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31 Year Old, Mother of 2, Totally Deflated Breasts! - Cedar Rapids, IA

After having my two kids (9 and 5) and a 50lb weight loss my breasts were left totally "deflated". I used to be a D cup and dropped to less than an A, mostly just hanging tissue. I am 5'6.5", 110 lbs and went with a 325 on one side and 300 on the other due to uneven breasts. Dual plane,... READ MORE

Got my Sexy Back! Geelong, AU

After growing big boobs young and weight gain loss and 2 years breast feeding I found myself 34 with large empty breasts that wrinkled and hung and made me feel self conscious and unhappy naked My nipple was large and I wanted a lift without a vertical scar and saw 4 surgeons and no one shared... READ MORE

Had a Child and Lost a Lot of Weight! - Fort Worth, TX

I lost more then 80 lbs twice in my life and then had a baby, needless to say my boobies were very lifeless and hung down to almost my belly button and I am only 29. I now have the PRETTIEST boobs I have ever seen and they are so natural looking. I went to Mardi Gras this year, and showed them... READ MORE

Bad Breast Augmentation - Austin, TX

Terrible results! Very uneven and grossly misshapen. Informed him and visited him numerous times and he thinks they're nice!! Can't wear a semi low cut shirt and certainly a bathing suit! Find another doctor. Bending over is another gross sight lots of hanging skin that should not be... READ MORE

My breasts are back to where they belong with full volume.

I successfully lost 142 pounds and kept it off. I had some pretty nasty skin hanging on my abdomen, arms and legs. The worst part was my breasts. They were hanging like tube socks. I had a body lift with Dr. Katzen last year and healed nicely. Two months ago, I went back to have Dr.... READ MORE

Excelente trabajo

El doctor Soler me hizo 2 liposucciones, breast lifting y aumento de seno con agua salina. Mi experiencia con el Dr. Soler fue unica, el doctor es bien profeccional, te escucha, y excede todo los limites para complacer a su paciente. Mis senos lucen perfectos como si nunca hubieran tenido... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience

After having two beautiful children suck the life out of my breasts, I wanted my breasts full and perky like they once were. At the first consultation Dr. Seckels bed side manner made me feel very comfortable and even beautiful with my low hanging, uneven breasts. I had full trust with him... READ MORE

did not get dr mccafferty's reputation - Pittsburgh, PA

Had a breast augmentation in April of 2012. I had several appointments before surgery and was very specific with what I wanted. I asked for them under the muscle and did not get that. The right implant was falling and has always been lower than the left. To date - the right implant hangs... READ MORE

Feels So Good to Be Happy to Be Seen. Corona Del Mar, CA

When I lost weight a while ago, I also lost my D cup and went down to an A cup. It sucked. I couldn't wear low cut shirts, because my breasts were like hanging flapjacks. I couldn't go on dates because I didn't want any guys to look at me. My sisters both got their augmentations done by Dr.... READ MORE

42 Years Old No Kids Hanging Boobs. Phoenix, AZ

I have dreamed my whole life of having breast augmentation only to have my dreams shattered by another surgeon who said I could not achieve what I wanted without having a lift done. (I was not interested in having a lift) My sister in law had her augmentation by Dr Meger and she looked amazing... READ MORE

32 Year Old After 3 Kids, Unhappy with Breasts. - Jacksonville, FL

After breastfeeding 3 kids and getting fit, losing 40 pounds, my breasts were just hanging skin and nipple, I felt uncomfortable and very bothered by it, a friend recommended a consult with Dr. Doolabh, I'm very happy I came in. I was explained to the very last detail what to expect and what... READ MORE

55 Year Old and Finally Decided on Breast Augmentation - Albany, NY

I am 55 years old in great physical condition, has been thinking about BA for a long time, and finely did it yesterday, I never had large breast, but when I was young they were up and perky, but now the little that i have is just hanging, it was time to take some action. I had 3 or 4... READ MORE

40 Y.o. Always Wore Push Ups-was Told by my Husband It Was "False Advertisement" - Jackson, MS

I have ALWAYS wanted to get a "Boob job" but I guess that is kind of like wanting to own instead of rent or have a Lexus instead of a beat up car. It was a DREAM. My husband are a poster for better/worse, richer poorer. I stayed with him through back surgery, hernia operation, etc. We have been... READ MORE

Total Transformation - Mclean, VA

Prior to the surgery, I was self conscious about the size of my breasts. They were hanging down to my stomach and made me look old and fat. I was a size 12 on the top with double DD's and a size 4 on the bottom. Totally out of proportion. Now I am an amazing transformation from frumpy to... READ MORE

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