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22 Years Old, 32A, Asymmetrical and Tuberous Breasts, 375-425cc Moderate Plus - Albany, NY

I haven't gotten my procedure yet but I thought I would document my journey here. Reading everyone's reviews has helped me not feel so alone with my condition so maybe my story can help someone else. For as long as I can remember my breasts have never been normal. My right one has always been... READ MORE

40 Yr Old, 5' 10" 150lb, 1 Child, 36B

Since I was 12 yrs old I wanted big boobs. All the women in my family were well off, so naturally I thought I would be too. Unfortunately the years went by and I was still waiting! Lol. I always wore heavily padded push up bras, I even remember stuffing my bra with tissue's in middle school just... READ MORE

Same Day Post Op - Houston, TX

Post surgery, I was still a little bit groggy and couldn't really recall much. All I remember was that my chest felt heavy and I didn't feel that much pain or soreness which was surprising. I'm assuming because the anesthesia was still in my system. Not much bleeding or drainage either.... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mother of Two Finally Getting Boobs! - Minneapolis, MN

I have been waiting years to get implants. I started developing and then just stopped, likely tied to my PCOS. Even when I was heavy, my breasts were never large. When I was pregnant, my breasts never got any bigger either. As I've lost close to 100 pounds now, what little I had have slowly gone... READ MORE

PERTH, 28 Years Old, 3 Children, BA with Dr. Guy. Watts

Hey guys! Well I'm finally in a position to start compiling my review for you all. I'm about to have my Breast augmentation surgery in a little over two weeks so I thought now would be the perfect time to start and I can update throughout the process. When researching this type of surgery I... READ MORE

20 Year Old, Breast Augmentation, 5'3,127lb

I am two months post op breast augmentation, I went from a 34 A ( practically no tissue) to a 34 C. I have always been self conscious and just overall unhappy because it was a part of my body I couldn't change no matter how much i dieted or worked out. Honestly, it made me feel less girly and I... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation with Dr Guy Watts - Cottesloe, AU

I had an amazing experience with my Breast Augmentation, I highly recommend getting this procedure done especially if you lack the confidence like I did. Please see below details of my journey. Night before: I was contacted by Dr Watts Anaesthetist Chris to go through his part in the surgery... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 110 Lbs, 5'4, No Kids, Breast Augmentation with Natrelle 410 Style -Dr. Herrboldt Germany, DE

Hello everybody, Im really glad this page exists and I was reviewing many stories before I now post my own. My english is not the best but I will try to make you understand everything;) My augmentation is due in 4 weeks from now. I already had the consultation with my PS. Ive been measured by... READ MORE

30 Y/o 5'2" 136 Lbs 475cc HP Silicone. Seattle, WA

Surgery day: Arrived at the surgery center at 800am and was taken back to change into a gown, compression socks/ take weight & do preg trest. Per the anesthesiologist, I took one Valium an hour earlier to help calm me down. After that I was put in the OR and anesthesiologist numbed my arm and... READ MORE

26yr. 5.2,110pounds, Mom of 1. Not Sure on Results - Las Vegas, NV

It's been a year but want to finally share my journey. I'm kinda going through what Heidi Montag is going through. Looking for some before pics, will post some up soon. So when I was young I had big hooters, 34c,perky, till I gave birth at 18 breast fed then my breast deflated. Flat with lose... READ MORE

Exotic Dancer That Needed a Boost! Newport Beach, CA

I had a Breast Augmentation with Dr. Toohey yesterday and so far I am very satisfied. I got Silicon 475cc's under the muscle with a inframammary incision. I have no experiences any pain and did not need the pain meds at all. My chest does feel heavy and my back is sore but it's nothing I can... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, 5'7 135 Pounds, Originally 34 A, 450cc Silicone Implants Want Revision for Smaller Look

I'm about 4 months post op and have known since about a week after BA I wished I had gone smaller. I am 5'7 135 pounds and was a 34 A pre op. My surgeon and I did not ever discuss the amount of cc's he would use, only the desired cup size I wanted to be. I told him large B/small C. They showed... READ MORE

46 Yrs Old and Breast Feed Four Children Under 12. Atlanta, GA

Hello! I am 4 day post op, and wish I had someone to talk to other than my doctor. I have four children all which I breast feed. I have always hated my breast or lack thereof. I often hated looking in the mirror. Now I find myself flashing myself whenever I walk past. I am not in much pain at... READ MORE

40+ with 2 Kids. Lost Breast Volume After Pregnancy.

Had a full C cup before first pregnancy. After 2 pregnancies & weight loss of 9kgs, totally lost my breast volume. Lost my confidence. Didnt like to dress up anymore. Was really feeling down. My partner encouraged me to seek options for breasts augmentation. Started looking around. Had a few... READ MORE

Finally Getting the Boobies I've Always Wanted - Miami, FL

So here it is ladies. I'm 5'8, 155 lbs and athletic. After 2 years and about 10 breast augmentation consults from various board certified plastic surgeons all over Miami I finally scheduled my surgery with Dr. Ary Krau for July 9, 2015. Being an occupational therapist, my job duties require me... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Nu Cosmetics London Dr Mashadi. London, GB

All my life I've suffered with very blatant assymerty in the breasts. I was a B cup but my right breast (smaller one) was genuinely like an AA cup. I would always wear heavily padded bras to Conceal the difference under my clothes. I would even wear them to sleep so I wouldn't feel that "empty... READ MORE

29 YO Fitness Instructor 400cc Overs. Sheffield, GB

I've been into fitness for a few years, but this summer I qualified as a group fitness instructor and started taking things a lot more seriously. BA had always been on my radar as I never felt like my boobs fitted my frame properly, but after loosing some weight I became more an more unhappy... READ MORE

Two more weeks until I burn this surgical bra !!!!!!!

Hello, I am counting down the days until my breast augmentation surgery with Dr.Pousti. I cannot wait to see the results . My goal is to be a Nice D cup with roundness and cleavage on the top, without the melon look .I have been wanting to get implants since I was a young girl because of my body... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation 1 Year Ago - Rivers, UK

I had my breasts done just over 1 year ago, after my 6 month check up I was told the crease would disappear in my right breast. However a year on it is still very obvious that you can see the implant. I had done my research before my op and chose a well known, very popular surgeon. I went back... READ MORE

32-34A to 34C day one post-op breast agumentation

Measurements, sizing, and more Age- 20 years Height- 5'7" Weight- 115Lb Breast width- 12cm Original breast size- 32-34A Post op- 34C (as of now) Implant size- 350 right, 325 left Implant shape- round Implant type- silicon Implant profile- moderate plus How I feel Post-op I woke up from the... READ MORE

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