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hysterectomy + Breast Augmentation

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BA/Scar Revision Age 37 - Boston, MA

Hi guys! I read this site all the time but this is my first post. After having Endometrial cancer, full hysterectomy, I'm finally ready to take my body back. It was never the same after treatments etc. I'm so excited to see PS next week! Has anyone had work done at Mass General Resident Clinic?... READ MORE

36, 5kids, 5'8.5", 140. 36a from Kiddy Section - Bismarck, ND

I like many of you have been thinking of ba since early adult hood. I never went beyond thinking it would be nice as I knew I wanted children and the risk of not being able to nurse was too much of a concern. I was also comfortable with my small b. 5 kids and a hysterectomy later things have... READ MORE

42 and Finally Taking Care of the Girls... - Altoona, PA

Well I'm already scheduled with Dr. Louton for a breast augmentation. I'm going with the Natrelle brand "gummy bear" textured tear drop shaped implants. He's going to decide anywhere from a 330 to a 380 sized implant. Currently a 34/36 A cup and still have room in my bra :( I would like to... READ MORE

30yr Old Mamma of 4 Breastfed Kids. - Buffalo, NY

Hello, I've been a member since February but just recently decided to make my profile and jot down my story. For as long as I can remember I was a member of "ibtc" I was always at The end of some awful joke and was always so envious of all the girls who were developing and I just never did. I... READ MORE

Couldn't Have Chosen a Better Doctor! Sugar Land, TX

From the moment you call Bancroft and Feldman Plastic Surgery in Sugar Land to schedule your complementary consultation for your breast augmentation you will feel at ease with his staff as they gather your information and answer questions you may have. His patient coordinator will email you a... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Aug , Four Kids , Hematoma ! - Mobile, AL

I had for kids and age 39 . Wanted by breast to look attractive . I had complications . Hematoma developed before I was sent home day of surgery . Doctor took me back into surgery and I went home with a drain . So much more painful than I expected ! I had a hysterectomy not long before this and... READ MORE

Doing Top First -Corpus Christi, TX

I originally went in for consult on tummy and walked out with quote for tummy tuck with breast lift and 300 cc saline implants under muscle. Doctor said I had plenty of good breast tissue he recommended saline . Shortly after I started feeling abdominal sensitivity and ended up discovering I... READ MORE

Breast Lift Was a Great Decision - Ocean Springs, MS

I underwent a breast lift on May 7, 2013. My surgeon reported that I was grade III ptosis. I have lost 43 pounds and was a 36DD. After the weight loss, I was a 36C (barely). I wanted both lift and implants. The surgeion stated that because of the significant lift needed, he wanted to do the... READ MORE

Worst Decision of my Life - Lakewood, WA

Hi all. Maybe I am having a pity party, but here is my story. 15 months ago I had a breast aug with a board certified plastic surgeon. This would have never ever been possible in my life except that I was given a 5 thou inheritance from mother in law. It was all she had left, left it to me to do... READ MORE

33 yrs old. 5' 3" 120lbs. 385cc

Growing up I was always curvy. I averaged a 34B-34C cup size depending on my weight which fluctuated between 135-155. I had never been smaller than a size 9 in juniors. I was never dainty like most of my girlfriends. When I was 25 health issues caused me to have a full hysterectomy. My doctors... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, Lost Volume After Bf 3 Babies - Bismarck, ND

I would highly recommend Dr. Paulson, nothing but 5 star treatment from him and all of his wonderful staff. His nurses are very quick to get back to me with any questions I had. Very happy with the result so far. I had scheduled a hysterectomy the week before my breast augmentation and he was... READ MORE

39 Yo Mom Breastfed 3 Kids for Almost 6 Years. Denver, CO

So I've been thinking about this (BA/BL) for a while now (over 20 years). I always said I would wait until we were done having kids. My youngest is 4 and I've had a hysterectomy. Waiting is over :) I''ve been working out and eating right and my breasts are non-existent. Checked out some plastic... READ MORE

Excited, but Nervous! - Chattanooga, TN

My surgery was scheduled for August 14, but changed that to a hysterectomy. The hysterectomy went very well, now I am preparing for October. Went last week for my annual mammogram, and they are saying there is "calcification" so I go Friday for an ultrasound. Hope it is nothing major and that I... READ MORE

Me, Only Better!! - Keller, TX

After my hysterectomy, I found my breast lacked fullness. After consulting with Dr. Rumalla I realized this could be easily remedied and it was! READ MORE

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