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900cc Boobs

I decided to have a breast augmentation done yesterday on 4/4/17 with a wonderful doctor in San Jose. Like many of us, after my daughter and breast feeding my boobs were no longer perky nor looking good. My breast had become flat and one slightly bigger than the other with a longer fold line in... READ MORE

27yo, 67kg (148lbs), No Kids, Athletic Built

After thinking about doing a breast augmentation for so many years I decided it is finally time! I'm Swedish but currently live in Australia. I had a consultation with a very good Swedish plastic surgeon about 3 years ago, but since I was at the moment living and working in Norway there was... READ MORE

26, 3 Boys Later, 505cc HP Silicone Under the Muscle - Austin, TX

I am so beyond excited just sitting here in bed knowing that I'm only a week out from getting my twins!!!!! I am 5'1 and 130lbs. Me and my hubby started young, so we have three gorgeous boys that have come first for the last eight years. I've always been self conscious about my breasts but... READ MORE

Amazing - Houston, TX

In all honesty I was just tired of having an A cup. Womens clothes are made for boobs. My dr was awesome and these girls are worth every penny. The pain is a little more than I expected, but I rested more and that helped. My incisions are under the fold, and are healing perfectly. I HATE the... READ MORE

Tuberous/Tubular Breast Correction with Dr Mandris - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I know Dr Mandris isn't very well known on this website, nor does he have many reviews, so some people may be hesitant to pursue a procedure with him. I personally love his work; I've heard that scoring the inframmary fold (making your underboob lower) is something that can go terribly wrong, so... READ MORE

caution - refuses to fix complications - Marina Del Rey, CA

Pro - Friendly Dr Cons - No time for you after procedure is done, Insincere office mgr and staff, 1st time breast were freakishly large despite promise to make natural, 2nd time "fixed deflated implant: botched up one nipple, ended up with a fold in implant at post op visit - told me to wait 6... READ MORE

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