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28 Years Old, 5'8", 115 Lbs, No Kids, 375cc Silicone, Moderate Profile, Under the Muscle

1 week until surgery and I'm so excited! Been looking forward to this for years. I've always been pretty flat chested. I am between a 32A and 32B. I am thin and somewhat tall so I don't want anything to big on my small frame. Decided to go with 375cc silicone under the muscle. My surgeon prefers... READ MORE

29 Years Old Athletic. Two Children Breast Fed for 30 Months Total. 5'6'' 130

Hello all. Pre opp I wore a 34 B but gapped a lot! I just got my BA yesterday.allergen natrelle SRX 375cc on my left and 310cc on my right. I am a little nervous that I went too small. I wanted a natura non fake look but also hoping for a small C. Currently I feel great with minimal pain but... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Mom of 1, 5'3.5 Ft and 120 Lb. - Lethbridge, AB

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 14 years old. I was in Jr High and all the other girls I knew had boobs or theirs were growing and mine just never did. Unfortunately small breasts run in my family. I was a 32AA up until I had my son at 19. I went up to a 32D but then shrunk down... READ MORE

Mark Epstein, Stony Brook, NY 5ft2 55kg 32b/34a - 410FM Natrelle Anatomical 310cc. Want C cup.

I am a 34a, 32b is ok around the band but the cup is too small. 34a I just about fill fully. I have always wanted larger breasts. I was quite sporty at school and was very small framed so 32b was ok then. Now that I'm older 47 and middle age spread has taken over the flatness in my opinion... READ MORE

750cc's High Profile Silicone PICS!!!- Reno, NV

Hi ladies, I'll be getting my breast augmentation on March 22nd 2016 with Dr. Murphy in Reno, NV. I had my 1st consultation Jan 18th. I discussed with Dr. Murphy what I wanted. I told him i want large, full natural looking breast. The reason I chose Dr. Murphy is because his work is very... READ MORE

25years Old, 5.6", 115lb, 400cc, Round Silicone, Dual Plane - Australia, AU

I had my surgery done yesterday and stayed in hospital over night. I think my surgeon has done a nice job as I didn't feel much pain and I am happy with the shape I got. I had a big gap between my breasts and My surgeon tried to brought them closer, but he said he could not make the gap... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 110 Lbs, 5'4, No Kids, Breast Augmentation with Natrelle 410 Style -Dr. Herrboldt Germany, DE

Hello everybody, Im really glad this page exists and I was reviewing many stories before I now post my own. My english is not the best but I will try to make you understand everything;) My augmentation is due in 4 weeks from now. I already had the consultation with my PS. Ive been measured by... READ MORE

Doing This for Myself! 27 Years Old, no kids, 230cc, LOW Profile, Under the Muscle

I am 4 days pre-op and really looking forward to this being done. All the BA-research and thoughts about pros and cons take up so much space in my head. The reason for me to do this is that I would love to be able to just throw on a non-patted bra and wear t-shirts without thinking my breasts... READ MORE

31yo, Married - No Kids Yet, and Ready to Look and Feel Like a Woman! - Cary, NC

Hi. I'm Sophie. I'm 31 and haven't had kids yet, but have done lots of research and am finally ready to take the plunge and get myself some boobs since puberty gyped me of that opportunity many years ago. I currently wear a 34B, but only because I slightly pop out of an A cup. The bras I wear... READ MORE

26 YO, 5'10, 135lbs, Natrelle 410, MF 375cc Soft Touch

I've never had much going on in the way of boobs but in college they were much bigger probably due to birth control, lack of diet and high alcohol consumption. Now after a couple of years of yoga and crossfit they are deflated and assymetrical. I'm very active and take pride in staying fit so... READ MORE

Small B Borderline A to 8D/DD - Gold Coast, AU

I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Theo. He was fantastic, my results were so much better then I could ever have imagined. Dr. Theo fixed the asymmetry in my breasts and reduced the gap that I would've had in-between them so that my desired look was achieved. I scar really easily and was... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids, 115 Lbs, 32A- B, Finally Getting Boobs, Excited but Very Nervous. Raleigh, NC

My surgery date is officially 6 days away. I can't believe it's almost here. I'm so excited!! I've always wanted to have larger breasts, or really breasts at all. I kept waiting and waiting for the day they would miraculously grow but sadly that day never came. I'm currently between a 32 A-B. I... READ MORE

26 Yo Wanting to Go B -> D, Mislead by Consultation - China, CN

Hello people. I am 26 years old, 176 cm tall and have always had B70 bra size. And I live in China, so I had the procedure done here, but with a Korean plastic surgery hospital chain called Raily Plastic because they're basically well-known for supplying the best results around these parts... READ MORE

45 Year Old... Waiting 14 Years to Change my First Set... Its Time!!! Claremont, CA

In the last 14 years, my body has changed a lot.. so my breast should change along with it... I have gain 25 pounds... now my breast are too small. I would like to have a BA that will balance out my new upper body shape and wide and has better cleavage. My breasts have a very large gap in... READ MORE

435cc, Moderate Profile, Submuscular Breast Augmentation. - Portland, OR

I am a 30 year old mother of two and I received a breast augmentation by Dr.Bohley on October,1,2015. I had been considering a breast augmentation for a very long time. Sadly, my family (mostly my mother) had always talked me out it due to her personal fear of anesthesia. I can not tell you how... READ MORE

NPC Bikini Competitor, Almost 50lb Weight Loss - Williamsville, NY

A few years ago I was 50lbs heavier and a few bra sizes bigger at a 36C! When I got the clearance to workout after my rhinoplasty I got a boost of confidence and made a huge lifestyle change. Fast forward to 3 years and a loss of almost 50lbs later, I'm now a few bra sizes smaller! Comfortable... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction of Tuberous Breast. La Mesa, CA

I am a 25 year old who has lived with insecurity and a horrifying feeling about the way my breast looked. I always felt as though my breast were a "weird" shape, but I ignored my judgie thoughts and choose to believe that they were just the way breast were suppose to look. Not only did my... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Flat 34AA, Want 250cc's or LESS.

I'm 23 years old, 5'4", 110 lbs. No kids, and I've always been very flat chested. I wear 34A padded bras, but I'm nowhere close to filling out an A cup. I want to get implants that make me look as if I have naturally nice, small breasts. I really want nothing more than a full B cup, as I think... READ MORE

Tiny Build but Wide Chest/gap, 11cm Breast Diameter for Each Implant, Anyone Been in my Position.. - Southampton

Has anyone measured with their surgeon as 11cm in diametre for implants, that's also small skinny build but wide chest? Already had BA, but having revision surgery due to not happy. Decision is, stick to a moderate plus type implant like I have now, but lot bigger or high profile, but worried... READ MORE

No More Hollow Bras! - New York, NY -- 325cc Sientra Smooth Round Mod Plus Unders

I have only 3 more days until surgery! I was super excited last week, but now I am feeling so nervous and a bit stressed out. Has anyone experienced this days before surgery? I don't know if its necessarily about the procedure itself, or just feeling like i'm being vein or selfish by spending so... READ MORE

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