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28 YO Mom, 6 Year Old 7 Month Old, Previous Breast Reduction

I went to Dr. Serosy to have my breasts fixed! I was a FFF before my breast reduction in 2013, I was brought down to a D, they then started to sag after my daughter. Dr. Serosy put 520 CC implants in and they are amazing! And sit up high. His office is in San Diego, and El Centro, he comes... READ MORE

29 Years Old- Boobs Disappeared After Breastfeeding Three Kids - Folsom, CA

I never had very large breasts, maybe a B. They changed so much between three pregnancies and nursing 3 kids for a total of 7 years. I weaned my youngest and my nursing c cup disappeared to nearly an A! It was horrible. This is something I have always wanted to do and now that we are done having... READ MORE

38 Years Old, No Children, 5'5 1/2 and 147 Lbs - Philadelphia, PA

I was completely flat with nipples that just hung over... Very embarrassing. I wanted bigger breasts since I was 10 years old because all of my friends breasts began developing while mine still looked like mosquito bites lol. As I got older I never took my shirt off in front of anyone, not even... READ MORE

26 Years Old, No Kids, 310cc

So I had my BA was yesterday at roughly about 1:00pm. I was meant to be in at 12:00pm but the chick before me wasn't having the best experience with the anesthetic. I weigh roughly 48kg and I'm only 152cm tall so I'm quite petite. I've always been flat chested since I can remember. All my weight... READ MORE

Just Do It! - Peabody, MA

Procedure was at 7am and I was at Victoria's Secret by 11. Truth: my ribs hurt the first week. My breasts felt hard and high on my chest for about 6 weeks. I had some lightening nerve pain on and off for the first month. Best thing I have ever done for myself! Before, I was always thinking... READ MORE

26 Y Old, No Kids ,(5'7 / 55 Kgs) Went from a Non Existing A Cup to a Full D Cup ( Motiva Implants 425 Cc)

Hello everyone :) ! Decided to share my story with you here and maybe some girls can help me to calm down of my healing process ;). I wanted big boobs my whole life and 4 months ago, I made my dream come true. I got 425 cc motiva implants on each side. Went from A to D ( I think) ? I am happy... READ MORE

43 Y.O. Augmentation After Lift in 2012. Des Moines, IA

I had a great breast lift done in 2012 and had thought about doing implants as well at the time. I decided to wait and see. Here it is almost four years later and I decided with lots of long conversations with my husband about it and I've had the surgery. I'm two weeks out today and I must say,... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Deflated Boobs - Sydney, AU

Dr Norris made me feel so at ease! His clinic is wonderful and he was able to achieve such amazing results (even though i'm only at day 1 post op!). Even though i was anxious at the beginning, i am glad i went with my gut instinct and went with him! This is my review i posted on... READ MORE

Hoped for Process Treatment - San Antonio, TX

I love him, especially at first. Good doctor but very quick .... doesn't show very much interested like everyone promises. Still doing after surgery checkups. Was on my 4th not feeling comfortable yet felt super rushed by nurse after surgery. .. like they don't care about customers. It's been 6... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female - Westfield, NJ

Dr. Carlos Burnett Plastic Surgery in Westfield is not the doctor i would choose for this procedure. Although nice bedside manner he does not seem to have the experience I would have preferred. Yes my breadt are bigger ythsn they were but one is noticeably smaller, higher and sags off the... READ MORE

31years Old Mom of One Adorable Little Baby Boy - Fall River, MA

I had saline implants 590 ccs on dec 14 20115. I am 5'10" and med build. Pretty lean and fit. I showed the doctor pics beforehand and told him I wanted to go pretty large. You can barely tell! :( plus they are high up, square and far apart not a happy camper. I am 8 days out so hoping they will... READ MORE

26 4'11 6 & Half Stone - United Kingdom, GB

Hi ladies after wanting breast implants for a long time I finally had them done last Saturday! I had 300cc silicone implants under the muscle moderate. I am still very sore I feel great after pain relief then soon wares off :( I was a 32a hoping to be a full c I just can't wait for them to drop... READ MORE

31 Years Old and No Kids. Dallas, TX

I've been wanting to have a BA for some time now. I finally felt like I was at the right age to do so. I just wish that I had known about this website proir to my surgery. I don't know if I have made the right decision about my size. In the beginning I wanted a "full c". However, when I was... READ MORE

49 Yr Old Wanted to Restore Fullness - Modesto, CA

Tomorrow will be week four since my surgery. I was a 34 b prior to surgery and have a petite frame. Due to the difference in size and shape of my breast the ps has used two different size and types of plants. At this point I am a bit anxious. The right which is the smaller has softened and... READ MORE

24 Years Old. From 34AA to 36D 450cc. Coral Gables, FL

I went to CG Cosmetics in Miami and saw Dr. Freiman. He was wonderful and his staff made my experience great. I started off flat as a board, literally, nothing. Dr. Freiman said my breasts looked like children's that never developed. So he did 450cc and I love them!! They are very high and tight... READ MORE

37 Years Old. Wanted to Restore the Youth and Volume to my Deflated Breasts. Virginia Beach, VA

So, I used to have awesome boobs. About a 32D. After nursing two children (which I would never take back!!????) and my rigorous workout schedule...I lost all the volume in the top of my boobs. I still had boob...just at the bottom. I wAs wearing a heavily padded 34C...and not really fully... READ MORE

41 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'4", 105#, 400cc. Cleveland, OH

I received my implants april 10, it is now 3 days post op. Very little pain, although they are still quite high and swollen. So far, I love them!! Was a 34a Pre-op. Amazingly almost all of my clothes still fit, just better. I am very happy I went through with the procedure and only wish id done... READ MORE

53-Year-Old Who Decided Not To Wait Any Longer - Houston, TX

I've been thinking about getting a breast augmentation (BA) for years - at least since I was 40. Life kept getting in the way and I ended up using my funds instead for camera gear (I'm a photographer) and travel. Finally, at about 5 months away from my 54th birthday, I looked in the mirror and... READ MORE

Loving my New Girls!!! - Birmingham, AL

Hi I'm from Atlanta and I've been wanting breast implants since high school.. After I had my second child I've decided on having breast augmentation. I chose Dr. Hedden in Birmingham AL, and I can say he's a wonderful surgeon... I received my surgery on April 2, 2013 and it was very quick and... READ MORE

Finally starting to like my new boobies....a little bit

OK, Short & sweet....I had my BA on the 17th of Oct. I had 300cc saline implants under the muscle. I am 5 days out yet they are still up in my armpits!! Is this normal (doc says yes) & who else has dealt with this???Well, ladies I am 2 days shy of being 3wks post op. I'm starting to... READ MORE

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