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22 Years Old; 5'7; 110lbs; Natrelle 495cc UHP; Submuscular; Inframammary Incision

After what seems like decades of wishing dreaming, the wait is finally over I'm getting the boobs I always wanted! I've always been small chested, I'm currently a 34A bra size and have always been envious of women who were fuller chested. My husband was well aware of my feelings and how self... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids

I am 22 years old and I don't have any kids. I have always been smaller chested and I would like to have a breast augmentation to reach a full 34 D. Hopefully it will look good on my body. I have a consultation booked with Dr. Bradley A. Hubbard on Monday July 3rd and I am more than excited! I... READ MORE

30 y/o, 5'2", 124lbs, 485CC's, Natrelle Inspira, under muscle, no kids

Hello everyone! This will be lengthy FYI, my first BA experience. I have been wanting boobs since I was 15. Seemingly young, I knew early on that I wouldn't be blessed with the D/DD's that have embraced all the other women in my family. At age 18 I went from 102lbs to 130lbs in a matter of... READ MORE

32A To A Full C Cup :)

Hello everyone, I've been searching about getting a breast augmentation for some time now. I initially came to this site because I was thinking about getting butt implants lol. But I'm currently on a weight gain journey and most of my weight is going to my rear end.... Anyway my goal is to... READ MORE

30 years old 550cc Silicon HP Under Muscle

I had an initial consult (not with Dr. Wu) that was really to simply take a look at before and after photos. There is no cost to do this, but you must schedule a viewing in order to see her work. I was so anxious about this appointment because I have a few friends who have gotten a breast... READ MORE

5'0 128lbs 450cc HP Silcone

Dr. Pugash in Vancouver, BC Absolutely amazing! During my consult Dr. P was extremely thorough I think I only asked one question and the rest he answered though consult. I left feeling super confident and extremely excited! Went in for my pre-op last Monday. My goal size was a full C to... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 5'7, 115lbs, No Kids. Silicone unders, 425cc HP - SO IN LOVE

Hi All! So Ive been in denial about wanting new boobies since I was in highschool. Finally I went ahead and booked! Im booked in with Dr. Hedden in Alabama for June 28, and I couldnt be more excited / nervous. Looking for advice from those who've had the procedure.... I have quite a small... READ MORE

23 YO, 5'5" 125LBS,520CC SRF. Last Step in Restoring Prebaby Body - Warrenville, IL

Hi ladies! I have been on RealSelf since my daughter was born in December 2015. I was formally under Scarlettsmom15 but decided to create a new account and write a new review under Breast Augmentation. After having my daughter, the weight came off easily but my prebaby boobs never came back! I... READ MORE

Truly a life changing experience, having Dr. Sajan as my doctor

I have the utmost respect with Dr. Sajan because he just not concern about your money, but he did his very best to achieve the look I wanted for my breast and very concern with my well-being. Getting breast augmentation was literally life changing for me. I went from being absolutely depressed... READ MORE

52 Year Old Breast Augmentation Without Lift Anatomical (Shaped) Implants (Allergan MF 410, 375/375cc)

I have recently had breast augmentation carried out by Prague Beauty in Prague (Not 'Beauty in Prague') and I was so impressed with them I felt compelled to share my experience. Prague Beauty struck me as a professional business not a fly by night grab your money and run organisation. TOM ... READ MORE

First Post!

Just wanted to upload a pic to compare other before and after pictures to. Trying to find a similar cheat composition. Setting a goal to get surgery in the next 8-12 months. This is a really great and helpful website for research! So glad I found it. Anyway I have to keep typing cuz I don't have... READ MORE

26 Yr Old, 5'5 /130 Lbs 34 AA - Oahu Island, HI

Next week i start my breast augmentation journey. I would like to share my experience to help others. i would also like to rate the Dr. i choose and my overall experience. My first consultation will be next week with Dr. Shim Ching. If all goes well and the price is right, i plan to schedule my... READ MORE

From Pear Shape to Hourglass Figure

My experience with Dr. Pousti and staff was just wonderful. They are welcoming and assuring. I walked into his office very nervous about having breast augmentation and thigh lipo suction surgery. He and the ladies answered my questions thoroughly. I even got to meet other patients who had just... READ MORE

Great experience. Exceeded expectations.

After wanting breast augmentation for nearly 10 years (age 28 now), I finally made the choice to do it. I was an A cup my whole life and I hated wearing a swim suite--or really anything that was revealing of my figure. Yet, I desired to better define my femininity and sexuality according to my... READ MORE

Impeccable results from an impeccable doctor and staff. A++

Before I begin, let me summarize my review for you: You will not find a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Azizi; and you will not find a better price-point for your service, as well as a more professional, discerning and welcoming staff. REALLY Dr. Azizi and his office instantly made me know I had... READ MORE

Dr. Urmen Desai is Beyond Amazing!!!

Dr. Desai is absolutely amazing!! From the first consultation to my post op appointments he went above and beyond to ensure that all of my questions were answered, he reached out to me personally to address any of my questions/concerns, his response time is impeccable, he was very attentive to... READ MORE

BeyondHappy30yr PetiteMoM3

My healthy full natural size B's breast had become deflated negative A's after nursing 3 babies for 12 month + a piece. After my third my nipples that I had always been so proud of become introverted. I was embarrassed to even be naked in front of my husband. I did a bit of research and... READ MORE

28 Yo, Breastfed Two Kids, BA to Increase Size and Fullness

After two consultations I decided to schedule my Breast Augmentation with Dr. Pousti. I have been considering a BA for years, but wanted to have kids before going through with it. I am now done having children so it's time!!! My first experience with Dr. Pousti was great! His staff is very kind... READ MORE

24yo 5'4, 125lbs w/ 285cc modpro, duel plane

I've never had big boobs, but once I had my daughter I ended up going from 32B to a 32DD, I breastfed her for 2 yrs. So I got use to having a nice set of tits. But once I stopped the boobs vanished & I was back to small boobs & less perky. It made me miss what I had. You cant give a... READ MORE

From Nothing to Something

Hello- I'm a chubby frame 27 years old, 5'2 at 175 lbs. I can't recall how big my breast was when I was 18 years...I could have sworn I was a C cup. Then I lost weight and met my husband at 170lbs when I was 20. Love and food managed to get me up to a whooping 215 lbs by the time I was 25. With... READ MORE

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