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total joke

Had a breast enlargement I was over the moon. Then my stitches came undone... I was in hospital in and out for 3 months.. no work, lost everything and alls hospital revitalise turkey was saying was give up smoking... but saying it as I was a 2 yr old .. after 3 months when everything hit rock... READ MORE

38 yr old 2 kids 152lbs 5'3 545CC Naturell Inspira 410

My recovery is going good so far. I love my boobs!!! I had my BA on Feb 17th and at the one month period I ended up in the hospital for some type of Infection or allergic reaction to the implants. My doctor and hospital doctors weren't sure what was wrong with me. Needless to say I'm doing well.... READ MORE

560cc mum off two

Wanted to share my experience after breast enlargement and having homotoma and having a emergency operation. After been super super excited counting down the days my operation date finally came, i was a 34b and 5ft2, my surgeon was going for between 550 - 600cc under muscle as my skin on the top... READ MORE

18 Years Old A Cup- 255cc Under the Muscle

Had my BA yesterday with Transform at Abbey Pines hospital. I had 255cc unders, hoping to achieve a natural look. 1 day post op they already look great. VERY painful and swollen giving it's only been a day and nippels are puffy. They are the perfect size and already appear to suit my frame well.... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, Boobs Were EU 75A, Now 75C, 174cm and 67kg

Why I did this? I wanted my body to look proportionate (I got the booty, but no boobs) and so I finally decided to do it this year. Because I was finally so ashamed of my body that I didn't even went to the beach this year. Consultation: Consultant (that same mad snapping lady who is doctor's... READ MORE

Mr Sultan Hassan Elite Surgical - Birmingham, GB

I went for an initial consultation at the hospital group and not only did I feel that I wasn't being listened to empathically by the surgeon there I also felt like his medical secretary or assistant (I'm unsure of her role exactly) did most of the work for him before and after his consultation.... READ MORE

After 5 Years of Thinking About It.. 32A to 32D Overnight.. - Albyn hospital, Aberdeen, UK

Can't belive it's 2 days till my op, in fact in 48 hours time I will have new boobs.. such an exciting feeling especially when it's something I've been dreaming of for so long. I was never blessed with boobs of any shape or size with my chest resembling that of a teengage boy for as long as I... READ MORE

26 Years Old - Breast Augmentation - Marbella

So far my experiences with Ciumed have been great. Very professional and organised. Jenny who I have dealt with all along has been really helpful, even putting me in touch with another lady who will be having a procedure in hospital on the same day as me. The office itself was lovely, everything... READ MORE

34 2 Kids Small Boobs

Dr Ted Eisenburg is absolouty AMAZING!! He did the best job! All his staff including those in the Nazareth Hospital treated me super and answered all my questions and explained everything perfectly! My healing has been a walk in the park i'm 23 days post op and my scars are barely noticeable he... READ MORE

Looking at Breast Augment in Mexico - Dr. Juan Bernardo Balthazar - Hospital Angeles Pedregal

I'm looking at going to Mexico for Breast Augment. I'm looking for some opinions. The Surgeons name is Dr. Juan Bernardo Baltazar in Mexico City at the Hospital Angeles Pedregal. He is a member of AMCPER Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva, A.C. / Mexican Ass... READ MORE

Destination Beauty Bangkok - Thailand, TH

Although my implants themself are fine and the surgery went fine, I do have to warn anyone going with destination beauty to be aware that if you have any complications after they send you home from the hospital, that you are unable to see a nurse after 8pm and also on Sunday's which is... READ MORE

I Had Surgery Paid For, Long Island, NY

I don't know how my cosmetic surgeon did it but he got my health insurance co. To pay for everything except my implants. They even played for an overnight hospital stay. He was the one who suggested it, I didn't even knew what I had. I just wonder how fast a company would pay if the deformity... READ MORE

Finaly Had BA After Many Years of Searchig for a Doctor ! Dubai, AE

I'm 36 years old,mother of one,5'6 tall . My journey was pretty long to my BA ,first I was not sure about the doctors,second my weight which is not going down since 4-5 years doesn't matter what I do gym ,yoga,Pilates ,diets,etc. In the past few years I've seen 5 doctors,every time I'll come... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Dubai, AE

Wonderful experience, very successful outcome. Truely very happy about the Doctor I chose and the surgery as a whole. Immaculate hospital I spent the 2 days of recovery in. I was taken step by step through the procedure that was going to take place. I was not scred at all. I am beyond happy... READ MORE

Lost Volume and Sagginess Due to Weight Loss and Age - Edinburgh, GB

I never had any issues with how my breasts looked in my younger years, however when I was 49, I lost quite a bit of weight and noticed that my breasts had started to sag and had lost volume at the top. I therefore took the decision to have breast augmentation to add the fullness back and also... READ MORE

26, Silicone Implants Under Breast Muscle - Houston, TX

Dr Steely is an amazing doctor. He will tell u what will look good on u and what will not. I went from a 36 b to a 36 DD with 325cc's. The operation was at a hospital. U arrive two hrs early to get fully exam and ready for surgery. When i woke up, i had a nurse waiting for me. Her name was... READ MORE

The Look I Have Always Wanted - Sydney, AU

Have on just recently had my surgery completed but so far am so happy with the results, my breasts are looking so natural, still in a little bit of pain at the moment but looking forward to that reducing over time. On the day of surgery arrived at the hospital at 12.30 noon, into surgery at 1... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants - Germany

So, finally all is set: On 02. December 2013 i will get a breast lift with small implants :) Here the facts: Surgon: Dr. Amini, Bad Homburg Germany. Procedure: Breast lift with a vertical scar. To get upper volume, we decided to take round, silicon filled implants, textured, under the muscle.... READ MORE

48 Hours Post BA - Albany, NY

I am only two days post-op and couldn't be any more pleased with my results thus far! I stayed the first night in the hospital because I did not have any family members / friends with me, and felt totally pampered by the nursing staff and hospital personel. Night 1 was incredibly restful and... READ MORE

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