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hematoma + Breast Augmentation

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33 year old 5 kids, breastfeed 3 450cc 400cc may need more surgery for haematoma

Day 11, had surgery with Dr frati in London Fitzroy lovely staff and Dr frat was great, anisetic team were lovely too very kind and friendly. Woke up with my drains in spaced out my left boob was bleeding over the 250 mil line so Dr Frati came back to check on me was put on a drip to stop the... READ MORE

560cc mum off two

Wanted to share my experience after breast enlargement and having homotoma and having a emergency operation. After been super super excited counting down the days my operation date finally came, i was a 34b and 5ft2, my surgeon was going for between 550 - 600cc under muscle as my skin on the top... READ MORE

21 Years Old and Went Through Hell to Get Breast!

So since realself really helped me out during my post op when I was going through that phrase of mild depression bc I thought my breasts were too small and my experience with hematoma, I am going to write about my experience to help others who might be going through the same thing. I originally... READ MORE


I was the 1% that had a bad outcome,I had a hematoma on my right breast 2 days following my surgery. It was so very painful but the surgeon dr. Brad Christensen got me in right away cleaned it out and I healed right up after that. I was going to go back to dr. Brad Christensen to get my tummy... READ MORE

325cc HP Sub-glandular, and capsular contracture. Not Happy. Eyelid surgery too.

Hello all, I have contemplated writing a review for quite a while. Since my roller coaster is still on full throttle I figured it's as good a time as any. I had my BA 6 months ago at age 47. I was a small 34B. I wanted a natural look, not too big, would be happy with a large C. The first and... READ MORE

Hematoma Immediately After Surgery. Yuba City, CA

I love my new look! I am so happy with how they turned out. I used to wear a 34b bra but that was even perhaps too big. I am one month post op and now wearing a 36c. I am a runner so I didnt want to go too big. I am 5'2" and 125lbs with no kids. When I awoke from surgery I recall feeling pain... READ MORE

Finally Fixing Tuberous Breasts Would Recommend - Tampa, FL

I never developed regular breasts, and have what's known as a tuberous deformity, that makes my breasts narrow with practically no fat underneath. of all the flaws in my physical form, this is the one that never goes away and has made me feel less of a woman my whole life. I finally saved up the... READ MORE

30 Years Old Morbid Thinking Chica. Pikesville, MD

I'm so nervous going under the knife and then reading about complications. I'm very tiny so I decided on 300 cc hp implants. I also had slightly lower platelet count which I was cleard for surgery but now that's anither thing I am now concerned about. Bottoming out, hematoma, uglier boobs?! Ahhh... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Aug , Four Kids , Hematoma ! - Mobile, AL

I had for kids and age 39 . Wanted by breast to look attractive . I had complications . Hematoma developed before I was sent home day of surgery . Doctor took me back into surgery and I went home with a drain . So much more painful than I expected ! I had a hysterectomy not long before this and... READ MORE

Recently Had to Have Surgery to Relieve Hematoma How Ling Until the Breast Goes Back Down? - Phoenix, AZ

Recently had breast augmentation I went from a 36 b and had implants of 700cc. 10 days after surgery my left breast continually was getting tighter and tighter and implant went all the way to collar bone and into armpit. Needless to say I had to have emergency surgery around 845 pm to go back in... READ MORE

Beautiful Breasts! Rochester, MI

I did have a hematoma, and I was his first, but he took great care of me, and you can't even find the scar! I went small because I'm tiny. I've also had Botox there and was very happy! It was so long ago, I don't know what else to say, but I'd go back in a heartbeat and I'd use him for any other... READ MORE

21, Breast Augmentation and Uplift - London, GB

12 days after surgery breast became extremely bruised. A few days later woke up to a bloodied sports bra saw nurse could be heamotoma?! Seeing surgeon next week, on a corse of antibiotics for now, but....... Even though all this drama my breast look incredible!!! Full and even. I actually have... READ MORE


Total 3 operations so far.... Operation 1 Had breast augmentation 330cc R+L through MYA Bristol. Procedure done in London initially Highgate- I was sent home with very low blood pressure and passed out on bathroom floor. Had heamatoma left breast causing pain, discomfort and stretching of... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation W/ Dr. Sohn - Henderson, NV

Dr. Sohn was amazing! Very personable and very knowledgeable on the procedure and everything it entailed. His staff was amazing as well and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. One of the nurses, Samantha, made me feel like if I needed anything I could contact her at any time and she would... READ MORE

23 Year Old, A-cup to D-cup - Omaha, NE

After several years of contemplating a breast augmentation, I scheduled a FREE consultation at Aesthetic. I got lucky and met with Dr. Bruneteau. Right off the bat I felt comfortable with him and knew he was working to make people feel better about themselves and was absolutely not going to... READ MORE

TLC for my "After 2 Pregnancies N Breastfeeding" Breasts. Draper, UT

Dr. Fryer and his entire staff helped me feel very welcomed at their facilities. I was in search for a doctor who could provide honest and sincere information to me on a huge decision I was going to be making. Due to 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding both my children my breasts changed so much... READ MORE

Grotesque - Reno, NV

If you do t mind being ignored and treated like a "working girl"... This is your surgeon!! No post op follow . Treated like an assembly line surgery. Front office was rude and unprofessional. Phone calls ignored for 4 days . Was told to go to emergency room ...dr hall was busy with consultations... READ MORE

35 Year Old 1st Breast Augmentation. Houston, TX

I feel like I should call my ps & make sure my breasts look normal. My experience with my doctor has been great, but I've been in pain with lots of bruising since surgery. I'm reading this is very common, but seems like some women with bruising like mine have hematoma. This concerns me. I have... READ MORE

Seroma and Hematoma Post Breast Augmentation - Lebanon, OK

I had sub muscular BA 1 month 3 weeks ago. I suffered from hematoma in my left breast post op with leaking incision. One month post op, I had to do a second op. (for left breast only) since I had blood collection around the prothesis. After 2nd op. the dr kept the prothesis and put 2 drains for... READ MORE

The Best Plastic Surgeon - New York, NY

The surgery went smoothly and the recovery was great. However, during my third week post op appointment, Dr. Schulman spotted a light bruise underneath my right breast and he told me that was an old hematoma and should be removed to decrease future risk of complications. Being out of the surgery... READ MORE

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