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20 Year Old Desiring Implants--concerned About Health

Hi Everyone! I'm looking to get silicone implants under the muscle to mimick my breast size/shape when they were larger. I don't want anyone to know I got surgery (can I pull off just saying my boobs grew again?) I have concerns about health issues (autoimmune disorders and joint dysfunction... READ MORE

Breast augmentation with Dr. Rumsey led to symmastia requiring extensive surgery to correct

Dr. Ramsey did a breast augmentation for me back in 2004. He cut the muscle that held the skin down between my breasts causing a very unsightly condition called symmastia. I lived with this embarrassing condition for 10 years before finally locating a surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale that could correct... READ MORE

Breast Aug- B to D!

10/10 would recommend to anyone in the CT area for a plastic surgeon. Dr. Reilly was the FIRST consultation I had and I didn't feel the need to see anyone else! He is extremely personable and knowledgable. I felt very comfortable. The staff is absolutely amazing and are there to answer any... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, & breast augmentation

Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad has changed my life! Dr. J has provided me with the confidence I always desired. Since adolescence I was bothered by my hook nose and weak chin. Additionally, I knew I wanted to enhance the size of my breasts to better proportion my body. I researched plastic surgeons... READ MORE

23 yrs old 5'0 90 pounds 365cc silicone

My experience with Doctor Seal was amazing from the consultations all the way to my surgery and follow up appointments! I am glad I went to him for my surgery and am very happy with my results. He cares so much about his patients and takes the time to make sure you are happy with the outcome of... READ MORE

Thank you

Fantastic. I wanted to wait until my breasts had settled before I wrote my review. Dr Solomos is very confident and can seem abrupt. but is also easy going friendly and I felt that he took pride in his work and genuinely cared about the outcome. I went with Harley medical group and they... READ MORE

Horrible experience! Will not recommend him!!

Dr ghurani was so arrogant with me as a personal experience. I sat down to wait for 23 hours before my surgery and I could hear him from the outside saying he doesn't care , I had to wait until he was doing his priorities! Furthermore since I travelled from New Jersey I was already nervous and... READ MORE

No regrets & No scars!

It has now been two years after my breast augmentation (Saline implant filled to 485cc- under the muscle through the armpit incision) and I could not be happier. I had been debating getting breast implants for years but never had the guts to actually do it as I was very hesitant that they may... READ MORE

27years Old, No Kids, 34A Pre Op - Lutz, FL

I was definitely nervous, I went to my consultation Monday May 8th and scheduled my surgery the next day. My doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the surgery and we both understood the difference I wanted to have after my surgery, he stated he wouldn't underfill and he wouldn't... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Breast Fed 4 Kids

I like to consider myself a tone and fit woman...However after breastfeeding 4 children I lost volume ....Alot....I was uncomfor table without clothes on and got to the point where I despised bra shopping because nothing helped or fit!!! Young at heart but my breasts aged my body and it really... READ MORE

Exceptional experience with breast augmentation

I decided to get a breast augmentation and I planned on visiting different plastic surgeons in oder to get different opinions and choose the, for me, best doctor. However, when I had my first consultation with Dr. Tal Roudner I decided to get my breast augmentation with him. He very much took... READ MORE

650cc Saline Transaxillary - San Antonio, TX

5'7.5 650cc Saline 150lb 3 kids (c sections) (5,2 and 8 months) Transaxillary- under muscle Pain Meds after- Valium and Codine (didn't miss a dose for 7 days) Started antibiotics day before surgery and completed those after. Had my surgery at 1:30ish and was home same day by 6ish. 1st day... READ MORE

Amazing experience and amazing results!

I am a 35 year old mother of two and this was my second procedure done by Dr. Capizzi. My experience with him in the past made him the unquestioned choice for my breast augmentation. Starting with my first phone conversation with his office and continuing through my ongoing follow up, the... READ MORE

32 with 36B Had TUBA Done and Went to a 36D Saline Moderate Profile 600 Cc in Both Left and Right Breasts - Brooklyn, NY

I started my journey wanting to get fat grafted from my body into my breast. I had done my research and realized that not too many doctors actually do this procedure. I called here and there and I felt like most places required a little too much for what I felt was a simple procedure. I narrowed... READ MORE

I Had An Amazing Experience

I had a wonderful experience the staff was very welcoming and courteous all my questions was annswered after surgery they call me to find out how I was doing it was just great I am very pleased with my breast augmentations it look and feels very real am a happy patient thank you Dr Brueck great... READ MORE

24 Year Old with A Cup

So I'd been thinking about getting my boobs done since the age of about 18 (when I realized they weren't going to be growing anymore). I was an A cup all my life and I was tired of it. I finally decided that I was ready to go through with the procedure so it was time to start going on... READ MORE

Not a human being. Once you get out of surgery, your on your own

I got a lift with breast augmentation. Once I got out of surgery, I was on my own. A follow up with this doctor would last for 2 minutes. The month following my surgery I was having fever, redness in my left breast, fatigue and I was feeling tired every day. I decided to go to the Hospital ER, I... READ MORE

Mind, Body and Soul Transformation

I'm a traveling ICU nurse who recently moved to California for a new start. I've been doing some major soul searching inside and out. I started asking around at all the major hospitals I had worked at including UCLA, UCSD and Kaiser. I ended up at Dr.G's office. Dr.G and his fabulous assistant... READ MORE

50 Years Old and I Needed the Fill Up my Girls! - Orange County, CA

I knew I wanted to fill up by breasts to what they used to be! My friend told me to call Dr. Kachenmeister, that he was awesome! I was comfortable from the first appointment, through surgery and the follow up post ops! My breasts are a perfect size for my body and I couldn't be more thrilled!!... READ MORE

absolutely amazing experience

Dr. Seaberg and his staff are absolutely amazing. I felt really comfortable around them, they answered any question I had and just made me feel like I was making the right choice. on my surgery day he came in and seen Me and went over everything to make sure we were in the same page. surgery... READ MORE

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