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5'3" 140 Lbs Breast Augmentation Chicago, IL

I have always considered this procedure. I'm 29yo, 140lbs and 5'3". I work in the medical field. I've never loved my breast. But It didn't get serious until about April where I went to see Dr. Lorri Cobbins in the West Loop area of Chicago. She is absolutely great. She has amazing bedside manner... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mom of Three - Wichita, KS

At age 21, I was 98 lbs and a 32D. I have since become a mother to three boys and with each baby I lost a cup size leaving me with nothing - like just ribs, no boobs, nothing. After breastfeeding my youngest for 13 months, I felt I had earned my boobs back! I was a bit surprised when I called... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 34A to 34DD, 390cc Overs. London, GB

Dr James was nothing but friendly on my first consultation. There was no pressure to go ahead with the surgery and i was advised to go away and think about exactly what i wanted following his advice. He gave me realistic expectations of what he could achieve with the implants and i was... READ MORE

39YO BFd for 7 Years Much Needed Breast Augmentation with the Great Dr. Greg Ratliff 590cc UHP. Tulsa, OK

Almost 7 years straight I nursed my babies. I started BFing in February of 2006 became pregnant in 2007 and breastfed through the entire pregnancy. Then I was nursing both a 2 year old & a newborn. I wiened my first at age 3 and was pregnant again in 2009 (had not quit nursing my 2nd). Gave... READ MORE

36 Yr Old, 125 Lb, 5'3" Gummy Bear implants, Charlotte, NC

I have always been a small B cup, and disappointed in my boob size. But when I lost 40 pounds in the last year, my breasts reduced further and I found myself as a full A cup. I also recently got divorced, and have been taking some time to work on self improvement and feeling like a whole sexy... READ MORE

22 Year Old No Kids Just Wanted Bigger Breast. Layton, UT

I've always had small breast before surgery I was size B I could fit in some size A bras. I live in Idaho but most ppl I spoke to about breast augmentation would mention that everyone from Idaho usually goes to Utah bc it was cheaper and the surgeons were great. Even though I knew the prices... READ MORE

33 Years, Old Mother of One, Went from 36C to 36DD - Nashville, TN

I have wanted a breast augmentation ever since I stopped growing and developing around 16 years of age. I never had any fear or doubt about the surgery, I just needed to find the perfect doctor. I scheduled two other consultations with other doctors but once I met Dr. Bergdorf, I knew that he... READ MORE

28, 2 Kids, 36B to 375cc Under Muscle Crease Incision - Tulsa, OK

I wanted this procedure so that I could look in the mirror without feeling grossed out. My breasts look amazing and I'm only 3 days post op. The pain has been a breeze. I chose 375cc under the muscle incision in crease moderate profile saline. I had only been prescribed 800mg ibuprofen but had... READ MORE

Taking Beauty to the Next Level - Stony Brook, NY

On 8-14 i went for my surgery on 8-15 very little discomfort only taking ibuprofen as needed even went out to dinner. , 8-16 day 3 i was at the mall shopping, and out for most of the day. Its over a month now and feel as if i never even had surgery, very natural beautiful job.  READ MORE

30 Years Old with 2 Kids - Denver, CO

I'm a very personal person, but lots the boobs I once had after breastfeeding my two children. I just wanted back what I once had. I did my research and that's when I found Dr. Squires. My consultation was very comfortable and informative not only from him, but his staff as well, I knew this... READ MORE

34, two kids, 350cc silicone

Had two kids, breastfed and thought about breast implants for 10 years! Had some deflation w breastfeeding but not tons. I was just small. Have an athletic frame and couldn't really fill out a bra or swimsuit. Tank tops were annoying in summer...not anymore! I love my boobs now. I didn't want... READ MORE

24 hour recovery is legit!

Dr. Deuber has a unique recovery called the "24-hour recovery." As a RN myself, I was skeptical, but day 1 post op I am out shopping! I have full range of motion and I feel great. There is some soreness, and Dr. Deuber said it would feel like a pulled muscle and I feel that description is... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, Breast Augmentation, Dr Robert Spies, Scottsdale AZ

I wanted to have a more proportionate body shape and to be able to feel confident wearing certain items of clothing. The recovery process for me was a little more uncomfortable than anticipated however by day 3 post op I was only taking Ibuprofen, my choice, for pain management. Make sure you... READ MORE

Natrelle 410 Anatomical Cohesive Gel Implants (320cc [L] and 370cc [R]) (5'7" & 115lbs) Vancouver, WA

I have been thin throughout my life. I am 5'7" and my weight ranges from 110 pounds to 115 pounds. One of the down sides of my body type is that I have never had large (or medium for that matter) breasts. It did not really bother me before children as they were lovely in shape for a 32A and I... READ MORE

22 Years of Age, Recent College Graduate - Stony Brook, NY

I researched Dr. Mark Epstein online. I did not previously know anyone who had undergone surgery at his facility in Stony Brook. From the information based off of his website (the photos, videos, critical information and reviews) I knew he was the perfect Doctor to perform my surgery. I... READ MORE

One Day Breast Augmentation Recovery - Truly a 24 Hr Recovery! - Stony Brook, NY

Dr. Epstein and his staff are the absolute best! I'm still amazed at my results. I had breast augmentation done yesterday morning. From the moment I walked in the door right up to when I left, Dr. Epstein and his entire staff made me feel completely comfortable, secure and cared for. I... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Nurse. Draper, UT

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Fryer to me after a friend of hers went to him and had amazing results . I did tons of research on him and the procedure itself. I could not find a bad review on him and there wasn't a "before/after" picture on his site or any review site that I didn't like. ... READ MORE

Breast Augmenation - Draper, UT

When I decided I wanted to go ahead with a breast augmentation, I went to a few consultations with a few different doctors. The first few doctors I went to made me feel weird about my age (21). I felt that the nurses didn't think I was really there to purchase and that I wasn't serious about... READ MORE

55 Year Old and Finally Decided on Breast Augmentation - Albany, NY

I am 55 years old in great physical condition, has been thinking about BA for a long time, and finely did it yesterday, I never had large breast, but when I was young they were up and perky, but now the little that i have is just hanging, it was time to take some action. I had 3 or 4... READ MORE

Best Thing Ive Done for Myself and my Confidence - Salt Lake City, UT

I had been wanting a breast augmentation every since after I was done breast feeding my first child. I was a confident 32 D size prior and afterward I instantly shrank to a 32 B then after I had my second child I had complete volume loss and was down to a size 32 A. I was so uncomfortable in my... READ MORE

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