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Hoping for 350cc but dr say might be too big- Montreal, QC

I've been looking at everything héréditaire for a while. All pros and cons, good and bad experiences. Huge, large and medium implants, i want to see and heart everything to make a good and reaponsible decision. I've been wanting larger breasts forever, probably since i was 15, i'm now 34. Our s... READ MORE

22 year old, 475 Saline, Under the muscle

16 days post op today, still a lot of pain, breasts are still very high and hard, very very sensitive feels like every kind of material chafes against every inch of my breasts, have been feeling a lot of pressure on the bottom like the implants are pushing on the incisions from the inside -... READ MORE

31yrs Old, 3 Kids, Went from A Got 350 Silicone

Right breast looks ok but my left breast looks and feels out of place as if it has extra room on the inside . To me it looks as it has a weird shape to it and like is bottom is out of place My doc say I need to give it time to heal but is been two weeks now and nothing really change besides my... READ MORE

41 Years Old, 2 Kids and Treating Myself. 34B, 360cc Unders, Anatomical Implants

I've always had small boobs and liked them. I felt good in bikinis and was happy to go braless in strappy dresses but since having my two children they have been flat. Even padded bras don't look good as they gape at the top. I started thinking about this back in June and thought I'd wait... READ MORE

35 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic, AA Cup, 340 Cc

I finally decided to go through with the breast augmentation, I went with a doctor that has already done some work on me. He fixed my nose that I broke 4x and removed a small piece of cancer on my upper lip with minimal scarring. As time got closer I started to get more nervous about the whole... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 100lbs, 265cc Unders

Had my surgery 5 days ago. So far have not told anyone yet. Mainly doing this to keep as a diary of my progress. Sorry for not writing much right now, about to go to bed. Main thing I wanted to note was the tightness has increased since the first couple of days after surgery. Today I tried... READ MORE

51 Year Old Breast Augmantation - Thailand, TH

I was very flat chested and my breast were heading south at a fast rate. I decided to have my BA to boost my confidence in myself. It took a lot of research before i made my decision and yes im pleased that i did. The pain is bearable if you stick to what your Dr tells you to do, and relax when... READ MORE

mother 34 1 child

1st day after surgery was awful. I was by myself all day. I basically stayed on the couch and stayed medicated. 2nd and 3rd were a little better. Now I'm on day 14 and I still have major nerve pain. They are still hard and sensitive. At least I don't have to wear that band any longer. My under... READ MORE

Just Do It! - Peabody, MA

Procedure was at 7am and I was at Victoria's Secret by 11. Truth: my ribs hurt the first week. My breasts felt hard and high on my chest for about 6 weeks. I had some lightening nerve pain on and off for the first month. Best thing I have ever done for myself! Before, I was always thinking... READ MORE

20 Years Old- Saline Under the Muscle Implants. Austin, TX

I have always been a very small chested girl. I was about a 32/34 A/B before my procedure, and chose to have 360 filled to 397 saline implants put in sub muscular. I had checked out a few other surgeons before deciding on Dr. Maggi, but there was no comparison in there work. Dr. Maggi had no... READ MORE

22, No Kids. Beverly Hills, CA

Got 375cc unders a week ago... Was a 32 B or C before. 5'3" 111lbs. I absolutely hate how I look now and have cried every day. They're so hard and painful and my skin is stretched so tight. Husband thinks I'm being ridiculous but I am seriously considering having them removed asap. Is this... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 145lbs, 5'10" Super Active Student

Although I have an athletic frame; 5'10'' & 145lbs (mostly lean muscle) I have a decently sized ass, which in turn made me feel un-proportional with my A-cup sized breasts. Furthermore, being an avid weight lifter I also built quite some mass on my shoulders and lats, which enhanced my... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Small Frame, Small Breasts - Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Olson was one of the most outstanding surgeons I've meet with. Moreover, he ensured that the implants would fit my body proportionally, and affirmed I'd love my results (which I do). The actual surgical procedure methods were all up to date; unlike the well known Scottsdale surgeons. For... READ MORE

43 Years Old ,5'4",118 Lbs, Breast Aug With a Nipple Lift , 460 Cc Silicone, Submuscular, Inframammory Incision. - Spokane, WA

I have wanted a BA for a few years now but I had two kids that were getting ready to go to college and I had a younger son also so I couldn't justify spending that kind of money for bigger boobs. My older son decided he didn't want to go to college and my daughter is going into the Airforce so... READ MORE

Already feeling them like my own

Hello Everyone, First I wanted to say that this is a great website, I think it helped me decide to get my dream of BA done. Well, let me start I’m 42 years old 145 pounds (5’0) I know I need to lose some weight. I have a 6 year old wonderful and smart boy, a lovely husband and I car... READ MORE

Please Can Someone Please Tell Me Whats Wrong 3 Weeks Post Op - Miami, FL

Im so scared i dont have any pre op pictures but i have several post op pictures. one breast looks way bigger then the other and feels a lot softer and looks a lot more natural the other one on the other hand is stiff has no pain but its hard as a rock & the nipple healed quicker i dont... READ MORE

Breast Surgery to Remove Hard Silicone Implants

I needed new implants as my silicone implants were not attractive anymore. After 20 years they were very hard and did not look natural. I decided to replace them with saline implants and although they may not look as natural as the "new" silicone implants do, I am very happy with them. I did... READ MORE

32 Years Old . Breast Fed Two Kids . 139 Lbs . 413 Cc Saline Implants

I had an overall great experience with Dr. Greenwald. I had zero bruising , no pain just a little soreness. My only complaint is that I had severe constipation from the pain killers and the doctor didn't warn me about that.I know silicone looks and feels better but I'm a worrier by nature and... READ MORE

Natural Breast Augmentation

I am a slim, 29 year old with an athletic build. I've always thought I would get a boob job after having kids. However, I figured I should do it now, so I can enjoy them for longer and have a (pre kids) body that I'm proud of! I've never been self conscious or not confident - I wore my small... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: implants vs fat grafting

I've been in and out of it for now. Today is day 1 of recovery. it's midnight and I woke up primarily because my chest burns. It has been a tough day but just looking down and knowing there are boobs there now makes me so happy. I felt the whole time like I have a straight jacket super tight... READ MORE

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