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425cc HP silicone unders 4'11 101lbs

Im 23 barely 5"0 and about 101lbs! Ive been thinking of getting implants for a very long time now, I have definitely already found my doctor and had a quick consult with him, im not seeing him for surgery until early november... I know that's late but I still have a lilll more to save, and i... READ MORE

350cc highly cohesive gummy implants 33yr Old 3 breastfed Kids C Cup Down to Sad A

I have been researching breast augs for a while but wanted to be positive my baby days were over first. I am so happy to have found an amazing surgeon after so much research. Wanted highly cohesive silicone as due to less breast risked and that is just what I got! Whole consult,preop, surgery... READ MORE

Nervous and Excited - Bloomington, IL

Well I am 5'5" and well not stating weight just yet as I'm 8 months pregnant currently, however this will be my last child. I'm 31 years old and have a 3 year old daughter already. Prior to having kids I was a 34D and firm/perky. Even at that size I could go without a bra in a... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation Journey - Columbia, MO

I was very young when I first started having self-esteem issues related to my breast shape and size. As I've gotten older the problem secretly ate away at me. No amount of beauty products, clothing, etc. could help. For years I feared the cost the most. I finally decided to at least find out... READ MORE

Loving my New Girls!!! - Birmingham, AL

Hi I'm from Atlanta and I've been wanting breast implants since high school.. After I had my second child I've decided on having breast augmentation. I chose Dr. Hedden in Birmingham AL, and I can say he's a wonderful surgeon... I received my surgery on April 2, 2013 and it was very quick and... READ MORE

Help!Are my Implants Too Big or !?? - Newport Beach, CA

11 months post op- they are soft especially if massaged but are too high! Silicon 425/450- I'm 5'3 115 lbs. very active and workout almost daily -running and light weights. Dr! today my PS advised that because I'm so active and fit the bottom chest muscle is very right and resisting the implant... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post op! Feeling great and loving my results! New pics - Seattle, WA

Hi Ladies! This site has helped me so much! I want to thank you all for the tips, pictures and posting details of your progress!! It made it so much easier to decide to go through the surgery! I wanted larger breasts since i was 15!! I'm 30 now and finally felt that I'm ready to do something... READ MORE

Boobies!! - San Luis Obispo, CA

Ever since I was young I've always wanted bigger breasts! Maybe it doesn't help that my sister & mom have big breasts! I knew one day I would full fill my dream, & in 6 days I'm having my surgery!! I was waiting for the right timing and I figured that after loosing 55 pounds And keeping... READ MORE

Almost 3 months out and couldn't be happier :)

Hi Ladies! I have to say that this website has helped me so much!! After sitting back in the sidelines, reading everyone else’s stories, I’ve decided to contribute my own! Since I was a teenager, I have always considered getting implants but one thing or another something always kept me fro... READ MORE

Waiting for the D&F

I've read so many reviews on here I figured I'd share my story thus far. I had my surgery on Jan 9th 2013 it's something I had talked about for years and was excited for the new boobs I was about to receive....with my mom and sister supporting my decision I decided to get 400cc Gummy Bear... READ MORE

New Pics-12 Weeks After I Took the Plunge on March 20th! - Encino, CA

Nursing three children over the course of the last 2 decades took a toll on my breasts. Sagging, stretch marks, other scars and what I would call "puckering" made me really self conscious of my breasts to the point that I concealed them during sex (forget leaving the lights on). And... READ MORE

Still Undecided - California

Ok so my story goes like this... I am 31, 5'5, 135lbs started out as a 32B was really hoping to be a 32D. I have been on at least 5 consultations over the years and finally had the money and the time to go ahead and get my boobs done. After breast feeding my boobs seemed to have lost their... READ MORE

breast implants - Hollywood, FL

Did it for my self, confidence and autoesteam after three children . READ MORE

Boobs Denver, CO

I have always been insecure about my breasts. My procedure was done on June 16th 2011. I'm a little over three months out. From the very beginning I noticed that the right breast was lower than the left, and also had a different shape almost. My doctor assured me that it would be better... READ MORE

Breast Lift Gone Wrong?

Hi, I had a mastopexy with a silicone implants 19 days ago and I feel like my right nipple is effected or coming apart in the the corner of it. It stinks and feels like I have a canker sore. Does anyone know if this is process of healing or if something is wrong? What should I do? I know I can... READ MORE

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