Breast Augmentation 3/29/2017 Was very nervous but excited, my PS is Dr. Wallace At Fleming Island Plastic Surgery, my left boobie was much bigger then my right (to me) so Dr. Wallace went with 450cc (L) 500cc (R) today is actually my Post Op 2nd Day, so far if i keep up with the pain... READ MORE

Not A Single Regret!

At 5'6", 145lbs, with an athletic build, I wanted to even out my physique with a breast augmentation. I compete in bodybuilding and Crossfit so I had what I called a "ten pack" and have been nearly flat chested my entire life. There's no problem with that, I just wanted to even out my front to... READ MORE

8 Months Po 23 Years Old 600-675cc HP Saline Under Muscle

Hi guys, on May 11th, 2016 I under went breast aug! Everything went great I got 600cx in my right and 675cc In my left (left was slightly smaller) high profile saline implants (yes I plan to go bigger in the future and this is why I choose saline) I was basically a b36/b38 now I am a DDD38 :) I... READ MORE

Finally Got a Breast Augmentation at Age 33

So I finally got a breast augmentation!!! I'm only 4 days post-op but so far I'm very happy with the results. I was a 36A before, I'm very very active, and very fit. So my concerns was how would these boobs interfere with my fitness life? And, will my new boobs close the gap I have between my... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom to 3. Went from 32 A to 375 Cc High Profile Under the Muscle

So far I feel really good just a little sore. I haven't really l looked at them a whole lot just to shower and check my incision. I'm not in too much pain anymore either just tired from sleeping sitting up in the recliner. I have been placing an ice pad on my chest and that seems to have helped... READ MORE

Better Late Than Never....47 and New Boobs. Orland Park, IL

I'm very confident as a woman however my small breasts were always my " ugh body part". I'm 5'10" and I keep my weight between 170-180 pounds. My chest was never in proportion to my size. I had small sagging breasts that made my 34b bras feel even smaller. I looked good in padded bras so only me... READ MORE

Amazing Staff & Amazing BA Results! Indianapolis, IN

During my consultation Linda took me back into a room where we looked at pictures of very "playboy-esqué" photos. Dr. Zollman and I did not discuss cc-size, I didn't try on a bra. I just showed him one of the pictures that I liked and he said that he would make me proportionate to my idea of ... READ MORE

350 Saline Implants - Boston, MA

I received 350 cc saline implants under the muscle filled 375. I was an A/b and imagine I will be a full c. This picture is 72 hours post op and I am feeling better today. The first 48 hours were very painful tho! Ice ice ice. I stopped pain meds because they made me sick but alieve and Advil... READ MORE

140lb, 5'7, 385 CCs Silicone Textured (Former A Cup) Doylestown, PA

So today is the end of day 4 post op. I never thought I would put my business out here but it helped me and I want to help others. Any questions please ask although I'm still figuring the site out! Surgery was Thursday and I went home the same day. My first day was the worst which was not what... READ MORE

45 and Just Wanting More - Illinois

I'm really wanting to go as large as I can. I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time. Surgery is in 6 days... I have the bio oil, palmers stretch cream, ice packs and my sport bras in several sizes. I think I'm ready. I've been actively reading blogs on this site for a year now and I... READ MORE

28yr Old Mama of 3! 425cc HP Silicone. ERMERGERHD SO HAPPY! Almost 3weeks Post. Mishawaka, IN

Well, me and my youngest sister got to the tiny genes while my middle sister had it all. When I was 16, 32A (barely) I knew that's all I'd get. I'd be this flat chested tomboy that was embarrassed to wear a bikini in the summer. After each of my tiny humans myboobs got so big! I could wear my... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids, 34B with 280CC Shaped Implants. Nashville, TN

I had my BA surgery today so I wanted to write a review because this site helped me so much before my surgery. I'll keep updating my progress and hopefully help some of you out! :) I have wanted bigger breast my entire life and I'm so glad I got the chance to finally have my surgery. I always... READ MORE

29 Y/o, No Children. Lopsided and Flat Breasts - Coral Gables, FL

Don't let the staff at spectrum deter you from their great doctors and medical assistants. Dr. Ghurani is a great doctor who answered all of my questions and showed genuine concern for his patients. I am experiencing numbness in one side but that should be normal. I am glad he convinced me not... READ MORE

23 Yo, One Child, Size 34A, 5'6 and Weigh 143lbs. Submuscular, Inframammary Round Gummy Bears! Vancouver, WA

Hi everybody! This page has been such a huge help and comfort to me. I found my awesome surgeon throug Real Self, and I am forever grateful! I really was planning on starting my review as soon as I had had my consultation but it kept getting postponed and now I am already on post-op day 2. But... READ MORE

35yo 5'7" 125# Deflated after children - Baton Rouge, LA

Today was the day! I've been wanting to do this for so long! Doctor ended up going with 339cc silicone unders. So far so good as far as the pain goes. Been icing since I got home and I think they are slowly "waking up." My mother is here to help and hoping for good results! Sorry for any typos... READ MORE

25, No Children, Very Small A's with Athletic Build - Minneapolis, MN

Preparing for Breast Augmentation:: Mentally preparing for my BA was the most difficult task. I found myself stress cleaning my house every other day, shopping for just-in-case products I knew I would probably never use + worrying about how I was going to pay for such an expensive surgery in the... READ MORE

38 Yr Old Female, 2 Daughters 17 & 16 700ccs, 5'1 156lbs. Coral Gables, FL

AMAZING Dr.!!! I had my surgery at Coral Gables cosmetic center. I had a good experience overall. Everything was done on time and professional. My coordinator Catherine was ok. Not really helpful or bad, She just collected money. All of the other staff was really good. Pre- procedure went well..... READ MORE

31 Yr Old, 2kids, out of State Patient! NY. - Miami, FL

Awesome staff thanks to Denia and Janet along with all the other staff upon entering the facility they were great!! I'm an out of state patient NY, I highly recommend anyone to Dr.Soler-Baillo. No pain what so ever! I was released came home and I have not needed pain medicine as of yet. I even... READ MORE

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