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39 Y/o, 135 Lbs, 5'9", Bwd 13-13.5, 340 cc Transaxillary, Low Profile Gels

Hi everyone. I spent a lot of time on this site during the process of deciding on going ahead with this huge decision. It's been so informative and I'm grateful to all those who have shared. I'm looking forward to maybe connecting with others at or near the same point in their process as me so... READ MORE

23 Y/o, Breast Augmentation - Tijuana, MX

Dr. Saldaña is great. I went in for breast augmentation. 450cc. My incision was below my breast and the cut was very small. I will start using my scar gels next week to massage twice a day for 6 months to get the best results. The staff is very nice and they take very good care of you. I love ... READ MORE

37 mum of 2 wanting bigger natural boobs after breast feeding

Iv had 2 consultations 1 with Mr Netri and 1 with Mr Traynor . IV decided to go with Mr Netri he was really professional and listened to me I felt really at ease with him. I'm booking for Jan 2017 but I can't decide between 295cc or 325cc responsive gel high profile I want my boobs soft and... READ MORE

27 Year Old, 5ft Tall, 110lb Breast Augmentation - Rochester, NY

I have wanted a breast augmentation sense i was in middle school. I have always been uncomfortable with my breast size and have only been waiting on having the available funds. I was referred to Doc. Koenig by a close friend. The staff at the Lindsay House is welcoming, and very professsional... READ MORE

41 Motiva 285 overs Love Them!!!!

Hi there, I've been planning this surgery for a few months although wanted fuller breasts forever! I've had 2 children and it's taken it's toll on the fullness of my already tiny bust. Currently 34B, slight ptosis on one, but Mr Murphy did not feel a lift was necessary. I saw 3 different PS and... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old, 5'4", 114lbs, 11.1cm BWD, 32A Going for 300cc Gel HP

Had my consultation with Dr. Ward a week ago and found all my measurements. Currently 32A with 11.1 cm BWD and one of my boobs has a tiny bit lower crease than the other. Dr. Ward explained he will make the underboob incisions at the same level (to match the lower one) in order to move the... READ MORE

31 Yr Old, 5'7, 140lbs 445cc's

I have been desperately wanting bigger boobs for 10 years. FINALLY it's happening in 33 hours!!!!! I have had my measurements and let my brilliant doc know, I want to be a full D. So he is giving me 450ccs high profile gel unders. I hope they are big enough! I worry they won't be even seeing as... READ MORE

29 Year Old with Three Children

I booked a consultation with Dr. Barr back in August 2016. The implant size I decided to get is 375 cc gel sub muscular with the incision being under the breast. Hoping to love my new fuller/ larger breasts and to recovery quickly! Looking for any helpful information from anyone who has... READ MORE

BA Silicone Gel Moderate, 5'2 118lbs - Atherton, CA

Getting my BA Surgery, chose Silicone Gel, moderate, my breast diameter is 12.5. Im still debating if i should do 385cc or 415cc. Getting excited and nervous. Hopefully will look natural. Any suggestions about the cc? I cant wait for my pre-op appt to finally discuss the cc size again. ... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 335cc dtyle MF anatomical gel imlants - Wilmington, NC

After reading many helpful reviews I've decided to share my story!! I always had small boobs and was fine with them, until ai finished nursing my 2nd baby! Saggy and smaller than before, and it's time to change that! My doc is recommending a lift, but I'm going with the BA first an hoping that... READ MORE

Exchange 365cc moderate to 485cc HP within 16 months / Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasy

They made a 3D Image when I had my consultation, already happy with the results. But still difficult to imagine, for myself is still a picture. In the mean time changed the size already from 300 to 365cc. 15 days to go.....excited, nervous, curious, happy, mixed feelings. A little bit scared for... READ MORE

29 yrs, 3 Kids, BA (Pre-BA 34AA) Natrelle Allergan 450cc Smooth Round Silicone Implants - Leesburg, Virginia

Every review I've read on RealSelf has started with ladies describing how they've always wanted breast augmentation ever since they went through puberty. Unfortunately, I'm no different. I always wondered why my mom was well-endowed and I was left with nothing. The desire for a BA was always... READ MORE

Yayy, Finally Have Boobs! - Houston, TX

Im 5'2, 107 lbs and barely an A cup. Not even. Ive always wanted bigger boobs but never really gave implants a thought. I did however waste $100 bucks on herbal boob growers thinking that JUST MAYBE a miracle would occur. NOPE! Believe me, Ive been desperate.. So then I started thinking..... READ MORE

27 years old, no children, 5'2....375 mod plus, so far so good - Long Island, NY

I have been thinking about breast augmentation on and off for about 10-12 years. I have recently decided that it's now a real possibility and have sought out a consultation by a wonderful local plastic surgeon on Long Island in NY. While i loved almost all the results on my PS's site and here on... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift and Fat Grafting to Butt Cheeks! - Miami, FL

My Breast Augmentation: During my initial consultation with Dr. Franco I had briefly explained to him I was very unhappy with the way my breasts looked. For being 25 years old, and having no children, I felt that my breasts had fallen down so much compared to how they were and they lost most of... READ MORE

25 Year - 2 Kids - Breast Augmentation - Corona, CA

I cant say how happy I am after having breast augmentation! I had been a B cup but was very unhappy with my breast size. I know its normal to have one breast slightly smaller than the other but after having two beautiful daughters my breast were horribly uneven. It was embarrassing for me to... READ MORE

Best Doctor in Colorado Springs!

I was a 34B prior to my breast augmentation. After surgery, I am now a 34DDD. My implants are silicone gel, textured implants placed over the muscle. I really wanted my boobs to look and feel real. Dr. Raskin did just that. He did an amazing job and did exactly what I wanted. I would refer him... READ MORE

3 Kids 1 Graduating, Now Ready to Spoil Me! - Miami, FL

Like all of you here I put wants behind the needs of my children. I am blessed and proud to say one is graduation University, # 2 is year 2 and the baby is legal to work which equals more money for mommy to do what mommy wants lol! I had D's when pregnant but now flabby C. I am getting back to... READ MORE

33 Y/o Mother of One, Ready for Some Me Repairs :)

Ive been thinking about having a BA done for a few years now but haven't really had the money or the down time to have it done until now. I interviewed a couple doctors around the valley and decided on Dr. Parrish. He was great and him and his staff made me feel really comfortable during my... READ MORE

Every day is a winding road... It gets a little bit better ;)

Hi. Lying in bed at 5:09 alarm goes off to take care of kids at 645. Can't sleep! A combo of nervous, excitement, and some serious concerns. I'm a pretty small 34 a, 4 kids, breast fed, and am getting 325 silicone gel by silimed. Since I am narrow and thin -5"6, 121 pounds, PS recommends dual... READ MORE

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