hardness + Breast Augmentation

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3 Weeks and Left Breast Still Hard and Pain - Philippines, PH

Its been 3 weeks but Why my left breast still hard and pain? And my crease incision still fresh..my surgeon just give me some antibiotic cream to apply but didnt ask if i should cover it with bandage.. but right breast is healing and dropping..anyone experience of this after 3 weeks PO. I'm... READ MORE

Breast deformities at Boris Cosmetic Surgical Center- Culver City, CA

It all started with a consultation with a staff at the Boris Cosmetic Plastic and Cosmetic surgical center in Culver City. I wanted a Breast Augmentation as well as a Rhinoplasty. I Checked in with the receptionist and filled out the necessary paper work. They seemed very confident in trying to... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother of Two Girl- Wanted to Get my Pre-baby Boobies Back! - Alpharetta, GA

One day post op here. I don't have a ton of swelling, but definitely some. The girls are feeling right and hard, and sleeping has proven difficult. Can't wait u til the pai subsides- I'm really sore! I'm feeling very glad I took the plunge. I was terribly disappointed that the girls all but... READ MORE

Also a Very Bad Experience with Breast Implants / Replacement. Marina Del Rey, CA

I was not going to write up a poor review of my former surgeon, but as I see him recommended as a top surgeon on the right side of my real self page, I decided to click on his reviews for others' experiences. I went to Dr. Stevens in 2007 for replacement of saline unders that I had done in... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, 5,4', 140 Pounds, Pre Op 34b Post Op 34d

I wanted to change the shape of my breasts and reduce areolas. I wanted a natural look not big boobs. I wanted them closer together for some cleavage. My doc sugguested not to go under 310cc as i have a wide base but recomended 350cc. 350 felt too big and heavy in my bra but I wasnt sure if ... READ MORE

Worse Decision I've Ever Made - Atlanta, GA

I chose Dr. Howard after doing research on the internet. I met w/ him and his staff and felt confident he would be capable of achieving my goals. We discussed said goals in length and I was assured he has done 10,000 boob jobs and he is double board certified! Whatever that means. We discussed... READ MORE

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