hormones + Breast Augmentation

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20 Years Old, 5'6", AA Cup Ready for Change! - Austin, TX

Hello RealSelfers! I'm writing this as almost a diary to keep my thoughts cohesive so that I can look back on this and see exactly where i've been and how far i've come! So, for starters, i'm a MTF transgender woman, and the reason I'm not putting this under MTF breast augmentation is because I... READ MORE

Experience was magical

I flight all the way from jersey to miami. The doctor n all the staff are so sweet n caring. Me n my best friend fly together. My experience was amazing only couple hours n so far i feel great. Couple year on hormones as a transgender female n i wast happy with my breast but i only show a... READ MORE

Always Felt Very Bottom Heavy Until Now!! 25 Years Old, 5'5", 535CC's

I have been wanting this for the longest time but have a hard time spending that amount of money on something I see as semi selfish.. I didn't need bigger breasts.. just wanted them. But I wanted them loooong enough and had to get them. I didn't really have much pain looking back. More so... READ MORE

Scared! and Excited! - Beverly Hills, CA

Im 24 years old and after being on BC for 6 years, the hormones got the best of me. I started to feel like i had no control over my emotions, i would get SOOO angry at the drop of a dime. My poor boyfriend got the blunt of it, poor guy. I also noticed my L breast growing and growing until i knew... READ MORE

24, No Kids, Loss of Volume from Hormone Changes and Fat Loss. Lakewood, WA

I had some cancer issues that messed with my hormone levels which, combined with weight lifting, completely sucked away my natural 34D/34DD (depending on the brand) boobs. I got silicone gel high profile, since I have relatively small pockets but wideset breasts. 400ccs in the right and 425ccs... READ MORE

Wnated Boobs my Whole Life.

I am a 69yo MTF wanting to get my breasts enlarged. I do not see any others like myself on this site. I have been transgendered for a great many years. I was on hormones which gave me about a A cup but I want more. A D cup would be great but would require tissue expanders and two surgeries. I... READ MORE

28 yrs old, No kids, 5' 10", 200 lb, 550 MP Implants + 360 Lipo

Here are my before pictures. Over the last few years I've gained a lot of weight due to hormones and working a desk job. I've always sort of been against plastic surgery. That was until I really tried to lose weight this last time around. Over the last year I've had a major change of heart... READ MORE

Post-Scoliosis Transformation - Vancouver, BC

Hi my name is Clare When I was 14 years old I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. I had a 48 degree curve which meant I needed spinal fusion surgery to correct and heal me. I became self-conscious about my body image. I was constantly fixated on how my ribs and shoulders looked in shirts when... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation HUGE MISTAKE

After significant amount of weightloss going from 160lbs DD to 130lbs B, my breast were looking to me like empty socks. They would fall out of my bra and I needed inserts to even them out in bras, bathing suits and clothing. I wanted the fullness back, upper and lower pole, the round shape on... READ MORE

Emotions / Feelings Early After Breast Augmentation - Panama

Great surgeon, great pre-op orientation, great recovery so far, hardly any pain at all. Only thing catching my attention is that at times I get a weird feeling (even when I'm not looking at the mirror) like shyness, slight arousal, I don't even know... it makes me kind of uncomfortable... READ MORE

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